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OHIO Hospital Legislation

The last post in this topic was posted 3475 days ago. 


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Article IX ( B ) looks really GOOD :aggressive: ! This is what we consumers need to protect ourselves from those itty-bitty, multiple $15 co-payment collections!


Think I'm going to provide this document to MY state LEGISLATURE!





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I can't find this anymore. Can someone explain the new law? Thanks.


Entire bill as passed


Effective date 11/2007

Pertinent sections( read linked sections as some areas were redacted


Sec. 3727.12 3727.42.

(a) Every hospital shall compile and make available for inspection by the public a price information list containing the following information, which specified in division "B" of this section and shall be updated periodically update the list to maintain current information. The price information list shall be compiled and made available in a format that complies with the electronic transaction standards and code sets adopted by the United States secretary of health and human services under 42 U.S.C. 1320d-2.

"B" Each price information list required by division (a) of this section shall contain all of the following information:

(1) The usual and customary room and board charges for each level of care within the hospital, including but not limited to private rooms, semiprivate rooms, other multiple patient rooms, and intensive care and other specialty units;

(2) Rates charged for nursing care, if the hospital charges separately for nursing care;

(3) The usual and customary charges, stated separately for inpatients and outpatients if different charges are imposed, for any of the following services provided by the hospital:

(a) The thirty most common x-ray and radiological procedures;

"B" The thirty most common laboratory procedures;

© Emergency room services;

(d) Operating room services;

(e) Delivery room services;

(f) Physical, occupational, and pulmonary therapy services;

(g) Any other services designated as high volume services by a rule which shall be adopted by the public health council.

"B" The list required by division (A) of this section shall specify whether (4) The hospital's billing policies, including whether the hospital charges interest on an amount not paid in full by any person or government entity and the interest rate charged;

(5) Whether or not the charges listed include fees for the services of hospital-based anesthesiologists, radiologists, pathologists, and emergency room physicians. If the and, if a charge does not include such fees, the listing shall specify how such fee information can be obtained.

© At Every hospital shall do all of the following with the price information list required by this section:

(1) At the time of admission, or as soon as practical thereafter, the hospital shall inform each patient of the availability of the price information list required by this section and on request shall provide the patient with a free copy of the list. On;

(2) On request, a hospital shall provide a paper copy of the list to any person or governmental agency, subject to payment of a reasonable fee for copying and processing;

(3) Make the list available free of charge on the hospital's internet web site.

Sec. 3727.121 3727.43. Each hospital shall provide a full disclosure of the provisions of section 3924.21 of the Revised Code to every beneficiary who receives services at the hospital.

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I wanted to add to this that I recently had a bill for an ER visit in Ohio and on the back of the bill it says the following:


The Hospital will not deny admission or needed services to any patient regardless of their inability to pay. This hospital is required to provide basic, medically necessary hospital level services without charges to residents of Ohio with incomes at or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines.


Family size and income


1 - $10,400

2 - $14,000

3 - $17,600

4 - $21,200

5 - $24,800

6 - $28,400

7 - $32,000

8 - $35,600

9 - $39,200

10 - $42,800

For each additional person add $3,480.


Actually the hospital I went to will provide free care for up to 200% of the poverty level, which my family falls under. So, if you ever go to a hospital (especially one in Ohio) make sure to ask them about their charity program.

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My husband had to go to ER in Cleveland last summer shortly after he started working again. He had some income, but no insurance. We had nearly $8k in hospital bills waived by filling out a short form.


Be aware though that physician billing and hospital billing are two separate animals. You may get off the hook for the hospital and still have to deal with bills from radiologists, etc.

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The last post in this topic was posted 3475 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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