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Found 3 results

  1. stevie

    GFE Feedback

    Hi All - getting ready to close later this month on home , would love some feedback on the GFE and if it looks fair?? TU 693, EFX 717, EXP 741. Thanks!! Sale: $420K Loan $336K Interest % 4.375% Close Date: 8.24.2014 1. Origination charge $995 2. Lender Credit -$1787.52 A = -$792.50 B 3. Settlement Charge a. Appraisal $400 b. Credit Report $20 4. Lender Title Insurance $1497 5. Owners Title $940 6. – 7. Govern. Recording $70 8. Transfer Taxes $1428 9. Deposit Escrow $3062.50 Ins 13 mn @ $62.50= $812.50 + Taxes 6 @ $375 = $2250 10 Daily Interest $402.74 10 Days @ $40.27 = $402.74 B= Total Charges for All Other Settlement Services: $7820.24 A+B Total Estimated Settlement Charges $7027.72
  2. please look over my numbers my closing cost seem really high I am so lost I might have duplicate charges listed. I am applying for a FHA VHDA loan with no money down but a second loan that covers my down payment. Initial loan amount:139,428.00 loan term:30yrs your initial interest rate:3.875% initial monthly amount owed for principal, interest, and any mortgage insurance:808.54 per month adjusted origination charges:2,205.30 charges for all other settlement services:8,317.67 Total Estimate Settlement Charges:10,522.97 appraisal fee:475.00 credit report fee 50.00 VHDA tax service fee:53050 flood certification fee:150.00 VOE FEE:30.00 wire FEE:25.00 mortgage insurance premium:2,398.03 title insurance and lender's title insurance:1234.14 owner's title insurance:589.43 government recording charge:100.00 transfer tax:1,837.25 initial deposit for your escrow account:546.32 daily interest charges:222.00 homeowners insurance:600.00 your charges for all other settlement services:8,317.67 total estimate settlement charges:10,522.97 Itemization of amount financed 139,428.00 loan amount 5,487.33 prepaid finance charge --------------------- 133,940.67 Origination points: 1370.30 flood certification fee 7.00 IRS transcript fee:20.00 VOE fee:30.00 underwriting fee:695.00 VHDA reservation fee:120.00 wire fee:25.00 daily interest 14.80 day 222.00 upfront MIP to others:2,398.03 attorney fee:600.00 total prepaid finance charge:5,487.33 appraisal fee:475.00 credit report 50.00 tax service:53.50 final inspection fee:150.00 home owners insurance:600.00 homeowners insurance 2 months @ 50.00:100.00 mortgage insurance 0 months @ 152.90 per month: property tax 4 months@ 161.58 per month:646.32 aggregate adjustment:-200.00 owners title insurance:589.43 lenders title insurance:459.14 title examination fee:175.00 deed:100.00 city tax stamp:701.00 state tax stamp:1,136.25
  3. Hello all, I am nearing the end of buying a house.....we are waiting on title search to come back and then it goes into review for final Clear to Close. Until then I am trying to figure out the numbers on my GFE and the Estimate from LO......I am confused and his office is not good about returning calls. Purchase Price $144000 Seller Concession $8640 Gross Purchase Price $152640 GFE: Estimate From LO: Initial Loan amt: $149,874 Loan Discount Fee: $563.41 Loan term: 30 yrs Appraisal Fee: $495 (paid) Interest Rate: 4.125% Mortgage App Fee: $599 Initial amt owed for principal, interest, and mortgage ins: $890.77 Interest: $254.07 Settlement or closing fee: $525 Origination Charge: $805 Title Ins Binder: $1200 Points for interest rate: $560.53 Buyer Attorney Fee: $375 Recording Fees: $250 Appraisal $495 (already paid) NYS Motrgage Tax: $1502 Mortgage Ins Premium: $2577.70 Homeowners (1yr Paid in full) $600 Title Ins Services and Lenders title Ins: $1795 Reserves Deposited with Lender: Owners Title Ins: $472 Homeowners $100 Property Taxes $ 2733 Gov't Recording Charges: $350 Transfer Taxes: $1124.25 Initial deposit for escrow: $2883.30 Purchase Price $152640 Daily Interest Charges: $372.63 Total Estimated Closing Costs $5509.41 Total Estimated Reserve/Prepaid Costs $3687.40 Homeowners Ins: $600 FHA UFMIP $2577.71 Total Costs "C" $164414.52 ESTIMATED SETTLEMENT CHARGES: $12035.41 Loan Amt $147297.60 Seller Concession $8640 FHA UFMIP Financed $2577.71 Earnest Deposit $500 Total Credits "D" $159015.31 CASH TO CLOSE "C" - "D" $5399.21 Not sure if I take the GFE and subtract the seller contributions of $8640 or if I should just go with what lender gave me......? I dont know where my down payment falls in all of this....I am trying to make sure I have enough funds to close and these figures are not even close!! PLEASE Help me understand!

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