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Found 3 results

  1. So yesterday I requested a CLI on my nRewards cc with Navy Federal and got a 3-5 day message. I figured that meant denial but logged in today and saw that my limit was in fact increased. A little background: quite a few inquiries from credit apps (working on rebuilding my credit started about 1 year ago) have brought my score to 626. I have a steady job, haven't had a late payment in 7 years, and on balances I don't pay in full I always pay triple the minimum. I have a few items that are paid off and some that are used for small purchases to keep the accounts active but my nRewards card with a limit of $4.5k had a balance of $4k on it. I've had the account for i think about 8 months and have had several unexpected expenses (this card is reserved for emergency purposes and had to fly my family home due to a medical situation). I requested only a $500 inc. because I didn't want to appear too greedy with a limit that's already borderline maxed out. I don't have anything I need to use that inc. for, it's more or less just to increase my available and for peace of mind purposes. Stated above i got the 3-5 day message and figured it was a dreaded denial letter but surprisingly enough I logged in to make a payment on my cc and it was increased. My question: should i have asked for larger increase instead of wasting an inq. on such a small amount? do any of you have experience having been approved for a small inc. and asking for additional and being approved with the nRewards or any NFCU cc?
  2. I absolutely am going nuts with the waiting game. I apped for nrewards over the phone on Sunday the 2nd. So yesterday, I got a message that they wanted my tax returns, ss card and state id. I recently had my name changed to my married name so my DL still shows my maiden name although my social has my new name. Today, I got a call. I was so nervous. Still am. The girl was very nice and told me that my photo id did not match. I explained as best I could and told her I could send her a copy of my marriage lisc. showing my old name and new name, etc. She checked with someone and said I could do that. So I did immediately and now I'm in the waiting game. I called in to make sure they had my docs and they did and the person told me to give them 24 hours. I honestly can't concentrate on anything. I am checking my member login hourly. I really want to be apart of their family so bad. I've started rebuilding my credit over the past few months and this would be my first real card. I have the Cap 1 with a $300 limit. They did a hard pull on EQ (675 FAKO 663 -FICO) and then another Hard on TU (656- fako). Does anyone have any experience with sending in the docs. By calling and asking for the identification after sending in the other, does that mean the tax docs met their approval? Waiting game... is so hard.
  3. Greetings All, Well, I had a nice suprise from NFCU the other day. They automaticly unsecured my nReweards Secured Visa after exactly 1 year. I opened this account with a $2000 deposit, at 6 months, I upped it to $5000, and at 9 months, I upped it to $10,000. When they unsecured it they left the full $10,000 credit line in tact. To add to it I called and asked if there was any way I could convert it to the Flagship Rewards Visa Signature card as I travel internationally a great deal and it was done right on the spot with nothing but a soft pull (verified) to determine the interest rate, in my case it stayed at the 17.9% I had on my nRewards card, but that really does not matter to me as I pay it in full every month. I did inquire if a limit increase was possible but was told that would require a hard pull so I declined. The represenative seemed very aware of the difference between soft and hard pulls and did an excellent job of describing each one correctly. This is now officially my hightest limit card by a long shot, and has made me a true beliver in NFCU.

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