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Found 723 results

  1. Hanshi

    NFCU Annual Review etc.

    Hello I wanted some clarification on when NFCU does their Annual Reviews? Also I wanted to verify if you applied for a CLI after they pulled your report they wouldn't pull again? I have added some quality cards and refinances and the inquiries are moving higher than I would like. Thanks
  2. Hanshi

    Dispute Help Needed

    Hello I have a Collection Account on Transunion from Plaza Services and apparently they only report to TU. I have never recieved a dunning letter from them or any letters. I have lived in the same address 15 years. I sent Plaza Services a letter for proof etc with no word back and disputed with TU. TU came back as verified today with no other explanation etc. I could use help from here as I haven't had this happen before with a dispute. Thanks
  3. midlifeawakening

    Chase Sapphire Balance Chasing

    I'll try to keep the back story short. Basically I started a new business venture a couple years ago that didn't pan out like I planned and I increased my DTI and utilization significantly during this time in order to just keep up. About six months ago, I purchased another business (got out of the failing biz) and sold some assets to pay down debt and invest in this hopefully 🤞more successful venture. One of those cards was my Chase Sapphire preferred. Fast forward a month after a large payment towards the balance (not a full balance payoff but about 60%) they chopped my limit substantially!!! This was going to be my preferred personal card going forward for the rewards. I thought maybe I'll finally get to take a vacation some day and use points and this was one of the best cards out there and I already had it my portfolio. My question is, has anyone had any success or have any tips for getting the limit restore or at least increased? From researching CB it sounds like Chase is a real beast to deal with which is unfortunate. They were always really good to me in the past. Other info that might be helpful: I have both my personal and business checking with them I have a Chase Amazon Visa with a super low limit that has been at 0% utilization for at least couple years now My business card is an Amex Blue Business with a $18K limit and 0% utilization. Chase declined me for a business line of credit due to NO CREDIT (for the business that is) and told me to reapply in 6 months My PenFed personal credit card is the only one with a high balance now and I'm working on that one little by little I did establish a pretty good relationship with a business rep at my local branch and I thought about going in to see if he could help (he's reversed some fees for me in the past on the business account) but I don't want to try that first without more research. Thanks in advance for the advice!
  4. Hello all, I am new here and hope I can get help understanding more about credit repair and scores. I am in the process of cleaning up my credit file in order to get a better credit score. I have collections accounts and charge off showing on my reports. I have a total of 5 collections showing on Exp, Tru, and 4 on Eq. I have send a pay for deletion offer and I am waiting for the response. I would like to know how many points I should expect to see increased if and once deleted. Right now i have a 610 Equ, 578 Trans, and 560 Exp. All 5 collections are 1 year or less old. The charged off account show 0 balances on Equ, but still show a balance on Truns, and Exp. Can i get some insight on how I can get my reports cleaned up. Trying to refinance my mortgage Thanks in advance
  5. Good Morning/Afternoon!! I am a newbie so please be kind.... LOL.. I was reading a post from a couple of years ago and it said that we can call the credit agencies and have them remove our old addresses and other information. All we have to say is the information is incorrect? Is it really that easy??? I know it may take some time. I have also read that we should mostly write our inquires down - should I write them this or would it be better calling? Will I get new credit reports after they have taken the incorrect information off?
  6. rickyrljr

