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Well. . .

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I had some tickets to this very same Rod Stewart concert. I was going to take a couple of ill orphans up in New York to see him, sort of a "make-a-wish" kinda thing. Unfortunately when I was working at the soup kitchen last weekend, a little old lady fell down in the street outside. I went out to help her, and the tickets fell out of my shirt pocket and blew into the street. It's been snowing and cold here the last week, and I quickly ran out into the street to get them. Before I got to them, I saw a small injured squirrel that had obviously slipped off the icy power lines overhead. I stopped to scoop him up and give him aid, and the salt/plow truck got to the tickets before I could. They vanished down the street in a dusty cloud of salt and snow and road grime.


I think maybe hlburi should win the tickets. :blink::o


*I don't really want the tickets, and I am not in New York nor will I be for the concert. I just thought someone should try to top InsultComicDogs post. :P

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