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Are YOU a member of the press?

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Welcome to CreditBoards!


We love the press :D


You'll find our board and it's members a fantastic source of knowledge and experience.


If you are working on a project and need our assistance or resources, Creditboards and it's members will be happy to help out.

All we ask is that your work be pro-consumer, fair and honest and that you and your employer are verifiable.

Oh, and that you mention us somewhere in the piece :)


If you believe that CB may be able to help you, please contact us at:






CB does not compile or keep statistics, identifying information or other personal data on it's members, however you may with our prior permission place polls and questionaires on our site

Member participation is entirely at the discretion of the individual member(s).

Creditboards cannot release any materials for offsite use without express permission of the posting member.

Please see our TOS for clarification of ownership and usage of materials on this site.


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Since 2003, creditboards.com has helped thousands of people repair their credit, force abusive collection agents to follow the law, ensure proper reporting by credit reporting agencies, and provided financial education to help avoid the pitfalls that can lead to negative tradelines.
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