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My Story, My House, My Thanks to Liverichly & CB!!

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I will try and keep this brief but I have been anxious to post this for sometime and today is the day!


My story- Attempted to obtain mortgage in spring of 05. Turned down. Horrible credit. CA calling day and night. Mistakes of the past catching up with me. 1 new baby and 1 on the way (blessing-lol). Found CB in May05. Started research, realized BK was the correct route for me to go, though it was stressful, CB helped me along the way. Thanks radi8 & pryan, etc... Got thru the BK, discharged in 8-05. Scores in the high 400's low 500's. Started to work my CR's. Followed the advice of many poster's. Thanks Whychat, Breeze, Peekaboo, Smush, etc... With the help of you and others, scores raised to 620 by Jan06. Researched mortgages parrellel to work on cr's. Made contact with Liverichly from the Mortgage Forum. He was/is incredibly effective, professional, honest, and truly is the most concentious Broker a person could ever have! Continued working on scores, Liverichly found right mortgage product for my situation. Scores arrived at mid 667 in Mar06. Found house, made offer, offer accepted, mortgage app. taken, mort. approved. Closed TODAY!!!!


CB Team,


Thanks to all of you who over the last year have made this dream come true! Thanks to Liverichly for making the homebuying process go so smooth and for being the Professional that you are. Of course, I had good motivation over the last year and it was my 3 kids, 1 19months, 1 7 months, 1 8 years. Whenever I got tired of disputing or working 2 jobs (2nd job payed for BK and my CR work), I simply looked at them as I knew they deserved the simple pleasure of being able to run out the door and play in their yard. Without all of you, today would not have been possible. Thank you for your advice, Thank you for your time, Thank you for helping this real life dream come true!

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thanks to all above for the congrats! I wish you all the same in your quest to improve your own individual situations. You all are great!!

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What a truely inspiring story!!! I am so happy that these wonderful people showed you the way home. LiveRichly has answered some of my questions, and hopefully I will be "Home" soon. Keep up the good work!! :angry:

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Thanks for sharing!!!!!!


I LOVE inspirational, heart felt stories!!!!!!!!!








Peace at you,


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