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TRANSCRIPTS: PsychDoc's Credit Repair School

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PsychDoc's Credit Repair School for Beginners.

These seminars covering the core topics of credit repair were held in the Creditboards chatroom during Fall 2005.


Transcript #1 Link:

Credit 101: The Ethics of Credit Repair

What's credit repair all about? Is it the right thing to do? Is it legal? Is it ethical?


Transcript #2 Link:

Credit 102: A consumer Law Overview

Consumer Protection statutes are the building blocks of credit repair. Review them early.


Transcript #3 Link:

Credit 103: Credit Reports & Credit Scores

Credit bureaus have no official standing. Understand their motivation.


Transcript #4 Link:

Credit 104: Triaging Your Reports

How can a do-it-yourself newcomer analyze a credit report and create a plan?


Transcript #5 Link:

Credit 105: FCRA Street Fighting

Here's how to combat those gossipy credit bureaus.


Transcript #6 Link:

Credit 106: FCBA Street Fighting

Several effective direct-to-creditor interventions are described.


Transcript #7 Link:

Credit 107:: FDCPA Street Fighting

Do battle with the nastiest of the nastiest -- collection agencies.


Transcript #8

Credit 108: Small Claims Lawsuits/Recording Calls


Presenter Randy Padawer (PsychDoc) is a Ph.D. in clinical psychology whose research interests range from personality testing to consumer credit. He has been featured in publications as diverse as the Journal of Personality Assessment, the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, and Smart Money Magazine. Dr. Padawer co-wrote the best-selling "FICO 850" seminar for The Motley Fool, and he consults for Lorman.com (the leading CEU provider for attorneys), Lexington Law Firm, and others regarding consumer behavior and credit reporting. PsychDoc is one of our original members and contributors, and many of the letters and techniques we use today are the result of his efforts and research.

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:) Looks like he still hasn't gotten around to it. Or maybe he's giving us a test. Maybe we're supposed to develop a series of INTERVENTIONS which invoke one of three TRUTHFUL communication tactics: a} polite requests, b} requests for information, and c} legal demands to get Doc to post this last transcript. :D
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Hi!! I just wanted to thank PsychDoc, Breeze, and everyone who made the Credit Repair School topics and transcripts possible. I have spent an incredible amount of time lately learning everything I can, and almost feel confident enough to begin on my "journey". Again, thank you all so very much, I have learned more in the last few days than I ever thought possible. This information will most definitely help. You guys rock!!! :rofl:

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Thanx for the transcripts for this seminar.

It's too bad I found this site too late to participate.

I'm looking forward to reading the final transcript.


I'm looking forward to the last transcript as well, especially since I missed the last seminar. I think that the CA's and CRA's have found out about the wealth of information and have kidnapped psychdoc to keep the last one from being posted. Conspiracy I tell ya.

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I love the transcripts, they are very helpful.


I have a question about your signature belleama. How did you get a link to your credit score like that or did you create it from a template. I am looking forward to being a success story on here. :(

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Does anyone have any idea when the last transcript will be posted or is it posted somewhere else. Thanks


Here you go...


Doc is alive and well. TU did kidnap him and held him hostage in their dungeon, but he pulled off a brilliant escape and will send us the transcripts soon. :lol:
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Breeze do you know when the next chats are going to be held? I just finished reading the 7th transcript and PsychDoc mentions some follow up seminars in Jan or Feb. I was just curious if those were still in the works. Thanks again for pinning these wonderful transcripts for us. :blush2:

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Does anyone know how to get a hold of PsychoDoc... I'm a college student and I'm extremely interested in using these lectures in a student organization meeting, and wanted to make sure that was cool with him. Would give full credit to him of course...

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wow wow wow wow wow


one ?


how do yall post the fico scores from the evil 3 in ya signature.. i would like to do the same with mines to show my progress.......


Also do u OPT OUT BEFORE or AFTER Ya request for credit report from the big 3 evils axis?

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I'm thankful for the 7 transcripts that are posted. Has the plan changed or will the 8th one still be posted here? :D I hope the person who posts them hasn't had an accident that prevents them from being able to continue their great work here.


Thanks in advance.


Transcript #8 (coming soon)

Credit 108: Small Claims Lawsuits

Live lecture is scheduled for 12/22/2005

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