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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone long time lurker first time poster. Okay a little background. I applied for a mortgage loan on July 1st, I didn't think I would be approved and some loose inhibitions and frustration with current rental residence convinced me to give it a shot. Surprisingly I was pre-approved and looked at some houses before I got my hopes up I asked to go further along in the credit process before I became serious because I still didn't believe I was approved. The mortgage lender asked me to bring in W-2, pay-stubs BK discharge papers, etc, I was approved for around 150k, she said everyth
  2. Saturday we accepted the counter offer and will be talking to the broker about a USDA Guaranteed home loan on Monday. We have used this same broker for an earlier attempt at buying a house, but the sellers refused to make repairs so we walked away. His company does not service the loans, his fee comes as a kickback from the lender. I don't yet have a GFE for this property, but I do have the closing cost worksheets from this and a more recent inquiry that we never offered on. My question is, going USDA, how much change in fees might there be between using a broker who works with a len
  3. I have been working on repairing credit and home searching for about five years. My credit was in complete despair after my divorce and so far I have paid off all the old debt except two things that are now judgments against me. One is for $5000 and the other is about $8000. The reason I haven't paid these is 1) I haven't had the money and 2) This was my exes debt and I felt like he should pay it. These items should be off my credit report in about a year and a half so at this point I am just playing the waiting game. I realize this makes me look bad but that is what I am doing. Eve
  4. So yesterday I got approved by usda walk thru scheduled for today. Then Midlands mortgage LO called to tell me that she don't think I can go to closing because she pulled a soft inquiry and my report showed two disputes that was placed in 2012 and completed before even applying for this mortgage. it didn't show up on the hard pull she did. So now she want me too call the CRAs too get them taken off.... Suppose to close by the end of the month.. Always obstacles....
  5. I really want to keep watch on the rates and keep up with the potential news about them running out of funds, or shutting down for October. Could someone tell me the best way to do this? Is there a particular website or other way to track this information?
  6. Two weeks before closing denied for usda home loan. So disappointed. I will never ho through this process of buying a home again....
  7. I was denied my usda loan 9 days before costing because the underwriter started I was over the max dollar amount. here took my prn job which I was once working full time ytd and just doubled it even though it wasn't accurate because I wouldn't be working full-time the rest of the year it's on a as needed basis as of may. underwriter started that's how usda does it even if it not accurate so it puts me over even though I'm not making that much money as it looks on paper. Any advice???
  8. I started fixing my credit about a year ago to get ready to buy a house. Well in june of this year I signed a contract with a builder to purchase a new construction home through usda. I used their preferred lender (guild mortgage) so I can get my closing cost paid for. filled out the application in june and started getting all paperwork together they pre-approved me for $220,000 through usda home loan. fast forward to this week and I get an email saying they need information about a collection that was with a co-signer but the co-signer is paying the bill so the debt got reaged which I told
  9. My son's credit score is healthy (mid 700's) but his file is thin. We were able to come up with two tradelines, his bank credit card and the transfer record where he has been paying rent directly from his checking to mine. We hadn't put his name on any of the bills, he has no re-occurring billing (not even a subscription to WoW. ) The only other bill we could think of was the *insert disparaging word* "grow-up insurance" my mom had taken out on him. He has taken it over, but it is such a small amount (in more ways that one) that he pays it annually rather than monthly or quarterly. The brok
  10. I am hoping someone can shed some light on the USDA guaranteed loan for me. I called up regarding the USDA direct loan program, and after speaking with the representative for a few minutes, she said she would send me info about the USDA guaranteed loan as well since the direct loan program is out of money right now in my area. I figured it would be easy enough to take a look at the packet and figure out if my fiance and I qualify, but either I am completely missing something or it is super unclear! I can not find any piece of paperwork that says what the minimum income limit is for th
  11. I want to give you a status of my situation and let me know if this loan is possible under my current conditions. We are currently doing a USDA Guaranteed Loan We want to do loan under wife's name only She currently makes 32,500 annually and does not have any other debt Middle credit score is 688 House we want to buy is 184k with bank paying $4500 in closing Our offer has been accepted and have a closing date of 04/02 LO officer is now telling me that GUS system did not approve my wife because her mortage debt would be 41/0 Before putting offer he would say that he would get us appr
  12. We put in an offer on a home two weeks ago and it had an contingency that we got our pre approval. The home is a short sale with a medical lien we have to pay at closing. We were working with a mortgage lender and decided to change before we ever put the offer in just because we didn't know them and got a personal reference for another one. After about three weeks and 70+ hours of giving all of my personal information/life history we were told that they would not give us a loan because we had paid rent late one month In the past 12 months. We have done everything from written exclamation for
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