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How you found creditboards

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How did you find creditboards.com?  

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  1. 1. How did you find creditboards.com?

    • From another credit discussion board
    • From another non-credit discussion board
    • I am one of the founding members
    • From a search engine
    • A friend told me about CB
    • From the "Smart Money" Magazine article
    • From the Clark Howard show
    • Other
    • I'm not telling

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Hi guys found this site through a google search. Typed in "Credit forums" and BANG! this site was listed right at the top. Once I peeked in and saw the amount of posts and members I said yup this is the one and just signed up.


I've been anti credit for over 10 years now after I lost a home to lying countrywide and I lost a car due to them not honoring a warranty I paid $1500. Both happened right around the same time and I was so mad (and young) that I let them reposesd and forclosed on. Since then I have owned 3 homes all on Owner carry tearms. The kicker n,one of the title co's reported to the credit folks. Take a deep breath :)



So here I am and going to be building up my personal credit and also going to tackle some buisness credit as well. I've pretty much figured out you can't get anywhere unless you play the game. But this time I'm going to win ha ha... :)




Here I go!



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I found your Web site via Google searches while looking up information on establishing credit for my business. I've always paid cash for stuff with respect to my business, but am finding the need to get terms with my suppliers for at least Net7. However, they all seem to want a D-U-N-S number and associated credit file; even though I've got a B2B history with them, just not as an open/credit account.

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I found this website via google searches looking up way transunion, equifax, and experian customer service is so terrible. and what i thought would be a 2 min correction to my reports seems to be turning into a nightmare.

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I seriously can't recall how I found CB...except that it was the year that I was determined to clean up my credit/finances. In less than a year I was able to purchase a home and establish some cc's. I am back for round two and I am so happy this place is still going strong!

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