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I have a headache

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Okay, this is not about financing actually, but what do I do? I got pre-approval for a new car. I want either Honda CR-V or Toyota Rav-4. I freaked that 1 1/2 years after BK 7, got 6% thru my CU. :P I'm still at that stage where I expect humiliation on a regular basis. I even BK'd my Toy, but didn't re-affirm and based on advice from you guys, will just contact Toyota and return after I buy new. Okay, I understand the MSRP. Even though I got Consumer Report's New Car service, and I know what their invoice is, I guess most won't go below MSRP. ??? BUT, what the heck is this stubborness about the paint and fabric sealant?? Both Honda and Toy won't sell a 2007 straight from shipping, without it. And they charge $495 for each extra. It's hooey! I just want the color I want and NO extras. Period. Can't I get that? I told them if I want fabric protection, I will pay $5 for a can of Scotchguard. Do I need to hire a bar bouncer to pose as my hubby? Is this a deal breaker? All I want is my green Toyota or Honda SUV. :P:blink: Any suggestions, advice, thoughts, experience to share?

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Dont know how it is elsewhere but Southeast Toyota which is the distributor to dealers in the southeast loves to put that mop n glow crap on their vehicles before they send them to the dealers. When I bought my Tundra I ordered it without it and had no problems.

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Car buyer experts, please help me.


Marv, a counter offer sounds so simple. So, do women have the word "sucker" stamped on their forehead? Is financing that big a gravy train for dealers? A trade in? I am trying to figure it out. I have my financing, I don't have to mess with a trade in. One Toyota dealer tries to sell me a 2006 with 22,000 miles, base model for the price of a NEW MSRP 2007 without the extras. That's not right! Besides, I don't want boring silver. I'm convinced auto dealers are like apartment managers. Paint walls a blah color so nothing clashes. Sell white, black, silver and keep those on the lot. I ask to get a new, soon to be delivered, before dealer addons auto. I offer MSRP and dealer destination as my price, for my color choice. NO deal! Why not? WTF???? I call around and talk to Honda dealers. One place was such bait and switch and false advertising that I only then checked them out on BBB and found out they have unsatisfactory record. I added to their complaint count. The other Honda dealer will order color but refuses to not add the paint and fabric extras. I just don't get it.


When I discussed counter-offer after your suggestion yesterday Marv, the salesperson told me on the phone, that I don't understand. That it's not that simple. But he couldn't exactly explain why the MSRP is not really the MSRP.....????


Where can I get a car I WANT!!!? Anyone else have this problem? How did you deal, or not deal?

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Honey, you can't buy a vehicle over they phone.


YOU can say anything you want to on the phone and so can a sales representative. I've found out over the years, both salestaff and consumers here what they want to hear regardless of what is actually said.


When your ready to buy, perhaps a trip in person would get you the vehicle you want.


For your zip code I believe edmunds dot com is a fairly reliable indicator of what a typical transaction would be priced at, and perhaps you could use that as a guide.

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