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Budgeting 101

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could anyone possibly post a blank version of their excel spreadsheet.


i am a college student that gets a lump sum (from student load) at the beginning of each semester plus i get paid every 2 weeks. im just trying to make sure i have money by the end of the semester.



When I was in college and I'd get my lump sum (student loan as well) at the beginning of the semester, what I did was count the number of months I had until my next check. I take that number and divide the amount of the check by that number. That's how much money I would have for that month from my student loan.


i.e. Say I received a $5,000 check from student loans in September. I knew my next check would be coming in January. From Sept. to January that's 4 months. So I divide $5,000 by 4. The result is $1250. That means that of my student loans, I would have $1,250 available to me per month and that's all I can get from it. With part time jobs, there's more money per month. But that's how I did it when I was attending university living off of student loans.

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I haven't read though everything and if this has already been said sorry.


One thing I have noticed in budget failures is underestimation of expenses. It is always better IMO to budget for the HIGHEST amount of a debt. The reason I think this is better, lies mostly in the fact that if your electric bill is 100 usually but can be as high as 150 if you budget for 100, on the months that it is higher you will be short.

Also the extra money you have can been saved to go on a vacation or just put it in a savings for a rainy day.


I would suggest checking with your utility companies and see if they offer an even-pay plan were they average your monthly expenses and spread them out over the year. For example you can level out heating expenses that are typically high in the winter and low in the summer so you can better budget for a consistent bill.

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four accounts:


1: Everyday spending 2: Play account 3: Bills 4: Financial Freedom


1: Spending money in your pocket for gas and eating


2. (5%) of income to treat yourself


3: (55%) of income for bills such as mortgage, car note etc


4: (10%) for building your fortune and cash reserve for a rainy day and should only be used to build you more MONIES!!! $$$$

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