    Capitalone360 Checking

    So I’m back again repairing and rebuilding. I confirmed that I applied for a Capitalone 360 Checking account over 2 months ago and they denied me because of Chex. I do have a few negative credit union accounts on there. I froze Chex last night and re applied. I was immediately approved but said I had to call before account was officially open even though I received an email saying approved with last four digits of new account number. They just asked if I was a previous victim of identity theft and I agreed because I have. I have no default history with any major banks that use EWS btw.
  7. Hello all, I filed bankruptcy last year and was discharged 7/20/17. Good news I guess - but my scores still suck, currently my TU and EQ scores are in the low 500s. My EX score was at 600 last time I checked. I have floated in and out of this forum and other websites looking on how to start the rebuilding process and just end up feeling overwhelmed. I aspire to have better credit, just don’t know where to start and feel kind of hopeless. I thought perhaps I should start a thread for advice and to even maybe motivate me. I have done some online disputes here and there but, haven’t been very diligent about the whole process. Also, online disputes seem to be a miss for me unless I am having addresses removed (EX excluded). Since the discharge, I have been approved for a few store cards which I don’t use...but that doesn’t help my score at all. So here is an overview of what’s left on my credit files: 1st off - I have two bk reporting on my reports. One was dismissed, which is from last year because my attorney had an issue getting the fee in on time (negligence on her end). The court had to open another case, which is the case that is discharged. 2nd - All of the accounts included in bk are reporting correctly except for DCU and a CapOne acct - I disputed and the CRAs said these accounts are valid! I should add that I did it online, which was probably a big no no. Can I redispute by mail along with my discharge papers? I should add that I burned CapOne, NFCU, Credit One, Chase, Penfed, and DCU. Not sure what options that leaves me with for the secured/bk friendly card route. Discover did approve me shortly after the discharge for a secured card but, I never gave the security deposit. I think I wasn’t really ready and didn’t want to get the card without knowing how to use it to benefit my scores. 3rd - I have some accounts that were not included in the bk that have lates, along with a student loan (Perkins loan being handled by ESCI )that has lates. These lates are a drag and I am trying to figure out how I can have them removed. I also have a paid charge off on my account. I tried consolidating the Perkins loan which is defaulted, the consolidation fell through. What else can I do? 4th - I have tons of inquiries on my reports, because I go on random app sprees hoping for a break that will never happen. Should I bother to have these removed? I am starting from scratch now and have ordered my TU and EQ report by mail today. Trying to also order EX, they said I need to mail information to them when I called the auto system. I suppose my overall issue and question is - How can I increase my scores when I have two bankruptcies reporting and a bunch of lates, plus one paid charge off? Do I need to wait until these things fall off before even working on my reports? My credit files suck and I am stuck, any help is appreciated. I wasn’t sure if I should put more detailed info on my accounts but, if I need to - I can (minus my personal info of course)
  8. Hey guys I'm currently looking to get a mortgage loan. In order to do this, I need to do some tinkering. My Credit Score on FICO 8 is in the 770s - 780s. However, FICO 9 shows at 699 from Experian. The reason is that CitiBank has not yet reported it's new balance to the Bureaus. The utilization on CitiBank shows 110%. It's been at least 60 days, and still nothing (even though I closed the balanced to close to 0% on each statement). They're being quite the inconvenience currently with their delays. Any suggestions? What can I do? This FICO score is really hurting me. I need to expedite this, and make CitiBank report last month's closing balance. As it's holding me back from loans I need.
  9. Experian has a specialist on my account and will not remove old addresses. I just disputed some items to try to remove the attachments to one of the old address as a test. EX said online when I just checked: This Address was reported to Experian by XXXXxxx and 15 other companies (you can click on the link and get the names). Please contact the company to verify that they have your correct address. Once the new information is reported to Experian, you will be able to submit your dispute online. For further questions, you may contact us at 1-855-414-6048. I informed them that I am now going to also look at the record @LexisNexis.com to see if I could scare them (DID NOT WORK) and also said how can you verify a record that is not complete as per the Bankruptcy Courts and LexisNexis. I will keep writing letters and never give up of course but we will see. I was thinking that holidays time would be best for reps in the USA (mine at Experian would be in the mood to play nice or on holiday so I could find someone new.) I did get TU and EQ to remove all the address attached to bad credit after calling over the last 5 workdays with TU and EQ was Immediate (THIS was DONE BY PHONE). I am now sending the remove letters to TU and EQ that no longer have address attachments. HOW to get the Free credit reports for TU and EQ I get from my CreditKarma.com and pulling up credit report under the bar graph and clicking on the 2 different companies and again clicking on the credit report tab. This is a great tool for verifications of removes once you understand the format (this updates every 4 or 5 days so you have to wait for that). How to get a Free Credit report for Experian is by getting the free account and if you navigate around long enough you can find all of your credit report for verifications as needed. ( this updates quickly most of the time ) 855-414-6048 to dispute on the phone with Experian. Anyone want to call Sam directly at Experian and give him a busy day 469-675-5039 maybe he will quit!
