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Online Banking?

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why would i want to work at something if i can just go across the street a get a better deal without having to kiss someone's behind to get something for free? radi8, the only good point about WF is that they are everywhere. that's it.



Yeah, they are everywhere, that's for certain.

I really liked National City, but they closed the branch here.

That left only Republic bank (eewww) and Associated (double-eeeww) and two(!) wells fargo branches.

Slim pickins.


There'll be no kissing of behinds at Wells. They probably have a fee for that too :)

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Since paying my bills online is sort of like putting myself out of work, I tend to only do it when I'm nearing the due date and mailing it in wouldn't make it by said date.


That said, we currently use PNC, but am already thinking about switching. We are not charged to use the online banking/bill payment, but if we DON'T use it, our account is accessed an $11 or $12 fee :good:


Well, after calling some banks (BOA, Chase), I've decided we're gonna stick with PNC.. I'll just have to set up a recurring payment so I don't forget. They don't charge us to use a foreign ATM, and that is a big plus with me. Chase told me there is a $3 fee to use a foreign ATM, and that is in addition to whatever that bank may charge, in places here, that would be $5 to take money out of an ATM. Highway robbery :aggressive:

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Not so fond of BOA, watch out on the fees for certain things. Wachoiva has been great so far, use them for both personal and business. My husband is annoyed b/c I can go online and trace his every movement with his debit card usage! :) I do like "mycheckfree" for bill payment. Used them for years. It is really easy to use and I can schedule payments in advance and not worry about it.

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I just dumped First Bank and signed up with Bank of America. I also use U.S.Bank.


First bank charged me $8 a month for checking. Plus bad customer services.


Bank of America has free checking w/Bill Pay with no minimum balance required as long as I use Direct Deposit. So far I like their bill pay service.


U.S.Bank has a teller at my office, so that is very convinient for depositing checks or other $$. They are also free as long as I have direct deposit. they also have a Bill pay service, but haven't tried it.


I'm currently looking at ING and EM for savings. Haven't made up my mind.


I just saw a link from Bankrate.com in a new article about Interest Checking for City Nantional Bank in Texas. http://www.cnbt.com/ they are offering %3.45 apy for checking! They also reimburse for ATM fees. Sorry I don't have the link to the article at Bankrate.com, but if you are interested I'm sure you could dig it up on the site. It reviewed other banks as well.



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Netbank. Free overnight deposits. Free billpay. Free checking. Free, free, free. Interest paying also. Had for about 5 years now, no issue.


They do mortgage, car loans, etc.

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