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How you found creditboards

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How did you find creditboards.com?  

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  1. 1. How did you find creditboards.com?

    • From another credit discussion board
    • From another non-credit discussion board
    • I am one of the founding members
    • From a search engine
    • A friend told me about CB
    • From the "Smart Money" Magazine article
    • From the Clark Howard show
    • Other
    • I'm not telling

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Found this board from MyFico.com forum of which I am an active member,,plus I had used the creditpulls database quite a lot...Joined awhile back but had posted anything, just been lurking

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I suppose I should of posted here before posting elsewhere within the forums, namely about a credit unions secured card. I do apologize for this lack of attention to the guidelines.


Never the less, I actually stumbled upon this goldmine of a community sometime ago while doing some research on Google. Noticing the Credit Pulls database the site has, of course, and knowledge held within the topics here at Credit Boards, I became an official "dark side of the unregistered" lurker at that point. For some reason, I decided to come out of my corner and actually register here on the forums to interact within the topics and chip in a things or two I have picked up along this journey I have been on rebuilding my credit.

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I am so confused about using this site. I have a judgment on my credit history and I cannot rent a place to live. I need to get a hardship template but I don't know where to go. Help!!


Welcome! I understand. If yo're ot used to message boards, it can be very confusing.


Do you mean you want to file something with the court about the judgment?

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I found the board a couple years ago, but I think I was just not in the right place to feel that I really had control and could do something about my credit mess. I'm in a much better place in life now and it's time to get this done. Feeling positive that I can have success now.

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Someone asked a garnishment question on a gun discussion board I'm a moderator on. I know, I know, lol, but in his defense there are an awful lot of people on that board with vastly varying fields of expertise. Another member there, whom I have a tremendous amount of respect for, posted a link to you guys ... and here I am ...


I'm gonna go do a LOT of reading ... then maybe I'll have a couple of questions. Mostly I'm just looking to verify for myself that I'm on the right road with regard to maximizing our credit scores. So ... I'm lurking here and over at the boglehead forum. I'm a self-esteem gal in a lot of ways but never studied financial stuff much. Figure it's time to branch out some ... a girl can only shoot, sew and bake so much ... ;)



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