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Avast Antivirus


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I found some info about it here:




Particularly this verbage about a possible issue with the software:


Avast! Antivirus Unspecified Scan Evasion Vulnerability


Avast! Antivirus is prone to an unspecified scan evasion vulnerability. Reports indicate that the issue manifests because the software fails to properly handle certain unspecified types of files.


This issue could result in a malicious executable file bypassing detection and being executed, based on a false sense of trust, by a recipient.


No further details are available in regard to this issue. However, this BID will be updated as soon as further information is made public.


The link above says the vendor has come up with a patch.

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I've used it for about a year or so on 2 of my computers.

Pretty decent program. I've only had to register it once (registration is good for 2 years).


Simple to set up, but I prefer to be able to tinker a little more with its settings.


All in all, it is an excellent program for a freebie. Plus they do virus updates almost daily, instead of weekly.


BTW it is one of the highest (consumer - as opposed to those salamander article writer for techie mags) rated antivirus programs around. Most users give it a 10...although I think I would give it an 8.5 because I like to tinker more with my AV programs. Plus it doesn't pre-screen emails prior to allowing them to DL to your computer....but then again, most other programs don't either.


All in all...it runs circles around Norton.


I haven't tried AVG so I can't give personal perspective on how the two differ. However I have known several people that changed from AVG to Avast cause they said it was better. The reviews I read tend to support this as well.


As with everything YMMV.

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