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Found 6 results

  1. Back in 2010 I had a FICO of 459. Wasn't sure what to do, thankfully I found this site. I had 30+ negative accounts, I had everything but a foreclosure. Just wanted to say thanks to all the people who contribute and let everyone that is rebuilding know that it may take time, but you can do it! Me, wife, and 4 kids were in a 1000 sgft 3/1 shack. Now we will be able to have some room in our 2900 sqft 5 / 2.5 home! Current stats: EX 686 EQ 612 TU 680 Still have one med CA and one utility charge off on reports.
  2. Hi all- Quick question. My good friend owns a home that has recently appraised at around $825,000. He has 1 mortgage and that's for $398,000. His income is roughly $42k per year. His credit is bad/fair, no bankruptcies or foreclosures, mainly charged off cards. We're wondering, does anyone think he could qualify for a loan for $80,000 based on the equity in his home? We've yet to apply anywhere; first wanted to run this past the pros here. (I'm usually over in the credit forum). Oh, and if so, with whom do you think he should apply? THANKS!
  3. I purchased a home in 2005, it has since been sold to 4 different company to one I am paying my mortgage to. But Wilshire put this on my credit report (first mortgage company ) that I brought home from. It should not be on here, they have since close and sold to Bank of America, Bank of America says that they cannot do anything about it because Wilshire is non existing . How can I get this removed? It is really hurting me.
  4. In the last couple of months, situations have presented themselves, resulting in having to move back home to care for my parents. It was a thought I didn't hesitated on, being, they are the most amazing mother and father any child would be blessed with, I'm so thankful it was me. For 18 years, they took care of me, so taking care of them will come with the greatest joy, patience and ease. Presently, I reside in another city and moving home must be immediate. Fortunately, the house next door to my parents, will be available, which belonged to my grandparents. The people living in the house, we're all close with and they've agreed not to put the house on the market, allowing me to have first grabs. Here's my fear, my credit isn't the best, yet I don't have any bankruptcies, credit cards, loan defaults, etc. By choice, I've never owned a credit card, my thing is, if I can't pay cash, I don't need it. I've never been late paying my car note or insurance, the 2 things on there, I've paid, each month and timely. The issues with my credit are other people. When my grown child was a very young child, the judge ordered her father to pay all her medical bills. Being I was the parent that took her to all her doctor visits, the bill was put in my name, because the doctor's offices wouldn't honor judges' orders, they say the responsible party is the parent that brings her. When he refused to pay, I took him back to court, he was held in contempt , but he didn't care and didn't pay any of the bills, so they are still on my credit. I'm afraid that's going to hinder me from buying this home and it's imperative I get that house, so I can get to my parents right away. Does anyone have stories of likeness or any suggestions? All will be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello every one I would like to know can I qualify for a house and how much house can I afford. Thanks in advance for any help. Credit experian 644 equifax 670 tr 693 I have 3 unpaid medical bills for 384, 44, these are from 2011 and a medical bill for 75.00 only on Experian that will fall off in April of this year I have one credit card with NFCU with a 1000 limit with utilization of 1% I have one car loan with a balance of 2700 it was only for 3000 so it is a new loan I have a paid verizon collection for 48.00 that was paid off in 2011 and 3 personal loans that was paid as agreed Income 3600 monthly Monthly debt payments 100.00 car loan Employment at current job since 2011 in the same career for 15 yrs I live in VA and I am a first time home buyer
  6. I'm a newbie and have been reading a lot and I think I'm more confused that when I first started this process! I am trying to clean up my credit after realizing how bad it was. We are trying as hard as we can to be able to qualify for a VA home loan and need to clean up our credit as soon as possible. I know that I need 12 months of no late payments and a score around 640. Here's a run down of my current credit status: TU: 662 - April (590 - March) EX: 593 - April (585 - March) EQ: 610 - April (578 - March) I've been really trying to pay my payments on time and have not had a late payment since November. I also got a VISA through Credit Union with 1K limit. This last month looks good with my scores, but when I just checked my report it's showing 2 late payments from my old bank for a loan. I did call and explained my situation with the loan person and she said she would look into getting those off my report. Payment was due 3/1 and wasn't paid (husband's fault, we changed banks and didn't have money in account to pay for loan payment) until 4/5, but report was sent to credit bureau on 3/28 when loan wasn't 30 days late. Also report says it's late for March and April. I asked for a goodwill adjustment over the phone and that's what she's checking into. If that doesn't work I'll maybe try a written goodwill letter. The late payments last year were from student loans that were not late but were in consolidation, but were reported late. I have talked with student loan people and they said they couldn't take the late payments off the report, but I have not sent anything in writing and wasn't sure how successful student loan late payments were at getting removed.

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