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What would you have said?

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I went into the laundromat to drop off some clothes today. I know most of the people who work there, and I didn't see anybody who I recognized on duty. So, I looked around and after a minute or two I saw somebody in the back bent down. I thought he was working on the plumbing or something under the desk, and I said "excuse me" and he just puts up a finger you know telling me to wait. I waited a couple minutes and he was still down there, so I started to walk over again and realized he was talking to himself with his eyes closed and his shoes off. I was really ready to walk out, but then I realized he was kneeling on a rug and praying. So, I said oh he's -Religious epithets not allowed by Admin- and has to pray 8 times a day. I was really ready to say something because I stood there like an salamander for 10 minutes but I couldn't say anything when I realized what he was doing so when the guy finally got done praying, put his shoes on, and rolled the carpet back up and came over to the register to work I handed him the stuff and made small talk and took my ticket and walked out.


I could've taken the cash register out and a bunch of clothes or stolen anything else for that matter, it was very nosy in there and this guy was totally in a trance.


I'm tolerant, but this is really pushing it..............would you have done/said anything?

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I would not have said anything to him that day.


I would however get in touch with the manager or owner and let them know what happened. Perhaps they can have 2 people on duty when prayers are due ( I don't know the -Religious epithets not allowed by Admin- time frame) Someone to watch the register while the other is occupied.


If that's not possible. perhaps they would be better off closing the place for the short time frame.


It would be a shame if the place got robbed during this man's time with God.....but it's a sad, sad world out there and not everyone would respect his intentions and someone WILL take advangtage of the unguarded register.


Sticky situation but I am sure they will appreciate it coming from a regular customer.


Let us know what happens.

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This message is 749 days old.  We'd prefer it if you'd start a new topic instead of replying to this one.

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