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Found 7 results

  1. I have been around this site for many moons. I was a member back when it started I think but recently stopped in to work on a few things and to see if I could find some advice on an issue. I moved in with a friend a few months ago from Florida to Southern California. He offered me a place to stay so I had no need for a credit check. Well few months later he's selling his house and I go looking for an apartment and out of nowhere I find 2 bad trade lines on my credit report both from past apartments. 1. The first is mine that I had given my ex the money to go pay when we moved out (I can see that never happened) and I am for sure going to pay the fees for moving out but have questions. Since its on my credit and I need this off ASAP to rent an apartment does anyone have any advice on how to pay this and have it updated as paid or removed right away? I will be homeless before 30-60 days is up for it to show and the last apartment I looked at said that a receipt will not work, it has to show on my report as being paid before they will accept me. 2. This apartment was not there last time I applied for an apartment (the one above) It shows an original balance of (example) $400 then says current balance $500. I did live at the place where the collection is from but I never had a late payment and when I left I did not owe them anything. The debt never showed up on my credit report until recently which is odd since I was there in 2008/9. I think maybe it was a debt from a tenant that got reported to me. Not sure but the issue is I need a place to live ASAP and was considering paying it just to make it go away and so I can get in to an apartment before my roommate kicks me out when the house sells. I am down to weeks if not days and freaking out. I have lost so much sleep over this I don't know where to start. I'm really upset that I can show them 20 years of perfect rental history never late once, I have 2 credit cards 3 and 4 years old perfect history with a 19% DTI, 3 student loans all current retired with guaranteed income and these 2 bad trade lines are stopping me from getting an apartment or any place that checks credit. Really really frustrating so if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction to get these off my credit ASAP it would be appreciated. Just paying them won't help me here that much.
  2. Hello! When negotiating with a JDB or OC, what do you ask for the tradeline to be when you are trying to settle? We don't have the money to pay the full amount owed but are trying to settle for 20%-30% on the dollar. I read something about getting them to agree to not answer any CR challenges. Is that an added request in the negotiation? Thanks!
  3. Okay so I'm having an issue with TD Auto Finance/Chrsyler with a Tradeline that should be obsolete but is still reporting on all 3. Experian (Report Status Details) : This account is scheduled to continue on record until Nov 2013. DOFD - 11/2006 . Reporting as TD auto finance/Chrysler This account is still reporting and I'm in the process of disputing. Equifax (a totally different story ) : DOFD - 08/2007. Scheduled to continue on record until 08/2014. Reporting as TD auto finance I don't understand why the date of first delinquency is almost 2 years off. The 81 month payment history has changed since October. My October credit report payment history showed a 60 Day late in December , no other payments made until Repossion, so I assumed that would make my DOFD 12/2006 but not according to Equifax. Experian (almost the same as Equifax) DOFD 7/2007 - Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 07/2014. Reporting as Chrysler. No other information provided . My question to you guys is how can all 3 reporting agency be reporting different information? Each CRA is also reporting a different address and phone number for the Debitor.....It doesn't make sense to me. I'm in the process of disputing Experian, their report clearly states the tradeline should have been removed in Novemeber, could TD/Chrysler change this on me and extend the reporting period? if this drops off do you guys think the rest will follow suit or will I have to battle the other two guys as well ? Ahhhh I'm ready to move on, this is frusterating, I've done my time now let me walk! I want to buy a house next spring and this is the last piece of the puzzle! Any insight you guys provide is of course appreciated!!!
  4. Can you use a UCC Filing and a promissory note to create a verifiable tradeline under public records since they are filed with the county? I know the Bureaus pick up on these fast! Anyone have sucess with this? Any info is much appreciated. thank you in advance.
  5. Was approved for a new credit card yesterday, $2000 limit. I signed up for Credit.com today, as it is free, but they only provide vague information. They do not provide specific account information, only overviews such as number of account, total balances, total available credit, etc. They are showing one more open account, and $2000 more available credit, than the last time I had checked Experian on another site, and I have not opened or even applied for any other credit. I pulled. Did my SmartCredit and TrueCredit after seeing that, and there are no changes other than the inquiry yesterday? Would it be possible that this new account reported to Experian THAT FAST? Dave
  6. I purchased a car at one of those buy here pay here places that I have been paying on satisfactorily for the past 2 years. I was doing this to improve my credit score. Now I am ready to start applying for other credit cards and I just found out that this company only reports ontime payment to Experian. I live in Atlanta and everyone here uses Equifax. Is there any way to add this tradeline to my Equifax credit report myself? I would like to have the 2 years of ontime payment reflected on my credit report.
  7. No negative tradelines OK but lets check out wonderful Sallie Mae: See under "Creditor's Statement"? It says "Debt being paid through insurance." I have TWO accounts form Sallie Mae that turned positive this month. One did automatically but the other I ended up having to dispute the Payment Status because it said "Claim filed with governement". Well the disputes came back on it and they did in fact update the payment status to "Transferred/Never Late" BUT under creditor's statemnt it clearly still says that I defaulted and the government paid. So even though it may be a "Positive" tradeline, a smart person who has seen a lot of credit reports would instantly know that I defaulted and that the accounts just aged into good tradelines. These two are from 2003 so if I disputed them and lost them completely, that would be a major bummer. I have fought so much and so hard with Sallie Mae though I find it hard to just leave it be LOL. I want if completely spotless! I guess I'll hav to phone in another round of disputes :/ Anyways, just wanted to give yall a heads up..check those reports closely because they are finding new ways to keep this crap bothering you!

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