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Reducing expenses

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As a mother of three, (four counting hubby) I am all about saving on groceries.


Since I live in a rural area the grocery coupon sites don't work for me, theres a Walmart here & a small grocery chain store. We get a flyer from the small grocery every week & if they have something good on sale I'll go stock up, otherwise it comes from Walmart.


I have found buying the generic brands is a good way to go. I don't buy anything brand anymore.


A freezer and a Foodsaver is a must for us. I suscribe to "Simple & Delicious" mag which I get an issue of every two months. It is full of easy recipes with common ingredients. I go through and copy the ones I may want to try and watch esp for ones that can be doubled and frozen.


I plan my menus every two weeks and usually 4 of those days are reserved to cook a "double recipe" of a recipe that freezes well. I cook two batches and freeze one after sealing it with my foodsaver. I also label it with reheat instructions. Since I work 12 hour shifts 3-4 days a week the days I work my oldest takes a "freezer meal" out of the freezer and heats it up. Saves on the family not making a "Mcdonald's" run. Any leftovers go in my lunch the next day I work. On the weekends I work the hubby or the oldest makes a simple meal like Hamburger helper, spaghetti, or hotdogs. Also I try to be conscious of stretching foods, a ham bought on sale can be a meal and the leftover meat can make a meal and the bone can make a pot of beans. A whole chicken does for a meal and the leftovers are chopped up and frozen until there is enough to use for a dish like chicken enchiladas and the leftover bones can be saved and boiled to make soup. I love my crockpot and love recipes I can throw into it and forget about.


If I am out of luck for leftovers for lunch I will pack a sandwich or one of those little dollar frozen entres I find at Walmart. I never buy lunch at work even if I have to take a can of spaghettios. I take a package of oatmeal for breakfast and a baggie of pretzel sticks for a snack.


I tried growing some veggies last year and had trouble, here in texas it gets horribly hot & I need to learn more on how to grow things, I did have luck growing tomatos & bell peppers so that was good. I tried herbs but they didn't freeze well and tasted funky. Like I said, I have alot to learn. I want to learn how to can stuff and try to can this summer.


Also our town usually has good deals on a weeknight for 1/2 price stuff. Like the chicken place will have thier 10 peice chicken for 1/2 price and the Sonic offers 1/2 price hamburgers. So if we have some spare change we do that occassionaly because taking a family of 5 out to eat at a restaurant (unless it's a birthday or something) is astronomical.


In this economy you have to get creative. I get some stuff at Sam's but the nearest one is an hour away so I don't shop there too much.


Love the tips here!



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Struggling -


The Internet is full of free recipe sources, and will have much more information than a magazine. Perhaps you could cut that subscription and save money there. If you are looking for something more interactive, remember that there is a forum for everything.

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The last post in this topic was posted 3824 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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