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credit card spreadsheet


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It a spreadsheet to track several things including ut, limits, dates etc.

Worksheet 2 "balance on a specific date" saves your total balance on close so you can see how your balances are moving day to day.


Also notice you can have 3 levels of payment % to compare.


I designed the whole thing for myself but felt it would be quite useful to many members out here so ask the CB mods to post it.


Any box that is grey can have data entered and everyting calculates automatically.

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I just found there is a slight problem with worksheet 2 "Balance on a specific day". This was a test worksheet with some test data left in it. This is nothing major everything works a-ok but you might see some test data on page 2 and get confused.


All you need to do to fix worksheet 2 is scroll up to row one highlight all the data in columns A&B, right click, hit clear contents, and you are good to go.


Some of you probably figured this out but for those who did not this is the simple solution.


Breeze, I will forward to a “fixed†copy can you please update the link. Can you let us know when it's updated.


Thanks IAmMyKidzMom for pointing this out.



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Is there a way to calculate your installment debt into this spreadsheet? I have some student loans and an auto loan I'd like to snowball. Since the Snowball spreadsheet didn't work for me, this is a great alternative.

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Hi Erica,


Im not excatly sure what you mean by snowball but you can enter your installment loans in that sheet as well, you just have to update the total manually.


I have something different I use for installment loans PM me your email and I'll send it to you.

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This is a great tool.

If you have one for installment loans, I would love to see it.

I use something similar, but everything is entered manually.


Thanks again guys!

For all those asking about the installment loan sheet: I am working on something that if I can get it to work properly would be great.


In short all the data from your installment loan will update automatically on the 1st of every month.


I need a little more time, I’ll keep everybody posted.


If I cannot get it to work I'll get out what I currently have.

Also if you'd like anything changed with the correct sheet (i.e. widen column "A") please send me a PM with the changes you like and your email address, I'd be happy to try and do it for you.

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wow, this kinda puts your usage in sight.. glad I paid all my cc's off last month..

That is one of the main reasons I made it.


Joe thanks for the awesome sheet. One thing I am trying to enter the address

for payments under address and it is saying this field is password protected.

Can I get that unlocked?




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