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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I has an account with HSBC years ago (2008). The account was closed with a listing on my credit report of 0 balance due and 0 current payment due. I think the card was stolen or I made a payment on it. Well, Capital One bought HSBC's credit cards from them (27 million of them). I think they took every account that wasn't paid in full, sold it to a company that doles out the accounts to lawyers, who then sue people 99% of whom don't answer the summons because they're scared and wind up losing by default and having their stuff repossessed or wages garnished. That's what Capital One did to me. They bought a closed account with a 0 balance from back in 2008, gave it a NEW account number and say the account is charged off and that I owe them $4K+. Here's the thing: I think it's below scummy for them to do something like this to people. Corporations that drove our economy into the ground and have caused countless economic suffering for people years after they defaulted on credit card debts from years ago and are now, in a sense, scaring them with lawsuits so they can pick regular people's pockets of what little they have left. Sorry- rambling. I know I can call the law firm that bought all of HSBC's old files and tell him that he can't 'reset the clock' by giving a new file number to an old account. I know that he lied when he sent me a letter saying he wasn't a debt collector, when he is, by my state's definition. I also know that he can't garnish my wages, and for that matter can't even sue, as the statute of limitations in my state is long passed. Bottom line, I'm SO DISGUSTED with the way these bottom feeders work that, rather than try to get them to take the listing off my credit report I want to sue them. Is that possible? This firm is in another state. I don't really have anything saying I LOST money by having the negative listing on my CRA reports- I mean, I haven't tried to buy a house or a car or anything. is it possible to sue them? And without any actual damages to me, is there a way to ask for money to make them stop doing stuff like this? Any knowledge of anyone suing a company in court and winning? I have asked them twice now to validate the debt and have heard nothing back. When I called them to have the debt validated they said I would have to supply proof that I paid it. I think they should have to prove I owe it. I sent letters to all the CRA's but from past experience I know they will call the CA and say, "Is this debt owed by him?" They will answer, "Um, yeah." the CRA's will say, "Yup- validated." and the whole process will start over and over again. Maybe it's just my testosterone shot is kicking in, but is anyone else on here had any experience with anything like this, or can they give me advice? CAN they restart the clock buy buying the debt from HSBC? Sorry to be so long. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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