  10. So back in 2008 I cosigned a US Department of Education PLUS student loan for my mother, (it was taken out for my sister not me) that later went 120 days delinquent in 2013. Since then the loan has been consolidated and transferred to another provider, but the negative 120 day item is still showing up on my Equifax and TU credit reports and is lowering my score. I cosigned the loan during a time in which I was hospitalized and my mom took advantage of that, but that's a different story. I don't want to bring up issues of fraud or anything, but is there another way that I could possibly get the item removed? Why is it still reporting all these years later even after the loan has been transferred to another provider? I sincerely appreciate any help on this as I'm trying to buy my first home and this could be a detriment.
  11. Back in April of 2018, I paid off a $2,000 dept to Bank of America and I believed I was officially cleared of any debts. Now it's September of 2018 and I decided to check my credit score and noticed it was a lot lower! Noticed the reports all came from Bank of America and I contacted them regarding the issue. They specifically told me I had a $36 debt that was not paid since when I paid off my debt to $0. Confused and inexperienced of knowledge about credit cards and how they worked, I paid the $36.00 and told them to close my bank so this does not happen again. 2 days later, I received a confirmation email that my account was closed. Thought it was over? Nope. Now it's November and I decided to check on my score.. noticed that my score went down again! And of course, the problem was Bank of America again. Contacted them once more and they told me that there is a charge of $38 on my account that needs to be paid. I told them I paid it and have the receipt to email if needed. They told me that they had ZERO record of payment nor notifications that my account was closed. Note, when I called them in September, I contacted them through their mobile app as I always do, to prove that it was actually their number I called. What should I do? Who should I contact to fix this? I'm a college student that is trying to better my score before I graduate. Thank you.
  12. Hello, So, I have two 30-day late payments on my Capital One Credit Cards (one on each card) from Nov 2017. Before I left on military orders on September of 2017 for training, I called them and told them I was being deployed and wanted to try and pay the annual fee a few months in advance, so I wouldn’t have any late payments since I wouldn’t have any contact with the outside world for literally 9 whole months. They said they don’t charge military members the annual fee, and they would waive it for me. After getting back on May of 2018, I pulled my credit report and saw I had 1 missed payment reported on each card. And I’m still confused to this day why. I thought it was probably just a mistake, and I was accidentally charged the annual fees. So I called them, and they said it was from some pending charges as well. I remember leaving with no balance though, and some of the charges don’t seem too familiar to me. Especially one place that I don’t think I’ve ever even been too. My memory is a little foggy though, since it was last year. Even to this day, and being with Capital One for years, I’ve never missed a payment. That is the only time to this day that’s happened. After calling several times, they said I could mail in a credit dispute with the description of the situation and how I’d like it resolved. I was going to mail in this letter (down below) along with my military orders, and the credit reports of the dates the late payments were reported. I’m hoping to be able to get this removed, as it’s affecting me of getting a better interest rate on a loan I’ve been shopping for. Any thoughts or suggestions? https://imgur.com/a/KemMr0r
  13. Hi guys I am newer to this forum and have been reading up on some topics for a while. However there is so much information I am a little lost. I am trying remove some of my collection accounts from my credit score which is currently low 500. I would like to fix up my credit to better myself. I have collections accounts posted with three companies 1) One is with Portfolio for sync bank. I disputed it previously on my report but that didnt work. I set up payment with the company and gave them my information. I have made 2 payments so far but have a year to pay them. It is too late to ask for a delete after payment is finished? Should I continue to pay them. They served me papers so instead of going to court i decided to pay. The account is a little over a year old. 2)The second is a comcast bill sent to colllections. The comcast bill is about 2 years now. I havent contacted them on this one. 3)The third is a sprint bill placed in collections as well. I havent contacted anyone or filed any disputes. 4) I also received a bill florida red light ticket from January 2017. Should I pay it before it shows up on my report? Should I dispute it? I am in Maryland by the way I would really like some advice on what steps to take. I am in a better financial situation now and would really like to improve my score. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Well. I have another, 5,000-word thread to post about my latest mental health misadventures, but the long and short of it for this here post is, I've got a 30-day late reporting. I coulda sworn I had paid my Express account down to zero (obviously that's what I thought; not bothering to log in and pay it) and...well, here we are. My score went down by FIFTY points!! I have a feeling my next move should be... to pay the darn thing. (Daring gambit, no? The only other baddies I've ever had were collections, so withholding payment with the hope of doing a PFD is my go-to credit-repair move. There is no way this logic effectively transfers to fighting past-due tradelines, but - as was hinted at in the opening sentence - my brain is broken (again). So... what's my next move? Is there no hope of having the baddie cleaned off; just pay it now and be sanguine about it? If so, how long till my score recovers? Any input/help/advice greatly appreciated.
  15. I have two accounts in collections. This is my largest one. I think if it came off my report I would have a jump in my score. I have not recently received any paperwork from PRA Account name PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES Account number <removed> Recent balance $5,148 as of 10/27/2018 Date opened 10/2016 Status Collection account. $5,148 past due as of Oct 2018. Original creditor CAPITAL ONE BANK USA N.A. Type Debt Buyer Terms 1 Months On record until Aug 2021 Credit limit or original amount $5,148 High balance $0 Monthly payment $0 Recent payment amount $0 Date of status 12/2016 First reported 01/2017 Responsibility Individual Comment Completed investigation of FCRA dispute - consumer disagrees
  16. Killbadcredit

