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How you found creditboards

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How did you find creditboards.com?  

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  1. 1. How did you find creditboards.com?

    • From another credit discussion board
    • From another non-credit discussion board
    • I am one of the founding members
    • From a search engine
    • A friend told me about CB
    • From the "Smart Money" Magazine article
    • From the Clark Howard show
    • Other
    • I'm not telling

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Hi everyone,


I actually found this board through flyertalk originally and at first I didn't do much reading because I thought I didn't have enough money to repair my credit. About a week ago I discovered this place again through a reddit post after I got a new job. After reading a bunch I've come to realize that I could have started this process months ago. Haha.

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I'm not sure I ever actually introduced myself. I found CB through Google.

Well, that still isn't an introduction.


Anyway, my name is Amy. I'm newly widowed as of 8 weeks ago. I had worked, halfheartedly, on our credit a few years back. Then, I got sidetracked with other life things. Then, my husband had some health issues beginning in Jan 2013. It's been a bumpy ride since, culminating in losing him in November.

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I guess I'm also a founding member - I took some time to get my life together financially but I have been here since DAY 1 as well. Now I'm BAAAACK and I got questions that need answers lol. Alot has changed over the years and it seems harder these days but I did it before with the Help of CB I'm sure I can do it again. :angel:

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Hello! I believe I came across this site whilst doing a Google search on how to 'repair' my embarrassing credit issues. I have had really wonderful success clearing up the small stuff and most inaccurate information that is causing me distress. I have two more to go with a pair of particularly hideous CA's. I will be asking for some direction right away. I am very grateful for all the wonderful information thus far!

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I joined last year and really didn't know what I was doing with my credit. After reading and hours of reading and noticed I was getting bald because of the boards. Lol I'am barely fixing my reports and still learning day by day. Thanks for all your wisdom guys and gals. A shout out from NM God bless.



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  • Admin

Hi, this is my first post and I can't wait to jump in and see what everyone is so excited about. Interested in cleaning up my credit report and it looks like I've reached the right place!



Feet first, ok? :D

I did a google search for building business credit and I cam across a thread from the forum. and kept going back to read. finally decided to create an account today.



Well, keep coming back!

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I am new to this site. I got the site information from the MyFico forum. I have been reading the boards and there are some very helpful information. I am looking forward to be able to live chat.



Thanks to everyone who is providing the information.

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I was stalking my dear husband online (we were not married yet back then!). Google- searched his regular username (since we met online) and found this wonderful treasure. :)

Been a lurker for 2 years and finally gave in and created an account Nov 2014.


Thanks CB!!

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Hello, new here. Was doing a google search on how to receive the annual free credit report and also searching for information on those credit repair agencies and here I am. I've been lurking for a few weeks. So, I decided to register and say hello. This forum is completely eye opening to what credit really is. :D


Hello CreditBoards members. :wave:

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Hi CreditBoards, I'm very happy to have found this forum. I am in need of some credit rebuilding & repair. I ran into some financial issues a few years back and I let 2 accounts get charged off. I am currently reading Psydoc's transcript and will continue to read more of the Beginner's section, all of this is so interesting and helpful to a consumer like myself.


Off to read some more.

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