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Found 8 results

  1. Just wondering if anyone has ever app'd with BofA and had it take the full 30 days that they say it may take. Just app'd with them on the 1st day of the app spree for DW (8/30) and they still say it is under review. Wondering if she should call and try talking to the UW dept, any suggestions? Thanks, BD
  2. My Loan app was submitted with all requested docs to the underwriter for review on WED 5/14 and I was told that I should have the final word by Mon/Tues next week. I'm nervous that something will go wrong. I have an anticipated close date of July 10th. I also received my GFE and lenders version of anticipated closing costs- cash to close. The seller is paying $8640 toward closing and I paid a $500 earnest deposit. Total on GFE is 12035.41. Per the lender's estimate: My total cash to close is $5399 (but my lender says it will be less because this # includes fees that I have to pay up front- suc
  3. I have a question about VA loans for any underwriters or lenders familiar with the process. I see that VA guidelines require 12 months history on where you live. My husband has been in the military for a little over a year, so we have been on base housing and they simply take our BAH. If they need 24 months of history he lived in a house that is mortgaged by me before that. I have a house in my name, and my name only. It's where we lived before he enlisted and it's currently a rental property. About 3 years ago we had an unexpected child. I had to stop working and I got behind o
  4. I will be going to grad school next year, and it is a very expensive school. I will be taking a Stafford loan, but will still need a plus loan to afford school. I have many baddies and charge offs, but they are all from 5-6 years ago with the exception of a 200 charge off from Verizon from a year ago. My questions: will the older baddies keep me from getting approved for a plus loan and will the small and recent verizon charge off keep me from getting the plus loan? I really want to attend the school. Thanks.
  5. AmEx Oasis Program: 888-232-3261 AmEx: 800-567-1083 (App Status – Use with caution if attempting a denied app recon; have been advised by one member that they can only resubmit app with another hard pull) AmEx: 800-230-1284 (Account Services – handles accounts with issues) AmEx: 800-700-7619 (Reserves – handles closed and charged-off accounts) AmEx Executive Office: 800-297-6197 American Express Credit Bureau Unit: 800-874-2717. (Must have a current credit report before calling. They will ask for the account number from the credit report, which is different from your card number.) Barclays
  6. Hello to everyone. I’m going through the process of buying a home. I did a pre-qualification with Navy Federal back in July. We really couldn’t find anything we were that interested in and wondered if we should wait until our credit is a little better. We’ve been rebuilding over the past year and have really crossed some hurdles. As it turned out, we found a house a couple of weeks ago. We made an offer and it was accepted. So, we did an application over the phone with NFCU. By the way, they have the absolute best people working for them. I spent over an hour chatting with
  7. I am new to the mortgage process, and I have a question regarding underwriting. What is the REAL difference between manual and auto approval? For instance, if my mid score is say 700, but there is a baddie present, will an auto approval guarantee loan funding or at some point will human eyes review each tradeline and possibly place conditions on the loan? Thanks all!
  8. I apologize if this has been brought up before, but I recently learned about this consumer agency that contains medical records on people for insurance underwriters. As I'm shopping around for Health Insurance, this agency's name came up. I also discovered that you can get a free copy of your file once per year at www.mib.com. I requested my copy this weekend, although it's my understanding that the cryptic coding they employ may make it unreadable to me. I feel as though they (health insurance companies) want you to put down as much information as possible, so they can charge you
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