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How you found creditboards

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How did you find creditboards.com?  

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  1. 1. How did you find creditboards.com?

    • From another credit discussion board
    • From another non-credit discussion board
    • I am one of the founding members
    • From a search engine
    • A friend told me about CB
    • From the "Smart Money" Magazine article
    • From the Clark Howard show
    • Other
    • I'm not telling

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I did a search on fico score approvals and one comment mentioned cb. Checked it out and am now so happy I found it! I have found the most valuable information in two days. I wish I had it in January when I started my journey or really way before that. I used to be credit ignorant.

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I have returned to the credit repair community because I became LOST after my previous fulfilling journey in repairing my credit. I was successfull in removing multiple tradelines from the 3 CRAs . I considered myself pretty good at it. In a years time I went from being a deadbeat according to the CRAs to having over a $75,000 in revolving cc accounts and owning a home.13 years later...... Due to a combination of Bad Luck (my ex getting sick and having lots of kids) AND extremely poor judgement , I have returned full circle .. Back in the saddle again.. I originally came to this site following the owner and some of the moderators from the creditnet site. I use previous screen names of "gilliner" and "voodochild" on the two sites. After being put through the ringer by my EX, I am now reincarnated into this life. I have forgot so much. there is tons of learning ahead.. Good Luck to me!

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I found my way to this site while researching a creditor on my credit report. I happened upon it before, but decided to act on it today because today is different for me. I decided to wake up from my long sleep and to care about my credit, and attack those strangers that have been attacking my personal life publicly every 30 days through my credit report. We did not choose to ignore our debts. There were circumstances beyond our control that got us to where we are today and although I know there are things we could have done or should have done to prevent the outcome of those circumstances I cannot dwell on that. I don't know how long I sat here with my fingers on the keys thinking about how to start my conversation before I realized I want; no I need to tell my story.


Whenever negative things began to happen to me or my family, immediately and without hesitation, I would jump into proactive mode with extreme prejudice. Never one to not react in times of crisis big or small but instead seeking to resolve the problem before it could escalate beyond control. However when our troubles began seven years ago I tried to find solutions but the fish proved to big to fry, alone anyway. My husband was not supportive in my attempts to fight the foreclosure. He shut down for a period of time, everyone copes differently, and then I grew weary of the fight too. Our marriage suffered a painful blow and it has been a long, frustrating, depressing at times, sad much of the time, financial and personal wreck for this gal and her family.


The gradual downhill descent began in December of 2007 when my husband lost his job with a window company in Phoenix Arizona. He managed the account for one of the largest home builders in the entire valley, as well as others, for about 2 years. The gradual descent picked up a hellish speed in 2008 with the government made market crash. Anybody employed in the housing market suffered, and it is my humble opinion that very few were spared, myself included. I was employed in the moving business, although I managed to hold on to my job until the end of 2009. Some might think that with all the foreclosures the moving business would be booming however losing a home usually means funds are tight and a franchise moving company is way over budget compared to hiring mom and pop movers, or doing it yourself.


With our jobs, in short order, went our vehicles, savings, and finally our home. It was a dream home for me because it represented a new chapter in our life. No more goodbyes due to deployments, no more moving every three years, and our four children could finally experience the joy of not having to say goodbye to friends. Most importantly for me it would one day be the home where grandma and grandpa live, room for everybody and then some.


Fast forward to today. I am back from my stupor wanting to again be proactive in cleaning up this mess we are in. Again dreaming of owning my own home. We are both working again in stable jobs. My husband went to school to become an IT and is now employed in a stable job and industry. I have been working at the same job now for four years for a private business woman, and my job is very stable. My plan is to consolidate my school loans to begin paying them off, and get my credit report cleaned up.


I have a garnishment coming out of my check for the car I had repossessed back in 2011, any advice on how to stop this would be helpful. The rest of the damage is being caused by so called creditors trying to collect on loans that have been long written off. We would like to avoid bankruptcy if at all possible. So I hope I have not been to lengthy in my newbie stage, and I feel excited that I am here.

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I was reading a credit card review on CK and the review boasted about how much information one can get from Creditboard.com so I thought I would take a look for myself. WOW! is what I have to say :clapping:

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