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Does Discover have any prestige?

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This is funny reading this 13 years later about how hard it was to get one and how it had no future lol.


I wonder if it was so hard to get because it was started by Sears?  I recall back in the '80s that a Sears store card was really hard to get.  I got approved for an Amex card before Sears approved me.  Granted, Sears had sold Discover by 2006, but maybe Morgan Stanley continued Sears's underwriting criteria.


And of course these days Discover is apparently the most widely-accepted... not anywhere in the western world, but because China.  It's on the UnionPay network there.


I still don't have one.  Can't think of any reason to get one.  


But if they brought back Carte Blanche, in its original livery (white card with blue script), I'd so jump on that...




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Was Discover ever actually hard to get? These days it's almost as easy as Capital One.

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