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Debt Snowball spreadsheets

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Can this be used in OpenOffice? I'm too cheap to buy Excel, and I've already used my free trial.

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Hey gang, I've had this for awhile and I figured I'd help my CB friends. I've designed a excel monthly budget spreadsheet that might be able to help you keep track of your bills. It was designed in Excel 2007 but I have saved a copy in Excel 2003, just not sure if it will work with the features I have in it.


Some of the features;

1. Allows you to enter all your bills a month

2. Colums for Payee, Amount, Due Date, Payoff, etc.

3. Shows money left over after all bills are paid (comes from entering your monthly gross income)


It has helped me, so hopefully it will help some of you all.


I'll attach both 2007, and 2003. If anyone is interested let me know.


Can you please share the spreadhseet you created? Thank you.

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Well, I'm not sure what I did but after I put in all my info, hit create rows and I get a little green triangle beside the total payments that says "the formula in this cell differs from the formulas in this area of the spreadsheet". There is one beside EVERY total Pmts all the way until my snowball is finished(2014). Should I re-download again?

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I have a few questions about the snowball sheet.


1. everytime i put in a year for the plan it changes, how do i get it to stay?

2. not certain how to copy the month and date rows down from the date columns for my 10 or more cc/bills. I trie to copy it down from the first 2 rows but on the third row, the formulas are not calculating. How would I get this to copy down correctly?



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