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Found 3 results

  1. I used the Whychat letter on my vol repo. I received a canned reply from the OC, which basically said, "If you have a dispute, contact the CRA's directly." So I sent the follow up letter to TU, almost a month ago, which was ignored. I never received a response from TU from the follow up letter. Yesterday when pulling my reports I noticed my TU tanked 30 points. I knew immediately why, and of course, the OC has now updated my reports as current, with a few hundred dollars added to the outstanding balance (prior to the letters they hadn't updated the TL since 2010). Basic info: repo 2009, sold in first month of 2010. No contract or TL updating by the OC until yesterday. What should I do now?
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm new to Credit Boards, so please be kind. To give you a little background, back in 2007, I was laid of as part of a corporate buyout, which left me without income for 6 months. I eventually found a new position, which required relocating to another state. Thankfully, I've been happily employed with my new company for the past 6 years. However, as a result of my unemployment, I had two auto loans that were reposessed in Sept & Oct, 2007. Loan #1 is reporting a deficiency balance of $11,382. Loan #2 is reporting a deficiency balance of $16,798. Both are reporting active lates each month, which is why they are hurting my credit report so much. They are both past the SOL (which is 6 years, both in the state of Repo and my current state). I verified the DOFDs with the OCs, and they are set to fall off my credit report in April & May, 2014. However, my wife and I would love to get these off my report sooner, so we can think about purchasing a home while interest rates are low. These two trade lines are keeping us from qualifying. Here's how they look on my CRAs: 1. Nissan-Infinity LT (address, phone) (account #) (address id#) Date Opened: 4/2006 First Reported: 4/2006 Date of Status: 11/2010 Type: Auto Lease Term: 39 months Monthly Payment: Not Reported Credit Limit or Original Amount: $27,272 High Balance: Not Reported Recent Balance: $11,382 as of 5/2013 Status: Account charged off, $11,382 written off. This account is scheduled to continue on record until April, 2014. Creditors Statement: Involuntary Reposession/Balance Owing 2. US Bank (address, phone) (account #) (address id#) Date Opened: 6/2006 First Reported: 6/2006 Date of Status: 7/2008 Type: Auto Lease Term: 48 months Monthly Payment: Not Reported Credit Limit or Original Amount: $39,797 High Balance: Not Reported Recent Balance: $16,798 as of Jan, 2013 Status: Account charged off, $9,312 written off. $2,345 past due as of Jan, 2013. This account is scheduled to continue on record until May, 2014. I'd love to dispute these using Why Chat's guidelines. I've opted out, deleted as many old addresses as I could, & pulled carfax reports. Now I'm not sure which process is the best under my circumstances. Should I dispute these using Why Chat's Repo Letter or Why Chat's SOL Letter? In your opinion, which would have the fastest results? I'd like to get these off as quickly as possible. Thanks in advance for all your help.
  3. Due to financial difficulty, I had to break my auto lease. The Ally Financial sold my vehicle, and sent me a bill for deficiency in the amount of $5,200. I have received 2 bills from their Asset Recover Center. The debt is still with Ally. I have not hired an attorney yet, What is the best course of action here? I am willing to settle this debt. I have settled multiple credit card debts before for 20-30% of the balance myself, but they were all charged off and with collection agencies. Should I call them directly and offer a lump sum payment or wait until they move the account to the collection agency and deal with them then? I also have an option of hiring a BK attorney and have him/her negotiate a settlement. I live in NC. Wages CAN NOT be garnished here for such debts, i have no equity in home and I can exempt up to 5K in a bank account funds in case they obtain a judgment. I am basically judgment proof. However, i do not intend to neglect this. Any thoughts, comments? thanks in advance.

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