    Couple questions on repairing?

    First off thanks in advance to all. Instead of making multiple threads, I will post my questions. question 1 If we have previously disputed account online, can we send in MOV letter by mail? Or should I dispute again by mail and have paper trail before sending MOV letter? question 2 If an account gets deleted, what happens if the next month the creditor reports the account again? Will it get re-inserted? question 3 Can a creditor stop reporting and have an account parked on your report? question 4 When sending a debt validation letter; can we just write down last door of ss number for security reasons? question 5 If one credit bearu deletes an account, can I use that proof to get another bearu to delete account? question 6 If an account is yours, but it’s reporting inaccurate; what violations can you use against a bearu to delete even if they know it is yours? Sorry if thread is long, I just want to make one thread instead of multiple threads.
  17. Basically, I'm wondering if it's worth it to pay collections if they don't accept my pay for delete offer to pay the entire bill. How will my score be affected if I pay it? Collections said the status would become paid in full. I'm dealing with Frontier communications (isp) and Credit Control Corp. Corp claims they are a 3rd party and that they do not ever sell the debt and that they're not exactly a collections agency. But they're the one's who reported a past due bill on to 2 of my 3 credit beaurues accounts. And everyone I've talked to there claim that their policy is to never ever delete anything. I asked what if someone is innocent, and their response was that it doesn't "ruin" their credit. These are the steps I've taken: Got fresh copy of all 3 credit reports Requested removal from experian (deleted) and equifax (not deleted) Requested proof of debt twice (they claimed they sent it twice, but I looked pretty diligently for it) Talked to 4 different reps and 1 supervisor, left voicemail for 2 other supervisors but never got a call back. Recorded most conversations and stated I was recording. Sent a pay for delete letter stating I'd pay the whole thing in exchange for deletion and that my offer is valid for 15 days.
  18. Has anyone had any success with Kohl's & Macy's goodwill letters? I just started helping a relative with her credit and she has 2 late payments to Macy's 15 months ago and 1 late payment to Kohl's LAST MONTH. Other than the above items and high utilization the rest of her reports are clean. Any suggestions? TIA
  19. I have an old closed/paid bank account that went derogatory back in 2012. This is my oldest account that was opened in 1999. Should I dispute the account as too old or try to dispute as never late to get the old late payments deleted? It hasn't been updated since 06/17 on EQ and 11/12 on EX and TU. 30: 09/12 60: 03/12, 04/12 90: 05/12, 06/12 Or since these will roll off within the next 12 months, should I just sit tight and let them age off? Is the value of the old closed account worth it? Thanks!
  20. I'm a newbie! I've learned quite a bit here. Over the last 3 years I've been really successfully at repairing my credit. We're planning to buy a house in 6 months and I really want the last two negative items off my credit report. 1) Is AT&T DirectTV. It's possible I didn't pay way back in 2008. But It says 2017. I absolutely 100% have not had any DirectTV in the last 5 years. I think they may have updated it when I disputed it via Experian online before? 2) Rash & Curtis. I was in the ER in 2008. But It's update to 2013. It's like they are trying to keep it on my file. I'm a bit overwhelmed to work on these last two items myself. Is there anyone recommend on the forums that I can pay to assist me? I didn't see any credit repair services listed here. I feel like at this point I'd rather pay an expert/professional to help me. Thanks everyone! Here's a screenshot.
  21. Hi, Just signed up recently after finding the boards through good ol' Google. I'll go find the introduction areas and do my profile style setup in a bit, but my original purpose for coming here is helping my roommate with some credit issues in her rebuilding process. The information I've read here has been immensely enlightening thus far, and I hope to continue to learn and help people with the knowledge. It inspires me to look into seeing about getting perhaps some CLIs for myself also. But I'll make a new topic when I go about that and read up on recommended ways. So for brief starters, her credit scores are (Per Credit Karma) a 427 on TU, and 454 on EQ. Main derogs are Dept of Ed/Navient with student loans, which she said at one point were reporting deferrals, but somewhere, only the last semester was deferring, the rest started reporting independently. I haven't found anything about those here or how they should be dealt with if there's a way at all? There are several medical issues on her reports as well, which I'm working with her currently to triage. Filed her opt-outs online on June 27th, 2017, so giving that a couple weeks to take before trying to get a lot of wrong and old addresses removed from the CRAs also. One of her reports (EXP) we had to mail off to receive as they couldn't identify her online. As said, we're at the point of waiting the couple weeks for the "Opt-Out" to take. I've bookmarked WhyChat's HIPPA section in case we have to resolve those that way. Some of the medical bills she thinks are legitimate and some she doesn't recognize at all. So any advice on paths to proceed after the unrecognized and illegitimate address removed, or in general is welcomed. Thank you all for such a wonderful forum, and in advance for any aid! Regards, Zan
