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Does a CC company check BK docket

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This applies to basic credit repair and to BK's, so I am going to post it in the most likely place to get qualified answers.


When applying for a new card and one's CR shows no BK (after credit repair, for example), how does a CC company know if someone has filed BK? Let's say the application was made well after discharge, and the credit repair cleared any mention of BK related accounts. Credit repair can get deletions of the BK from the CR's, right? And surely the creditor does not check the BK docket for every new account, right?


So if the CR the CC company pulls shows no BK due to credit repair, and I honestly pass right over the " BK'd recently " question just by ignoring it (if it will allow me to do that), how would the system catch a BK? Assuming it is not showing on CR they pull....



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There are several companies which provide bankruptcy data to creditors. Choice Point, Lexis Nexis, and others.


Just because the bankruptcy doesn't appear on your 3 bureau reports, doesn't mean that the creditor is unaware of it.

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I am guessing there is a charge, a cost, however, and I am looking for the probability a creditor would go to the expense and effort on every new account to discover whether a BK had been filed by the applicant.


I know they COULD find out, I just cannot believe they would make it a regular part of a CC application.


Any ideas?

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