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Found 16 results

  1. I'll try to keep the back story short. Basically I started a new business venture a couple years ago that didn't pan out like I planned and I increased my DTI and utilization significantly during this time in order to just keep up. About six months ago, I purchased another business (got out of the failing biz) and sold some assets to pay down debt and invest in this hopefully 🤞more successful venture. One of those cards was my Chase Sapphire preferred. Fast forward a month after a large payment towards the balance (not a full balance payoff but about 60%) they chopped my limit substantially!!! This was going to be my preferred personal card going forward for the rewards. I thought maybe I'll finally get to take a vacation some day and use points and this was one of the best cards out there and I already had it my portfolio. My question is, has anyone had any success or have any tips for getting the limit restore or at least increased? From researching CB it sounds like Chase is a real beast to deal with which is unfortunate. They were always really good to me in the past. Other info that might be helpful: I have both my personal and business checking with them I have a Chase Amazon Visa with a super low limit that has been at 0% utilization for at least couple years now My business card is an Amex Blue Business with a $18K limit and 0% utilization. Chase declined me for a business line of credit due to NO CREDIT (for the business that is) and told me to reapply in 6 months My PenFed personal credit card is the only one with a high balance now and I'm working on that one little by little I did establish a pretty good relationship with a business rep at my local branch and I thought about going in to see if he could help (he's reversed some fees for me in the past on the business account) but I don't want to try that first without more research. Thanks in advance for the advice!
  2. It's official!!! Ally Financial Approved my loan. I picked up my new car May 10 didn't want to post anything until I knew for sure the contract/loan had been funded. Account is now showing on my Ally online profile. Loan amount: $39,200 APR: 8.34% 72 payments No Docs Required I paid sale taxes out of pocket and I also did a trade. Was this snart? I plan to have this baby paid off in 24 payments. Ally principal payments structuring is a bit confusing. My payments are $697 a month if I pay my loan up for the remainder of this year, will I avoid finance charges for said month? I was also told that if I make a payment that I want applied to the principal I would need to call and request that it be reallocated to principal balance.

