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Found 22 results

  1. https://www.fi-magazine.com/360172/lease-credit-approval-rates-dip-slightly There is no paywall.
  2. https://www.autodealertodaymagazine.com/358021/mazda-turns-to-toyota-for-captive-financing?utm_source=email&utm_medium=enewsletter&utm_campaign=20190902-NL-ADT-Enews-BOBCD190827012&omdt=NL-ADT-Enews&omid=1000693576 No Paywall. WASHINGTON — Toyota Motor Credit Corp. will replace Mazda Capital Services as the captive consumer loan and lease financing company for U.S. Mazda dealers, according to a report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday.
  3. I’ve had my auto loan with Santander Consumer for 6+ months. I want to refinance like the dealer suggested to lower my payments. I pay $650 monthly and it’s $612 due every month. I have to confirm this information but I think the apr is at 17.05% & CL is $27,292.08 Who should I refinance with?
  4. Hi Guys, I've been around these boards since 2006, but haven't posted in a few years. Now, I'm needing some Car advice, please. Situation: My husband and I both had car leases when we filed for BK7 in Jan. 2017. We did NOT reaffirm either of the two leases in the BK7. I was working from home at the time, so I stopped making payments on my car and it was subsequently reprocessed (voluntarily) by Hyundai some 90 days later. My husband, on the other hand, has a 1.5 hour commute to work and decided to continue to make his lease payments, even after the BK was fully discharged. Now, two
  5. Hello my name is David Malan i need quick cash car title loan can anyone please suggest me the lender name and number so can i get the loan. Thanks David
  6. https://www.autodealertodaymagazine.com/353971/remember-leasing-is-also-regulated No Paywall
  7. I’d like to lease a new car and have a question regarding captive leasing. My FICO’s are in the 630-640 range, my wife’s are 660-670 range. I have always had a feeling the dealers spiked the interest/lease rates to grab more money than what the captive banks offered. Would it make sense to complete credit application at manufacture web site such as Nissan’s or Mazda’s to get approved prior to negotiating with the dealer? Would this method block dealers from spiking the rates? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. https://www.fi-magazine.com/353919/kbb-lists-2019-best-buy-award-winners No paywall.
  9. http://www.autodealermonthly.com/channel/rules-of-the-road/article/story/2018/05/arbitration-agreements-not-always-good-all-the-time.aspx No Paywall. For your information.
  10. http://www.autodealermonthly.com/channel/special-finance/article/story/2018/10/lessons-without-the-pain.aspx?utm_source=email&utm_medium=enewsletter&utm_campaign=20181006-NL-ADT-Enews-BOBCD180930003&omdt=NL-ADT-Enews&omid=1000693576&ajs_uid=7122G8705801J8B&oly_enc_id=7122G8705801J8B&ajs_trait_oebid=3671F9146356B0M No Paywall. I notice that in the main credit forum arbitration is a fairly frequent topic. Hope this may help someone.
  11. http://www.autodealermonthly.com/channel/dps-office/news/story/2018/09/cox-september-sales-to-decline-7-2-from-year-ago-levels.aspx?utm_source=email&utm_medium=enewsletter&utm_campaign=20181006-NL-ADT-Enews-BOBCD180930003&omdt=NL-ADT-Enews&omid=1000693576&ajs_uid=7122G8705801J8B&oly_enc_id=7122G8705801J8B&ajs_trait_oebid=3671F9146356B0M No Paywall. Auto Sales/finance related.
  12. Hey there, I recently turned 18 and want to get a new car on my own (parents won't co-sign). I am considering leasing or financing a BMW, as my car is a bit older. The problem is that I haven't developed credit yet. What isn't a problem is my income, I make plenty to pay for the lease estimate ($550/month). I also won't have a problem getting insurance or setting up an auto pay or anything like that either. So, before I go to a dealership and make a fool out of myself (if I can't pull it off), I was wondering what options are available and any ideas. Thanks a bunch.
