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Hello all! I’m very new here to CB and forums in general, but based on the rules and some of the posts I’ve already read, I can surmise this to be a wonderful community that I can’t wait to be more apart of. Thanks to everyone for all of the knowledge and experiences imparted here. I think joining here is just the change I’ve been seeking in my life. 

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Halli Hallo,


I am exited to be here and hoping to learn and pay forward any knowledge gained throughout my journey to others along the way. 


My short term goal is to learn how to execute the AZERO account balancing act to increase my score in the shortest amount of time. Unfortunately, I fall in the category of short credit history (< 2 years), therefore, I am constrained to take the scenic route before I can be offered low interest credit lines/loans.  I have added a car loan to pad my credit mix, four credit cards, and two store lines of credit. That said, I am using my credit cards as much as possible, paying statements in full, keeping my credit utilization rate below 10%, but keep a small balance (non-interest carrying - only a current balance) on one of my lines of credit. 


My long term goal is to qualify for any credit card or personal loans above $50k (unsecured).  I would like to use this line of credit to buy a small franchise business. 


My FICO/Vantage credit scores are above 700 (barely) across the bureaus, however, I fail to qualify for any personal loan above $1k because of my short credit history. I can't circumvent this roadblock despite any income $ amount that I disclose to lenders.


Any insight and help from the community would be very much appreciated.  

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