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??? for Whychat...about med coll

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I have only 3 collection accts remaining on my credit reports...all on EX and I want them gone. Two are for hospital co-pays and 1 is dental. All are at least 6 years old. I have opted out and deleted old addresses EXCEPT for this one on EX because it is attached to these collection accts, so they wouldn't delete.


I sent a DV to the CA for the dental one, and they responded with a photocopy of a single page with my ID info, the charge, and the treatment. I sent a 2nd DV asking specifically for copies of bills with charges and payments, a contract bearing my signature, their legal right to collect in my state, etc, etc. I received their response today which was exactly the same photocopy that they had sent before.


When I got the green card back from the 2nd DV, I disputed with EX, but don't have the results back. So now what? I could DV them yet again, but apparently they don't have a grasp of what validation is, so that would be pointless. I'm at a loss!

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