  13. Good evening all! I have 2 old bills reporting on my CR through Equifax and I need them removed ASAP so I can apply for a biz equipment lease in a few weeks. Would they worry about items that were added to my report 4-6 years ago, or will they look at the recent date of the unsuccessful dispute/deletion (1/14)? If i paid these off and got the CA to agree to a pifd or even agree not to respond to any dispute, what reason would I dispute under? My scores are around 650 and i'm paying down all my cc balances down to 40%-50% so hopefully this will help. The items are listed below, and were dispute
  14. Hi Marv, Quick question, I went to lease my first car at Accura. Everything was going great, UNTIL I got into the finance office. I just want to make note that I wanted to talk withthe finance lady prior to running my credit, as I had some questions. That was not an option. Ok I get in the office and her deamnor was nasty, ok anyway. She looked at my application, asked basic questions and entered it in the computer, next thing I know she said your denyed, sorry and closed my file. I was shocked, U asked the following: reason: not enough credit history Score: 697 ( she said I qualifie
  15. I'll write this somewhat detailed, so I'm sorry for the short story that's about to be unraveled before you. Around early January 2012, I signed a lease with a friend of mine in North Carolina. He was military and I was not. Things fell through rather quickly, within a couple of weeks. I left and made my way back to Kentucky. As I was told, I was signed as an occupant. Sometime in February, we'd somewhat made up to the point where I was faxed a "lease release form". I faxed it back, twice, and confirmed receipt with the receptionist. Due to some moving around and the sale of my truck, I l
  16. Not sure if this is in the right forum, but I'm trying to help a friend out as best as possible. Heres the situation any advice is (as always) greatly appreciated So my friend moved to Holiday, Florida only a month ago and signed a lease on a privately owned house for herself and her 3 children with the intent of permanently relocating there. She just now found out that her mother has fallen very ill and now she must come back to Colorado to take care of her. Her new landlord is not very happy (obviously) and is now threatening to sue her for the entire year of the contract (it states she
  17. Hey guys. Question to help out the neighbor today. So in attempting to help her with her credit woes, she gave me some detail on a collection on the report and I figured I would dig for insight. The collection is for a broken lease at an apartment that she shared with her now Ex husband. The lease was in the ex husband's name... meaning he was the only APPLICANT, however, she had to be listed on the lease due to occupying the space. She never paid an application fee, had the credit ran or anything in order to do this. With the parties collecting on this lease, does it exclude her from being li
  18. So I have a lease I broke in 2011 in collections that I plan on DV'ing. I'm not afraid of being sued because I could settle if I really needed to. In fact I tried contacting my old apartment managers about paying them directly and they said no, I had to deal with the CA. I don't pay CA's, they pay me - so I need to handle this another way. I have already had this verified in a CRA dispute(all 3 reporting). I've had some success with very simple DV letters, however this one is a little different. In my state(Washington), when a landlord takes your deposit/you incur additional costs they h
  19. I've been reducing my debt for years to realize my dream of owning a house. I've paid off over $70,000 of my student debt over the last 5 years, but I still have $24,000 to go. Still, I am very close to having enough paid off that I can get a house much earlier than I expected. I looked into getting a mortgage recently, but they said that my debt is still too high to lend to me despite having a good credit score and credit history. In an effort to reduce my debt further and faster, I thought that a good option would be to ditch my car loan (19k) and take over someone else's lease. I figure
  20. Due to financial difficulty, I had to break my auto lease. The Ally Financial sold my vehicle, and sent me a bill for deficiency in the amount of $5,200. I have received 2 bills from their Asset Recover Center. The debt is still with Ally. I have not hired an attorney yet, What is the best course of action here? I am willing to settle this debt. I have settled multiple credit card debts before for 20-30% of the balance myself, but they were all charged off and with collection agencies. Should I call them directly and offer a lump sum payment or wait until they move the account to
  21. Hi, My dad leased a 32K ford car and died after making 6 payments. I live at the address and Ford is asking me to payoff the car (it is 27K) to finish the lease off. They asked for my personal info on the phone, I was pretty aggravated at the time and I stupidly did. My dad left no estate and all I own is a 97 Ford Thunderbird and a 96 Explorer. I'm concerned that are going to going to take those vehicles. Ford credit asked about the vehicles I own. I'm wondering now if they can put this on my credit report and if they can collect from me? I ended up arguing with them to the point that I
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