  22. I haven't been on here in a couple of years but I have always held fond memories of the help and success I achieved when I used some of the information I found here on CB. I am now married to a man that is a true team player and we are trying to build the rest of our life. I was in an accident 3 months ago and because of the injury our income took a major hit and with that our credit. I do not know where to start to fix this. We want to start building our forever home next year and restart our trucking company but with the hits our credit is taking I don't think it will be possible short of some miracle. Does anyone have any advice or pointers? Any help is greatly appreciated...
  23. Due to a serious lapse in judgment I acted on the "spend $45 on a new Sam's Club membership/get $45 back" Amex offer, and we joined when I was among the mud people last week. The store was awful. The selection is much smaller than Costco's, and the merchandise itself (aside from national/known brands) is largely lower-end/riffraff stuff. One entire aisle of refrigerated/frozen items was empty. Merchandise displays were messy. We bought two bags of frozen berries and left. Then the email for using the Amex offer never arrived. I looked at my receipt, and the membership was processed as a renewal, not a new membership, even though we haven't been members for over a year (we joined for free once before, shopped once, and never returned), so the purchase didn't qualify for the Amex offer. A couple of days later I logged into my Sam's Club account online, and sent a brief, polite request for a membership refund, and cited their published terms and conditions which state: "The Sam’s Club Membership has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If at any time a member is not satisfied with their membership, Sam’s Club will refund the entire membership fee." The response: Nowhere in their satisfaction guarantee does it state that you have to go to a store to get the membership fee back. I let them know that I am in a different city for the next several weeks and I do not have a Sam's Club location that is convenient (there is exactly one in the entire San Diego metro area, and it's in a neighborhood where I wouldn't leave my car unattended). The next closest store is in Murietta, which is practically in Oregon. I indicated that if they didn't want to refund my money based on this second written request I would resolve this by disputing the charge with Amex. Three days later, no reply. I just got off the phone with Amex, and now I am done with this Chocolate Goodness retailer forever.
  24. So I have a Credit One card and recently got a CLI bump on it so I'm up to $550, but after reading some posts here, I'm hearing that it looks bad to have it. I don't necessarily need it because I have a Cap 1 Platimun ($850), a Wells Fargo ($600 secured) &, a Discover IT ($500 secured). The Credit One is the youngest of all the cards, only a year old. I had another credit one card about a decade ago that charged off and a weird thing happened. After months of paying on time with this new card, the old account reports as closed, but with 2 years of all positive payment history. I'm grateful for that... don't know how it happened, but cool. So I got this new card just to boost my overall credit, but now I'm thinking that was a mistake(except for the change in reporting of the older account). I understand that when I close it, it will remain a "stain" on my account for 10 years. Is it that big of a deal, though? Can somebody give me some examples of how having it there can affect my credit... score, chances of approval for credit, credit limits... etc.? Will closing the account make much difference in the short term since it will still be a stain?
  25. Everybody says it is hard to delete from Experian. But I'm having a heck of a time deleting old addresses from equifax. I've tried online and via paper method with no results. In fact, in order to log in to view my results, they make he check that I haven't lived in my home for more than 2 years and then list one of the disputed addresses - otherwise, they won't even let me log in. What is my best course of action?

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