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Years back, DH and I were okay with our first son, things weren't easy since he was still in school but we were okay. In 1998, I had boy #2 and he started grad school and things got a little tighter. In 1999, God decided my boys needed a sister. That was not planned but the big guy knows what he's doing. That's when things spiraled out of control. DH was still working and in grad school, I had a very difficult pregnancy, delivery and recovery. Things got out of control We went from having good credit to the worst. Spent the next few years struggling, and living off of cash because we had no credit. After playing ostrich for years, I decided I'd better do something since we were making pretty good money and we were tired of renting. I pulled our credit reports. OMG, his scores were all in the low 500's. 2 of mine were in the 500's and I didn't even have a score for TU. I thought it was hopeless. Then I started to do some research on credit repair because someone told me about Lexington. In my search I found Creditboards.....what a life saver.


I lurked for a while and became a member exactly 15 months ago. I read and read and read and printed things up and carried CN threads around with me and asked questions and read some more. It wasn't easy and it was time consuming but I was determined to succeed. Writing letters and visits to the post office were a new way of life for me. But the hard work paid off.


Thank you to the founders of this board. Thank you to all the experts I learned so much from, Whychat, pryan..I read everything you guys wrote. So many of you contributed to my new knowledge! I was on the credit forum a lot months ago and then something happened. I'd cleaned up the reports enough to prequalify for a house. We signed the contract in April and I jumped over to the mortgage forum and started to ask questions there. I continued to work on our reports and asking and getting great advice here on this forum.



To re-establish credit, I started with crown jewelers and orchard. I didn't dare apply for anything while we were waiting for our house to be finished. Last Friday we signed our loan documents and did our walk thru. Boy is it beautiful! When the loan processor called to say our loan was funded I cried. DH picked up the keys to our new house today.


Our current FICOs are me 691 708 686 and DH 646 682 660.


I went to Home Depot to see about getting that beautiful new frig, applied for credit..bingo $2600, I hadn't done that in years!


Then, I went on an application spree....



Citi 7-10 day notice

Juniper 30 day notice

GAP card approved

Bombay card approved

JC Penney wait notice


Even if some of those are denials. I'm happy, in 6 months I"ll try again.


There are no words to express how grateful I am to everyone here! I never could have done this without these boards. I am ecstatic with our FIRST HOME! Believe me if we did it, anyone can! Thank you CB, I am out of credit card he@%!! :P


Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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YAY!!! :blink:


WTG on the new house!! Enjoy it...you've worked hard and you deserve it!!!


Congrats on your new home! :lol:

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Congrats. DH will love that Home Depot card. :angel: enjoy your new home.



Thanks! But actually, I will love that Home Depot card. I'm the oldest of 4 daughters whose Dad was a contractor. I had to teach DH how to use a hammer.

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This is so awesome.. its gives me hope :dntknw: Congrats!


Thanks...oh beleive me, if I can do it, anyone can! Last eyar at this time I never thought we'd have a house!

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I have FICOs ranging from 650-668 and cannot purchase a home. I am self-employed and even though my business has been around for over two years, it just started making a decent profit so they say unless my mid-FICO score is 700, or I wait 1-2 more years to show that profit, I cannot purchase a home. :lol:


I am glad you could, though.

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stories like yours also give me hope. I dont even know my credit scores, I don't know how to get them and either way I am afraid to look. I can guarantee you theyre probably in the low 500 (and that is if I am lucky).


My dream is also to own a home for me and my 3 beautiful, well deserving kids. I hate renting. I hate the managers coming over all the time to do a walk-through with the city or whoever, I want my privacy dangit!!


I also dream of being able to get financed for a car. The car I have is in really bad shape, its got nearly 300k miles on it, not to mention it's very small for me and my three kids ( I am 6'2 and my kids are all very leggy also). I want to get a roomy minivan with a good interest (or none!!) and lowest payments possible. Though I would NEVER even consider actually purchasing a car through a cars n credit place (where they accept bad credit) the payments are usually 3-4x what they would be for a new car, and the cars are OLD ( I know some people who have done that, bad choice), I went to one to see if I would qualify, and I didn't, so I KNOW my credit sucks.


Anyways, I am very happy to read the CD success stories. I know its a lot of hard work, I have started it a few times before but never got past the 2nd letters before getting discouraged. I am determined this time though.


Thanks again for your story!

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What a great story! I love hearing good news. Thank you for sharing your story with us. :angel:


shamrocklady, gearing up to do battle with the credit masters of the world.....

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Guest bobmorton

very inspiring story. thanks for sharing it with us.

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