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Found 7 results

  1. Let me start my saying this has been one of the most important resources on the internet that i have ever come across. I applaud everyone one here. I found CB when looking at slickdeals.net for black friday deals. i saw specials for the discover it card and chase freedom. my credit is not good but i have a capital one platinum and corporate amex so i thought it was a possibility. in the thread for the chase freedom was a link to cb to check which CRA is pinged when you apply for chase. I started clicking around and 5 days later i read about a decade's worth of information. After readin
  2. Hi everyone... first post so let me know if I miss any important details and thanks in advance. I'm in the process of applying for a mortgage with my wife for our first home. Her scores are good (787/792/794) but our joint application was denied because of my score as reported by CBC Innovis. They pegged me at: BEACON 5.0 SCORE +652 EFX01 CLASSIC 04 SCORE +688 TRU01 FAIR ISAAC SCORE 2 +661 XPN01 By contrast myFICO yields: Experian 709 Equifax 705 Transunion 704 We are moving to the San Francisco Bay Area (so expensive...) and are looking to qualify for mortgage above th
  3. in 2012 I applied for a lien withdrawal and was denied. I later found lots of useful information on this board and today just received Form 10916 from the IRS in the mail. Woo-whooo! Backstory: The IRS filed a lien in 2009 to include tax from tax years 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2007. I entered a payment plan in 2012 and converted it to auto-debit after learning of the withdrawal process. I sent in all of the paperwork and that request was denied. Reasons given were that the 2002 taxes had been self-released (past 10 year SOL and uncollectible) and that I was not in a repayment plan.
  4. Hi, guys, So I got some wonderful news yesterday. I happened to call Experian to cancel their free trial credit monitoring and they talked me into another free month. I said okay, and just out of curiosity checked my report again. It was about five weeks since the last time I checked it and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was free of baddies. I’d had been working hard since November on five medical collections (same CA), one paid tax lien and one paid civil judgment. I tried to GW the OC on the judgment but after trying to reach out to them twice with no reply, I decided to take a break and fi
  5. My friend has not made a payment in about 5 years to the bank. The house is worth a lot more then what is owed so I guess that is why the bank hasn't been too agressive about throwing him out. In Suffolk county NY you can do an online search to see if you have judements or liens on your home or yourself. He has a lot of judgements against him. They range from $20.00 all the way to $15,000.00 Even with the judements the house is still worth a lot more then what is owed. At this point in time their are NO liens on his property. His first question.... If there is a jud
  6. Does anyone have any experience getting a Withdrawn and Released IRS tax lien removed from public record? I was told that once these are a matter of public record, they are permanent and the CR bureaus have different policies on reporting these withdrawn liens. I have heard of public records being expunged but would like some advice on the process.
  7. Does anyone know for sure how public records such as liens are validated by the CRAs? As I understand it, the courts do not share this information directly with the CRAs, rather it's gathered by a third party service. Is that service L-exisN-exis? I pulled my L-exisN-exis Full File disclosure report and, interestingly, it has only 3 of my 6 tax liens. Possibly of equal interest is that all 4 of them have my SSN associated (partially xxx'ed out) with the exception of the most recent one which has last 4. Has anyone disputed a lien or public record, been "validated" and then done an MOV?
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