  3. Hello, I need to get out of debt! I started automatic bill payments with my discover and it's gotten out of hand. My intentions were to pay in full but it didn't happen. I work on commission and when money doesn't come in the debt increases. I was able to transfer to 0 interest cards for about 13 months (I had posted and you guys replied) but I still owe a big chunk to discover. I have decided to take off the automatic bill pay and go back to old school where you have a grip on what is owed. Having said this, please let me know the best way to attack this filthy debt! I divided the 0 interest totals by the months and came up with what I need to pay to avoid interest once the 13 months are up, but my question is should I focus on paying down discover rather than send extra on the 0 interest cards? I'm very confused on what to do....Once I get a big commission check I will pay it all off but until then I need a strategy.... Thank you
  4. Living in Texas and law firm has Texas address. Was contacted by Rausch Sturm law firm who say they are representing portfolio recovery associates. They list the original owner of debt as Barclays credit card so I know it’s real. I want to pay the debt. It isn’t past the 4 year statute in Texas because original debt is from 2016. However, They do not indicate an offer. They just indicate I can contact them via phone or mail to discuss options. Should I wait till they make an offer? Should I call them or write a letter? I’ve seen websites discussing advantages of both calling and mailing so I’m not sure. I can afford to pay as much as 2000 of the listed 10k. Or can I do some kind of hardship payment plan? The law firm haven’t offered either option. Portfolio Recovery did, but I guess these guys have the debt now, so should I make a first offer or wait?
  5. My current credit card debt looks like this: Acct1 = $13,000 Acct2 = $7,000 Acct3 = $6,000 Acct4 = $4,500 In a couple of months, i will be getting a cash windfall of $15,000 and have been trying to determine the best approach of applying that cash against my credit card overall balance. I have 100% on-time payment history and just want to start clearing out the debt balance, Should I use it to knock off the highest balance in one shot or spread out across all the accounts?
  6. In June I had two credit limit reductions, why I do not know. 1. I paid off collections, but had quite a few inquires as I was trying to refinance a car loan. 2. My score tank but not by much. 3. c21 and Ann Taylor decided to reduce my credit limits. c21 from $400 to $150 then AT $250 to $100 right after I place two small orders and of course that made my scores tank even further. I have paid those cards off and I am considering closing, will this hurt me even further?
  7. I was checking out my Discover BT offers and there was a 2% fee / 11 month / 0% offer. Just seems kind of strange that it wouldn't be for 12 months.
  8. Hello! I am looking for some advice regarding a credit card payoff that I'm trying to tackle. I have $43k in credit card debt spread across 8 credit cards. The highest balance is $19,925 on a card with a $20k limit. The interest alone on that card is $350/month and my minimum payment is just under $600/month. OUCH. I have $22k coming to me that I plan on using to pay down my credit cards. Over the course of the last few months, I have used my personal credit cards for work expenses so once I submit my expense reports, I will be getting just over $22k. Initially I was going to pay each credit card individually. For instance, on my AmEx, I used $5k in work expenses so I was going to pay off $5k and on my Visa I had $4k in work expenses so I was going to pay off $4k, etc. BUT, when I saw the interest charge on my Cap One Venture card along with the minimum payment, I thought that maybe I should use $20k and pay off that card entirely and then chip away at the rest little by little. What is the best way to tackle this? Should I pay off the cards with the smaller balances first and then chip away at the bigger ones or pay off the one GIANT and chip away at the smaller ones? I should be getting back roughly $22,952 and the credit card balances are broken down as follows: $ 5,404.00 $ 19,925.00 $ 3,128.00 $ 6,212.00 $ 5,147.00 $ 1,935.00 $ 1,100.00 $ 654.71 Thank you for your advice and opinions.
  9. Hello CB family, Looking for an advice My cc APR is 14% and my current balance i owe is $15700 out of $16000 card limit Monthly minimum payment been around $400 Never missed a payment though but i am slowly drowning. Would you suggest me applying for personal loan to consolidate my cc debt? or its not worth it since i might end up with higher rate? should i consider BT cc or stay where i am at? Any ADVICE would be highly appreciated! Thank you
  10. Site has officially gone rogue. Confusing.... Question Bought furniture for a couple k and the deal is 90 days same as cash but after 90 days the interest is bogus. Would you pay it off immediately if you had the cash or wait a while for it to register on your report after 90 days then pay it off. Also this would deplete the savings by a couple k which I didn't want to do...
  11. So I know a couple of you have have been telling me to keep paying the princple balance and I was stupid and I didn’t get what that meant, but I just called Toyota and they said my only option is to call them once my pay clears or mail them a check. Is there any other way to make it so they will apply the princple with each payment automactally one is of me calling.
  12. I mean I been paying my car over the limit and I want to lower my interest rate+finish of my loan sooner but I want to do a 2-3 yr refinance loan because all I have left is 12.9k on my loan and I would be almost done. Is there any company that looks at my payment history of the same loan type?
  13. I do not where else to put this so I am wondering if its smart to take home a company car for $128 every month 64 every 2 weeks. Fuel, maintenance is included.
  14. I searched for Santander here for info and found they are not looked too favorable on here (I already do not like them). I financed a car with Alphera last May (14 E-Series MB coming off lease). Alittle about my credit-got divorced in 06 with some late mortg. payments and CC pmts-waited it out buying cash cars and not using my credit. Went to buy car in 13 (all baddies were off) and had no score. Used a strong Co-signor with WF Dealer Serv to buy 10 STS with 2.9%-opened a $500 secured CC (my bank-Amegy), then a Discount Tire Card (since paid off but use if for gas from time to time), then a classic car (Medallion), then qualified for non-secured CC ($2500 w/ Amegy), then bought car through Alphera with 5.9% (no co-sign), didn't think that was bad since I only had 5 accounts (now 6-WF and Alphera are only closed ones-Santander hasn't showed yet) and average length of Credit was around 2 yrs (now 2.9)-CS was 760 to 800 with myfico (d/ship said it around 740). I have been paying $150 to $200 extra every payment since June-Alphera always showed I didn't have pmt due since I was atleast a cpl ahead, plus they showed interest rate, amortization, and a other info I liked. I sure liked the fact that I was a cpl pmts ahead (was doing it cause they financed it for 72 even though I wanted 60-it would of been $80 more for 60) for a "just in case" fact. But Santander wasn't showing that and I called them and although they agreed that they had to do same terms (interest rate and length), they said they don't do it that way (no matter how much extra you pay-you always have pmt due), which sux but I'm sure there's not anything I can do about it. Plus they don't list everything everything like Alphera did (basically just pmt history). And speaking of pmt history-it states all my pmts made were made in April '18 (cause that's when they took over-even my return from cancelling the gap) and my balance "now" seems pretty close to where it was with Alphera when I checked a cpl mths ago, I do not trust them. I guess my question is can they really do that with my pmts (pmt due every month even though you are ahead) and is there a amortization calculator I can plug in everything with date I made pmt (would have to use my bank records to get close as that info is gone-I couldn't log into Alphera way before Santander took over) to check their numbers (balance mainly)? Thx in advance.
  15. I was told by a CSR that I cannot make principal payments on my auto loan. Does anyone know if I trade it in, will the dealer be able to pay it off?
  16. I'm currently sitting on about 20K of credit card debt and trying to purchase a home. My current scores are sitting around the 675/680 marker and my mortgage officer indicated lowering my exposure on some cards would likely put me in a better position for a conventional loan (vs. FHA with higher PMI). I was curious if others here have achieved this via taking a personal loan to reduce/payoff balances on revolving and shift to installment loan. I have already burned the IQ and was approved for a consolidation loan with NFCU. Now, I am debating whether this will help/hurt me. My hubby had a period of unemployment so we ended up in a position where we were "living" off of some cards, this situation has improved and now I'm looking for the best way to freeze it all without hurting my ability to get a mortgage. Exposure on these cards range from 94% - 15% so would like your thoughts on what the target exposure amounts would be as well to get the highest score benefits. Thank you for your time and consideration, I always find this board to be most helpful with these type of questions!

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