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Hello! New here, trying to get my score back into the 700s. Nothing too shabby, just want to make sure my credit is good for buying homes and when I need a new car. In the low to mid 600s at the moment. This place is very helpful from what I've browsed through so far.

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I'm not new...let's just say 'refreshed'.  Joined CB about a decade ago and started me on my credit journey.  Weathered a couple financial storms as a business owner and looking to strengthen my credit profile as my wife and I ride into the sunset of Financial Independence.  Great to be back and see many familiar faces (usernames) and sadden by the lost of Breeze and others.    No longer an AMEX cheerleader.  :D

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Glad to have found your group!  I heard about it from a non credit related forum.  I look forward to going through the info already posted about before asking any questions.  




New Orleans

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Hi from GA! I stumbled across this site when I was reading an article about which credit granting companies use Experian credit checks. It seems like my Experian CS is always much higher than my other two CS.


looking forward to all the wealth of information this forum and members have to offer.


thank you

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I am new.


I have had health difficulties but that has now been reduced significantly.


My situation is not a matter of repairing credit, I need to get credit. I have been doing nothing related to credit for a long time. My VantageScore is about 700 and my payment history is excellent but there is nothing much in my history older than 6 months. I do not have a FICO score and that is what I need to ask about. I will provide details in a separate thread.


I will begin receiving Social Security in a week. I expect to be purchasing a home soon, hopefully with a VA loan. As best as I know, I must have a FICO score.


I am a computer programmer that has been programming and doing computer stuff for half a century. At least I am extensively familiar with forums.


I have some corrections and suggestions for your Credit Glossary - what all those terms mean - Beginner's Credit Information. IP should be defined as in Internet Protocol - Wikipedia. For Internet Provider, I assume your intent is to refer to Internet service provider - Wikipedia (ISP); Internet Provider is ambiguous. Also, it might be appropriate to add SSN and possibly the corresponding acronym SS (not the Schutzstaffel and that is probably why people do not use the acronym SS). Most people of course already know what a SSN is. And tl;dr is something new that I think did not exist in 2003.


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