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Even with the do-it-yourself swipers,


I have had cashiers take the card from me, see my signature and still ask for ID.


They stare, examine and do a psychological profile on me. Then they swipe the card themselves behind the register.


Bastages. if I reach for the self-swipey they ask for ID.


This gets me. They put in the self-service card swiper so that I can do the work, then the cashier asks for my card anyway. If they're going to handle the card anyway, why not just keep the old equipment and swipe it themselves?

The cashier CAN'T (AND SHOULDN'T BE ABLE TO PUT YOUR PIN # IN THE COMPUTER)...so you have the customer swiper


I always as in advance if it is PIN # I let them do it...if it is CREDIT I might as well do it on my keyboard because I NEED TO SEE THE CARD ANYWAY!!!

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