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Found 12 results

  1. Like the title says. It expires Feb 28. Check your email. I can't find a link on the website and all that was provided was a form to submit electronically.
  2. I am the newest girl in navy blue! Totally giddy. I read so many great things about NFCU here. Just got off the phone with the recruiter's office which is open 24/7. My mom is a DoD civilian at Vandenburg. How long to wait until I should apply for a CC or CLOC? And which one(s)? Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks in advance!
  3. Just got an Email from NFCU, 0% BTs for 12 months, offer expires April 20th, 2014! I realize it is likely targeted.. just a heads up to look for the email.
  4. I know I am putting the cart before the horse, but I am trying to get some ideas on how things might work if we do get the house we are trying to buy. The house was appraised last year at $137k, and we are getting the house for $105,000. We need to update the kitchen, and we want to consolidate some of our debt (too many small payments, plus we want to close some of the subprime products). I don't know anything about HELOCs or similar products. We would likely use Navy Fed because dh has an unsecured loan with them that he would like to consolidate, and because we have read they can do up to 95% LTV. How would they appraise the house or determine the value? How soon after closing could we do this? Would it be likely for them to do this if we have an unsecured loan that will be rolled into it? Are there fees/closing costs involved? Is this going to hurt our credit so soon after getting the mortgage? The updates on the kitchen will likely only cost $4,000. The rest of the money would go towards consolidating debt. When we get our tax refund, the bulk of that would be thrown at the HELOC/whatever too. This year is about getting our credit cleaned up, getting our finances under better control, and getting rid of some of the old accounts that we got when we first filed bankruptcy over 7 years ago. I'm just thinking about everything, and will have a bit more income next year likely, so I want to consider all the options.
  5. I've been checking out the love that Navy Federal has been spreading lately and figured I'd see if DH could get approved with them. His credit isn't as damaged as mine, therefore, my focus has been on cleaning up my own more than his. He has a Victoria's Secret ($660) that I use, Belk ($200) and is an AU on my Cap 1 Secured with a $300 limit. I have no idea what his score is but I know he is in the high 500s, maybe low 600s. Anyway, I pulled the trigger in the nRewards Visa this morning and BAM! $5k approval! I added myself as an AU because I could really use this to lower my own utilization. They must be feeling generous or something being that this is Veteran's month! LOL
  6. Hello to everyone. I’m going through the process of buying a home. I did a pre-qualification with Navy Federal back in July. We really couldn’t find anything we were that interested in and wondered if we should wait until our credit is a little better. We’ve been rebuilding over the past year and have really crossed some hurdles. As it turned out, we found a house a couple of weeks ago. We made an offer and it was accepted. So, we did an application over the phone with NFCU. By the way, they have the absolute best people working for them. I spent over an hour chatting with the girl taking my application. She was so helpful and inspiring! Next, I was contacted by the LO with an email asking for some info on employment (we are self employed), and an explanation letter regarding a couple of charge offs on my husbands report. They also wanted an explanation letter for that as well as inquiries in the past 120 days. My middle number was 695 but my husband’s was 658. I didn’t realize that they base it on the lowest score. So I sent everything to her and waited on pins and needles. I finally called her on a Friday just before they closed – (about 3 days later) and she told me we were approved! I was beyond happy. She gave me a long list of the things she needed (taxes, rent contact information for the past 2 years, bank statements. I got nearly everything ready over the weekend and started sending on Monday. Later that week, I was contacted by a processor, who asked for more information – 1099s , explanations for every address on both our credit reports and a few other things. I got all of those together as quickly as possible and sent them to her. Now comes the waiting game and let me say that it is harder than waiting for an overdue baby to be born. I literally can’t sleep. I check my email a few hundred times a day and find it nearly impossible to concentrate on work. I did hear from my realtor that the appraiser came out this weekend but I have heard nothing about it. Does anyone know how long the appraisal process takes? How long before the credit union gets the info before I hear? I have a million questions. I also keep wondering if there is any special meaning to the appraisal being ordered. In my heart of hearts, I really want to believe it is something positive relating to the loan – like they feel it might turn out okay??? Hopeful! Or is it just another step in the process. I have no idea where I am at this point and don’t want to call and bug them. I must say, they have the nicest – most professional people working for them. My loan officer was so incredibly nice and helpful. I feel as if I’ve made new friends – which is a far cry from what I’m sure the old stuffy banks would feel like. I’m just really looking for any info anyone can give me on the process – especially if you have dealt with NFCU doing a mortgage. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them in regards to checking, savings, credit cards and LOC. Until I hear something, I am in the process of reading every single post on every board I can find about the mortgage process and everyone’s experience. This is a great board. I’ve taken my scores and reports to places I could not have imagined a year ago. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that this will be my next giant step into home ownership! Thank you! P.S. Would love to hear your thoughts and where you think I am now. We are scheduled to close on October 14 but I would love to do it sooner. We have a lease that is up at the end of this month and we really need to let our landlord know by the end of this month. I’m hoping to get some sort of answer by then.
