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Found 5 results

  1. I applied for an AMEX Delta Basic over 2 months ago. Was instantly approved for $1K. Two weeks later applied for the AMEX Green and was once again approved. Called AMEX soon after the approval and got my membership backdated on both cards to 2002. But when I called today, I was denied a CLI on the revolver. I PIF this card every week. I charge close to $3K every month and I pay $3K to the card. I use it heavely. I had a $200 balance this am when I called. Here's what I did: 1. Called the automated CLI number: denied 2. Talked to a CSR: denied 3. Called an AMEX underwriter: transferred to CSR 4. CSR transferred me to another CSR 5. CSR took a statement from me to be sent to an underwriter and a decision will be reviewed within 24 to 48 hours. Right before the last CSR hung up with me, he said "GOOD THINGS WILL COME YOUR WAY" (odd). What am I doing wrong with AMEX?
  2. So I mentioned not too long ago somewhere on the boards about my Wex Quiktrip approval. Sent me the driver information form... spoke with the Sales rep in reference to being able to set everything up online once receiving cards and everything. Before I even go to use the card, less than week after receiving, I get letter in the mail saying that our Credit Line has been terminated. *siiiiggghhhh* I e-mailed back Sales Rep who was pretty prompt in all her previous replies, and of course no reply here. For all the hassle that it brings, I will just let this one go in the wind. Not really understanding that one AT ALL.
  3. So yesterday I requested a CLI on my nRewards cc with Navy Federal and got a 3-5 day message. I figured that meant denial but logged in today and saw that my limit was in fact increased. A little background: quite a few inquiries from credit apps (working on rebuilding my credit started about 1 year ago) have brought my score to 626. I have a steady job, haven't had a late payment in 7 years, and on balances I don't pay in full I always pay triple the minimum. I have a few items that are paid off and some that are used for small purchases to keep the accounts active but my nRewards card with a limit of $4.5k had a balance of $4k on it. I've had the account for i think about 8 months and have had several unexpected expenses (this card is reserved for emergency purposes and had to fly my family home due to a medical situation). I requested only a $500 inc. because I didn't want to appear too greedy with a limit that's already borderline maxed out. I don't have anything I need to use that inc. for, it's more or less just to increase my available and for peace of mind purposes. Stated above i got the 3-5 day message and figured it was a dreaded denial letter but surprisingly enough I logged in to make a payment on my cc and it was increased. My question: should i have asked for larger increase instead of wasting an inq. on such a small amount? do any of you have experience having been approved for a small inc. and asking for additional and being approved with the nRewards or any NFCU cc?
  4. Hi, everyone, On my CRAs, I have a paid federal tax lien from 2011, a paid judgment from 2010, and one installment loan (auto) that is paid on time every time. I recently applied for an Amazon store card (GE money) but was denied. Do you think I should try to recon? I just got a Capital One secured card but it won’t have any reporting yet because it’s so new. This is what the denial letter gave as reasons: Too few revolving accounts Too many inquiries in the last six months Lack of bank revolving information Account in collection or 60 days past due or adverse public records The letter also says my credit score was 417. Ridiculous. They pulled TU, and according to FICO, my score at the time was 649. Do you think it’s worth disputing the score reported with TU, or reconning GE? Thanks for your advice.
  5. I noticed a comment from another seemingly astute person building business credit here that after obtaining a business voice mail, he notes as important applying for a Chase Mastercard just for denial. They indicated it's important for Experian & Equifax for some reasons. Can anyone else embellish on why that would be the case and that would or would not be advisable? I also read it's advisable to persue Chase backed trades or Citibank backed trades etc and "getting into their system" helps. If this is advsiable I wonder if the same could be said of applying for a Citibank line or GE Moneybank line?

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