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Hello all,


New to the home buying game but we have financing approved by American Home Mortgage to 290,000. We are looking into buying into the East Tucson AZ area.


We have yet to decide what realtor or buyers agent to go with. My questions are have anyone had any dealings with American Home Mortage. And anybody have any positives about KB Homes because I seen some of there homes and they are in my price range but all the negativity makes me nervous dealing with them.


Also do I need an agent or broker when making a offer. I am new and I have about 10-20 properties that me and the spouse like but don't want to look like a dummy when we go into this.


Thanks in advance!

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unless it's required by your state's law, you do not have to have a buyers agent - imho though, you should get one!


it doesn't cost you anything and you have someone who is on YOUR side during the purchase process. our agent showed us 10 houses in 1 day because that was the only day we were all available at the same time - it was a rough day, trust me...but it got the job done.


if you have found a bunch of properties that you like, then you want an agent to help you narrow them down based on your criteria and to look at them with you - they may see things you wouldn't even think to look for!


there are websites that can help you find an agent, but i would suggest maybe talking to people you know - family, friends, co-workers, and see if they've worked with anyone and had good experiences with them.


happy house shopping!

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I worked for them at my last job. Make sure to get all the info on the approval and a letter stating that you are indeed approved.


Simply make the owners an offer or the real estate contact. Bid below the sales price and make sure the seller is paying some closing costs. I would ask the seller to pay 4-5k - this is just less money the seller gets at closing.


Click here to read some examples Seller Paid Closing Costs

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