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How you found creditboards

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How did you find creditboards.com?  

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  1. 1. How did you find creditboards.com?

    • From another credit discussion board
    • From another non-credit discussion board
    • I am one of the founding members
    • From a search engine
    • A friend told me about CB
    • From the "Smart Money" Magazine article
    • From the Clark Howard show
    • Other
    • I'm not telling

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After searching google for debt collection help, I stumbled my way here and I am so glad I did. Phenomenal website and amazing people. It's hard when you're isolated, not knowing there are many others dealing with the same harassment and abuses at the hands of many of these JDBs. You feel helpless, defeated and powerless but this website and the incredibly special individuals here lifts you up and empower you. I've been here for a very short time, but I've been obsessively reading and learning and you all have given me the confidence to fight back. I will forever be grateful to the website creators and the supportive members. Thank you all.

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I found this site by researching, for years, regarding my credit reports and their inaccuracies. While searching on Google, the best advice and most up-to-date discussions prove this site most trustworthy. I have a huge amount of reported inaccuracies and deception on my reports and thanks to user advice, I recognize them. I am learning the process of being held accountable as well as holding those reporting accountable.


Thank you CB. AAA+

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Whats going on folks! First post and Im already stoked and ready to get some great advice from all you fine people! I heard about Creditboards from a personal banker at my bank.




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I'm a writer doing a short article about secured credit cards. I'm looking for personal stories of people who have used them to rebuild credit. I want to hear about good and bad experiences.

Please talk about interest rates, fees, any benefits or problems with the card, but especially how long it took you to improve your credit score, and how long it took you to move up to an unsecured card. Please use layman's language, not credit lingo. (I'm writing for the average reader, and I'm no expert.)
This is not a solicitation. I'm offering nothing in exchange for your story, and I don't want to know anything about you other than your experiences with a secured card. I'll quote you in the article simply as a member of this forum. If someone would like to post something, and note that it can be used in the article, I'd be grateful.
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I am really delighted to have found this Board/Forum. I was directed here by a comment someone made on MyPfPro.com (which I stumbled upon via a Google Search). Someone on that website made reference to your site, and the wealth of information available here.


I look forward to reading, searching, and discovering all the nuggets of information provided.

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Does anyone know of a good Business Credit Building Service?

that is reasonably priced?

Most are scams and all the info you need can be found in the business credit section here. If they say they can get you un secured loans and business visa, mastercards, etc they are scamming you.

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Hi, I was looking for information related to suing FICO for what I believe is a violation of the FCRA.


On May 9, 2013 I ran my TU score from myFico and it was 785.


My June 11, 2013, I ran my TU score again from myFico and it was 715. I found that one of my creditors had reported I was 120 days late, even though I wasn't. I called my creditor and told (screamed) that they need to get it fixed. I followed up with a phone call to TU to file a dispute.


On June 18, 2013, I called TU to check the status of the dispute. I was told that my creditor agreed the information was invalid, and it had been removed from my TU report.


Later that same day, I ran my TU score from myFico again, expecting my score to return to 785. It did not. My score was 736.


I called myFico and asked them why my score did not go back to 785, and they told me it was because my May 9, 2013 report showed a credit card balance of $53.00, and my June 11 and June 18 reports showed a balance of $0.00. That was it. Nothing else changed between my credit reports.


So what they were basically claiming is that a true 120 day late would have only removed 21 points from my score (736 - 715 = 21). Also, they're basically saying that my credit usage of $53.00 ADDED 49 points to my score. I absolutely do not believe either one of these. I've missed a SINGLE payment before and had my 30 day late drop my score by 20 points. There's absolutely no freaking way that a 120 day late could only cause me to lose 21 points.


In order to try to prove that I'm getting screwed by not getting all of my points back, I decided to put $53.00 back on my credit cards. Yesterday, those balances were reflected on my Equifax report (which also previously showed $53.00 on May 9 and $0.00 on June 11 and 18th). I subscribe to myFico's scorewatch and checked it's new score and it went up ZERO. So I guess myFico telling me my score didn't recover by 49 points due to my balances being 0 was a crock of *&^%.


I'm extremely upset about all of this because I'm buying a house and am supposed to close on Sep. 3rd. When my lender pulled my score on May 9th, my Lender's score was 736. If I have lost 49 points from my lender's score, I will not qualify for the same APR and PMI rate as I was prequalified for. The increase in the PMI rate alone will increase my monthly payment by $70.00, and the interest is TBD, but will easily be an extra $30/month. So, just because my lender put invalid information on my account, and was subsequently removed, I will be paying an additional $100.00/month, or about an extra $36,000. My insurance rates will also increase.


I have contacted every single State and Federal Senator and not a single one of them are willing to do anything to resolve this problem. I guess the people who I have a problem with are paying my senators. I have every piece of documentation needed to prove that this happened to me.


I am going to be one ticked off person on closing date when I go there and find out that I'm gonna get &*^%$$. I want to know what others on this board think about my chances of successfully suing EITHER FICO or my lender who put the invalid information on my report. If I lose $36,000, I want $36,000 plus punitive damages.



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Hello everyone..new emember here from KY..I found this site months ago through google and after seeing all the kind members helping one another I bookmarked it so i could later seek help on trying to repair some credit...I'm about to start trying to improve my credit so i signed up today to be a member of the site and was happy to be able to log in right away...Just want to say thanks for letting me be a member here and i hope with some advive from all you great people on here i will be able to improve my credit a bit..thanks and talk to you all soon :)

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