  7. Hello everyone I am in need of a car, I have come across a late model truck that I like 2003 ford expedition with about 160,000 miles. for 3,000. I have a account with navy federal my Equifax score is 616 fico and my Transunion and score is 685. I have 4 neg on my Equifax report not paid and one paid all under 800.00. I rather have a pull from Transunion but navy always pulls from Equifax. What are my chances of getting this loan. I will be paying it off in 4 months because I am trying to buy a home. I am looking for a loan for 2000.
  8. I absolutely am going nuts with the waiting game. I apped for nrewards over the phone on Sunday the 2nd. So yesterday, I got a message that they wanted my tax returns, ss card and state id. I recently had my name changed to my married name so my DL still shows my maiden name although my social has my new name. Today, I got a call. I was so nervous. Still am. The girl was very nice and told me that my photo id did not match. I explained as best I could and told her I could send her a copy of my marriage lisc. showing my old name and new name, etc. She checked with someone and said I could do that. So I did immediately and now I'm in the waiting game. I called in to make sure they had my docs and they did and the person told me to give them 24 hours. I honestly can't concentrate on anything. I am checking my member login hourly. I really want to be apart of their family so bad. I've started rebuilding my credit over the past few months and this would be my first real card. I have the Cap 1 with a $300 limit. They did a hard pull on EQ (675 FAKO 663 -FICO) and then another Hard on TU (656- fako). Does anyone have any experience with sending in the docs. By calling and asking for the identification after sending in the other, does that mean the tax docs met their approval? Waiting game... is so hard.
  9. Greetings All, Well... I just don't know what to say.. Navy Federal has brought a tear to my eye tonight. This all started about 13 months ago where as part of my credit repair I opened a Secured nRewards Visa for 2k. Six months into this I raised the deposit and thus the credit limit to 5k, and then 8 months in up to 10k. In each case there was no credit pull for an increase, just the additional deposit. At 12 months on the mark, they automaticly released the 10k on hold in my share account and unsecured the card. I did not request this, heck, I did not even know until I logged in and noticed I had a much higher available balance in my share account. After that, I called and inquired if I could have my card switched to the Flagship Visa Signature card. They did it without hesitation and without a credit pull. Given my international travels, this card serves me very well even with the annual fee. The additional rewards, lack of foreign fees, and extra perks more than make up for the annual fee. And that brings us to today, month 13. I decided to roll the dice and try for a NavCheck just to see what would happen. I hate to eat in inquiry, but thought it was worth the risk. I decided to go for broke and requested the maximum a 15k limit. Instant Approval on the website. I then asked to be transfered to the credit card department, and asked if it was possible to use the same inquiry to check for a credit increase. I mean, if that one went so well, lets see what else I can do. I was informed they are a seperate department and if the request had to go to manual review, it would require an additional credit pull. I asked if we could check for an instant approval and retract the request if it required a manual before a credit pull was performed. He said yes, that can be done. Well, I asked for an increase from 10k to 15k. I was informed the system would auto approve me for up to 22k, I was then asked if I wanted the 15k I requested or the 22k that was offered. Heck yes, I took the 22k. There was no credit pull required for this increase. I feel like I am still dreaming. This is far and away the largest limit card I have, with the next best one being an old Orchard card, now Capital One for $1600... I am 100% sold on Navy Federal. By far they have taken care of me more than I could ever have asked for. Even during those calls they kept thanking me for being such a good customer. Telling me that is why they are willing to do what they have done. They seem far more concerned with my relationship with them than past issues and problems. For any of you that are lucky enough to be Navy Federal members, take care of your comittments to them, they will do the same for you in turn. Thanks for listening, and joining in my joy!
  10. I have decided its time to rebuild my personal credit after running from it for the last two years! I just opened a NFCU Secured Card for $600 last week. I would like to also open a Shares Secured Loan with $1000. I'm wondering if its a good idea to open two secured products in the same month or should i just be happy with one secured credit card. I understand that I need a revolving and installment loan on my credit report to raise my Fico score but I don't want to lower my score by opening two products from the same institution. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  11. Hey all, I was recently approved for Navy Federal's Platinum card with a $14K limit. I transferred about $11,600 from my BOA MasterCard. I was concerned about high utilization on the card but I really wanted to take advantage of the 0% . At any rate, on the second call to customer service, I got a nice rep and explained my concern and she submitted a CLI request to the lending department with all the comments I had mentioned. I asked for 20K just to be safe. So, I check my account this AM and my credit line had been increased to 20K!!! This brings my available credit to $90K. And now my utilitization overall is about 11-12% now. Whew! I can stop sweating now lol
  12. So here is my situation: I have about $11,500 on my Bankamericard Mastercard at 9.9%. I did a BTF about 2 years ago and have paid a good chunk of that, but have incurred some purchases over the last year that were necessary when I didn't have excess cash. At any rate, I applied for both the PenFed Promise Visa and NFCU Platinum Visa because they both have no fees and good rates. I was approved for both! The PenFed Promise was given a limit of $12K and the NFCU Platinum Visa was granted a limit of $14K, which brings my total available credit to $76K. However, NFCU is the one that is going to process my large BT because they asked for the info while doing the app. My CONCERN is that if I transfer an $11,500 balance to a $14K card that my score will take a hit. My overall credit card utilization will be low, but this card will be at 80% of its limit. What are you all's thoughts??? Will my score be affected how I think it will be? Or no?

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