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Charged for fees AFTER cancellation

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CE and CIC both charged me $79.95 AFTER I cancelled my membership....now I hear that it will take two weeks to "investigate" and 7 to 10 days to issue a refund....WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??????


Just wanted to vent a bit, don't know about you but I don't have $160 laying around doing nothing for the next four weeks.

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I totally share your frustration. I cancelled CE well before the deadline. I had the e-mail to prove I cancelled it. It took me arount 5 to 6 weeks to get the refund. I was so ticked off about the situation.

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I'll let you in on my little secret when I sign up for any trial membership! First off, I get a National City Visa Gift Card (it's a prepaid card that can be used most places), then I keep $5.00 on it and use it for all these trial memberships. Most places put a one dollar hold on it just to make sure it is an active account. Then, if they screw up and bill you, there isn't anything on the card to take, it will decline the purchase.

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Fela, don't know if it will help but I PFB'd both of them.......they certainly had the information to charge my account so they certainly have the information to credit it back!!! I am totally PO'd about this and the fact that "I" have to prove what "they" did.....give me a break !!! I told CE that I was going to bill them for any OD fees because of this.

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UPDATE.....the PFB worked...both agencies credited my account today for what they withdrew....wooooo hooooooo I really needed that money too.


Good idea by the way on the gift card thing......I am going to use that next time.

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