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Found 9 results

  1. I've been wanting to get a Chase Freedom, but I have no credit history at all (AFAIK -- CreditKarma said it couldn't find anything for me). The plus side is that I am about to start a job making ~$160k/yr gross income. How likely is it that they'll approve me? More details: - 24 years old - I've been a student up until now, and never needed a credit card or any kind of credit before. I only recently realized that I've been missing out on cash back & bonuses, and also building a credit history. - Since I was a student with not much income, I have virtually no money saved up (only less than $5k). I called a Chase rep using the number on their website, but she avoided my questions and said I would need to apply to be considered. I'm worried about applying because of the hard pull, especially since they might reject me for having no credit history. I'm considering applying anyway, and then going through a reconsideration (based on this thread: http://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/Credit-Cards/Chase-Freedom-card-reconsideration/td-p/2501207 which is somewhat similar to my situation), but I really have no experience with this so I don't know what to expect. One of the things I'm wondering, too, is if they will ask for proof of income of some kind? Because as of now, I've signed the job offer, but I haven't started work yet, so I don't have any kind of payroll record. Any help/recommended courses of action would be much appreciated.
  2. First off I just want to thank the forum, I have just been pouring through stuff recently and learned some tools to help. I am 32 and once again a college student (4-year graduate level degree in health sciences, have 2 bachelor's and a master's from before, all without debt because of scholarships/TA's/working) During my 20s I was very skeptical of big banks/gubernment, lived a mostly cash economy from my job, etc. I had at varying points: GAP ($500), Macy*s ($200), Kohl's ($100), Discover ($2000), and Capital One ($4900) cards, all of which I ended up not using enough and got cancelled, excepting the Macy*s card. My recent story: Summer/Fall 2012: denied for grad plus for incorrect info or bills I never knew about. Fix these, some of which come off my report, and some don’t. Get approved for the loans. At this time my checking/savings is online with INGdirect, which later becomes Capital One 360. 11/12: find out about travel-hacking, thepointsguy, etc. Sweat a US Airways card badly. Apply for this and United MileagePlus card and am denied. Call for recon and find out that I basically have NO credit history. Scores +/-600. Ouch. 3/31/13: After 90+ days, apply again for some cards: DiscoverIT, AmEX Delta (heard it was easy to get), Chase Freedom. I guess I didn't do enough research that I don't qualify- all those travel sites say to apply for a couple on the same day. Denied for no credit history, accounts not open/long enough, low income. Score drops even lower. One or two of them also talk about charge-offs for earlier. I didn't know about pay for delete. Whoops. 7/13: Apply for secured card through USBank and local credit union. I am denied. Didn't know you could get denied for a secured card! Start to worry a bit more seriously. 10/13: Apply for some bank bonus accounts to have a stick ‘n’ brick account. Denied! I didn’t know you could get denied for a checking account. Great. 10/13: Decide to try in person @ Citibank. Very friendly agent who wants to help. I find out I was put on chexsystems for a negative bank balance @TD Bank years ago, which I had closed to my knowledge with no balance. How could I even get money back when I closed if there was a balance? Ugh. Fix this and get removed or at least clear with Chexsystems. Unfortunately all this comes through too late for giant ThankYou points bonus. Also realize I still have a Macy*s account open. Reactiate/get replacement card. 1/13: After twp months of using Macy*s card again (I bought about $10 of underwear) I find out my limit is decreased from $200 to 100, when I try to buy about $170 worth of clothes. WTF? Clothes ended up being good even though I paid in cash mostly. end of 1/14: Decide to stop waiting for a good bonus to roll around, and take what I can get. A little unnerved by experience abroad during xmas where bank ate my card and I had no way to get money for days. Go to Citibank where I open checking and savings accounts with a monthly points scheme. Denied for credit card. He says to resubmit materials and we wait. beginning of 2/14: Go back into bank to resolve some other stuff and see what the H is going on. Apparently they never applied for the secured card, which I had told him I wanted if I didn't qualify for unsecured. Uh….duh? I get annoyed. We resubmit and I’m told I’m approved. later in 2/14: still wondering what is going on. I ask bank in person, they don’t know, tell me to wait. I finally call and they tell me because I waited so long to verify ID they have to do it over again. They sent everything to wrong address. Then they don’t like my actual address (Mailbox service that usually works; I live in an RV), give them my friend's. Getting really nervous since they are moving end of month. 3/14: Friend tells me they aren’t moving until April. Phew? Still hope her BF doesn’t see (he makes 200k+/yr and is a bit judgemental). STILL no card, what the F is going on? Also random charges, a lot of calling, going into the bank. Debit card stops working a couple times including in China. Getting really annoyed. Realize also in the beginning of the month my macy*s card wasn’t reporting since I always paid the balance on it too early. Leave some so that it reports, voila! Score increase. 4/14: Debit card stopped working AGAIN and still no CC. I go back in the branch and freak out. Then call on the phone and really freak out, with worst customer service reps I’ve ever dealt with. Finally it sounds like they are going to send me my card after about 40 minutes of holding and another 40 of arguing/mostly not being listened to. They refuse to verify anything which is totally ridiculous. However, 2-3 days later I finally receive my secured MC w/limit of $300! 4/14-5/14: I use my new MC card a lot but also pay it down leading up to 5/9 which is billing cycle date. Aim to have less than 10% but more than 0% usage on my cards (nothing due until end of May). 5/7/14: Check scores on creditkarma and credit sesame. CK: TU 693, Vantage 762 (both same since opening Citi Secured) CS: 701 (up 14 in a month!) I decide to search around credit boards again and see what I can do to help score. Considering taking out a loan somewhere and securing it w/a CD to diversify credit. Read about the shopping cart trick and decide what the hell, I was on Victoria’s Secret the other day anyway. Go and am automatically approved for $500! Wow, more than doubles my credit line. Doesn't look like I qualify at any other stores...I have no use for plus size clothing anyway Flit around a couple other sites and look at pre-approvals...it says I will qualify for DiscoverIt and some of the Barclay's cards. Reading more I find out about people's preapproval offers disappearing. I freak out and apply...am denied for the unsecured one but approved for the secured one. It actually looks pretty good, so I put the offer on hold for 3 days. I get back to the US this weekend and will try to call just to see if I can get a reconsideration for the unsecured, otherwise I'll go with the secured card. So after all this nonsense I feel the speed picking up and am excited for the future. I hope to document my progress here as I come along.

