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Locking In Credit Limit

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Hi Everyone,


When calling a credit card company when applying for a credit card and they state your max credit limit, can they change the credit limit (perhaps lower it) in the period that the card is being mailed to me? For instance, say I apply for a credit card and they tell me over the phone my credit limit is $4,000 (for example only). Then in the period of time before the credit card company mails me the credit card I make a big purchase. Will the credit card company perhaps send me a lower credit limit card then the one stated over the phone (simply because I purchased something big that affected my credit history)? Or, is it that once they tell me what my credit limit is, that it's preety much solid in stone that the credit limit will be as such by the time I recieve it? In other words, I just want to make sure that if they say the credit limit is $4,000 over the phone....that by the time I recieve it it is still $4,000 and not some lower credit limit?


Thanks! :aggressive:

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They can do whatever they want with the limit, there are no guarantees.


I'd think that if they said you'll get 4K then you'll get 4k though. Changing it that quickly after approval is unusual.

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HOw would you make a big purchase with it before you get the card? It wouldn't even be activated yet?


IF you're talking about a big purchase other than on the card then they wouldn't even know about it.

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