  3. Hi, So my husband and I have no credit history. It's not that we have bad credit, it's that we have none. Since I stay at home with our son, only his history matters. We just got him a secured Capital One card today. We really want to be in a house in the next 5 months if at all possible, and if not definitley in the next year. Is it possible to raise his credit to at least 650(to qualify for FHA) in the next 3-5 months to get pre-approved for a mortgage? How fast can we build his credit? We are never late on payments, but don't have enough alternative sources of credit to be approved for a FHA loan now(we checked), so we are trying to build fast. Should we get him more than 1 secured card? Our FHA officer told us we should, but does it really help to raise his credit faster? Any advice would be appreciated!
  4. I'm a college student but I need a credit card to build my credit,yet isn't it funny how you can't get a credit card WITHOUT credit?! so not fair. Anyways I'm trying to start one so I can build credit. does anyone know of a card that doesn't do a credit check and isn't prepaid? I've done research and all I find are prepaid cards but that's not what I want. Also I can't have a co-signer. Any help will do! thanks
  5. I need new tires for my car, does anyone know if Firestone will approve anyone with no credit history? I do not want to waste a HP if there is no chance.
  6. My wife just recently received her SSN in June and applied a few cards, no CRA will give us a CR yet so I have no idea where her INQs lie (though I can certainly guess) and if the AUs are reporting properly. 1. Declined for Freedom - Chase could not find a CR for her 6/13 (recon no go as well, guessing a triple pull) 2. Approved for Capital One Newcomer Card - $1000 Limit 6/13 (guessing a triple pull) 3. AU on Capital One - $1200 Limit 6/12 4. AU on Capital One - $1500 Limit 10/12 5. AU on Freedom - $1500 Limit 6/13 6. Made her a Joint owner on Chase Checking/Savings She doesn't use her card much, just a small purchase we put on and PIF right away. Our short term goal is to prime her credit for her own Freedom, Discover IT, CSP, and United Chase cards. So, how are we doing? Something else we should be trying? Should I add her to one or both American Express cards (mine is backdated to 2012)
  7. Evening everyone! I've been reading through the (tons of) information on this forum, and have been very encouraged by the many success stories I have read. I am a newcomer to the United States - married my US-born wife in 2009 and finally got all of my paperwork filed and accepted. I am now ready to start contributing to society, and getting my life in order! Though the title of my post often has positive connotations, starting off with zero credit as an adult is far from easy. PROS - No stupid adolescent CC use! - Though I have no credit, I also don't have debt - I'm in my mid twenties and doing tons of reseach, somethign I wouldn't have done 8 years ago - I'm not running from bad credit in my home country, as I have none there either. CONS - No credit history, anywhere. - I am not terribly wealthy (young and married, need I say more?) - My wife doesn't have great credit, and no-one who could co-sign for me Obviously, a secured credit card is the only way to go for me right now, keeping the balance low by paying off monthly. What other advice would you have for someone with a totally blank slate? If you could go back in time and start over, what would you do? Keep in mind that I'll be looking at a income of less than $30k for at least a year or two while I go through the entry-level jobs that most people got out of the way in high-school and college. I am well-educated and skilled, so you never know, but I'm not going to count on much more than $25k for now. A few questions, if I may: 1) I have an account with a loan-friendly credit union. Would borrowing a small amount, unsecured, and paying it off aggressively be good for my credit? Say, $1000 paid off over four bi-weekly payments, rinse and repeat? If it would not negatively impact my credit, would the repeated action of doing the above end up hurting it in any way? I haven't found much on small unsecured personal loans and their tangible effect on credit scores. 2) Will adding me to my wife's Capital One credit card (low line of credit, currently a high balance) negatively impact my credit from the start? I'm nervous about linking our credit, especially on a card that has been sitting within 10% of the limit for 7 months now. 3) How does one go about getting a car loan with no credit history and no co-signer? Is it simply impossible without getting murdered by "nobody turned away" used car dealership interest rates? We're considering a move to a bigger city so that I could take public transportation to work, but if that isn't finalized in a week or two I'll be in sincere need of a car. I'm looking forward to learning from you all, and thank you in advance for your feedback! - WTT
  8. I have been in the process of cleaning up my credit and now that it is clean, I have nothing barely on the credit report as well as no scores! Can anyone suggest a reputable company that will add tradelines, as I am trying to get this done quickly?
  9. Hello I have no credit. I got a capitol one platinum with a $500. Where should I go from here

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