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Found 79 results

  1. Pre approved Blaze MC offer. Sent to shredder. Pre approved Sync BP Visa offer. Sent to shredder.
  2. I just woke up and saw an email from Experian Credit Tracker for: 1. New account from ELAN reporting on the report 2.. Credit limit increase from $1,000 to $3,000 on my Target/TD Bank account. I don't know why TD Bank is doing CLIs. I have a few CLIs report recently. But TD Bank has no pattern for CLIs. May be I should call and ask. :-) So, what did you get in your email today?

  3. To raise awareness, I'm going to keep a running thread on credit and banking issues caused by "computer glitches." Here is an ACH payment problem caused by a computer glitch. Thanks PotO for the explanation I appreciate that. A second checking account is free and you can keep a $5 balance. Get a debit card which then becomes your new CLOC Credit Card.Is it looked upon negatively (like using an overdraft) if you use the CLOC regularly and PIF every month? I ask because I always have side projects with friends who find things to fix up and flip. I could use it as a slush account to fix and flip stuff. That way my cash balances stay more consistent if I ever want to apply for a "real" loan or line of credit. I've never tried, but I think it might be ok.I use my $25k Penfed PLOC anywhere from $5k to $20k every month and always PIF and never a problem. Of course I learned the hard way in the first month that they report the balance of your PLOC on the last day or last business day of the month to the credit bureaus and NOT your statement date balance. I could do a lot more fix and flip projects (not real estate) if I had a higher line of credit somewhere, like say $100k. Any suggestions on where to look? I was thinking Chase since I carry large bank account balances with them and have my business merchant account with them where I run over $200k a month through, but they pull Experian (frozen) and I have 2 baddies left on EX and a FICO 08 of 670. My TU & EQ are both 750+. Any suggestions other than switching my banking relationship? I am open to that also though. Chase doesn't have PLOC on the personal banking side. Perhaps on business side they do. I think it's mostly credit unions that have PLOC products.Ok, thanks. I just started building my business credit, so will look at a BLOC. Since I put over $200k every month through my merchant account with Chase (zero chargebacks in over a year), do you think I have a chance of a BLOC with them, even though my EX is inferior to my other bureaus at 670? I would have to unfreeze for them, but like I said earlier, my EQ and TU are 750+ and clean as a whistle. I'm not sure if that would be a help or not. I also use Chase Payment Tech and as far as I can see there is no practical connection between them and the actual banking. Seems like there is no connection as I have called Chase due to my merchant ACH not showing up and the Chase Bank rep was oblivious to why it could be and live transferred me to Payment Tech to resolve the issue. Twice in the past year they have had computer glitches that caused me to not get my ACH the next day and thankfully it has not been a problem for me. Why I tell people NEVER write checks on the "come", expecting a regular ACH, etc that shows up 99% of the time. Always make sure if it doesn't, you can cover it. Bank errors DO HAPPEN, but it will be YOU that will suffer the consequences if a payment or check bounces. Another good reason to have PLOC's or BLOC's as backups and ASK your bank to use them as overdraft protection because they will not always do that. A lot of banks will also let you tie your credit cards to your bank accounts as an overdraft measure. Most banks are getting away from this, but it is an option. Banking is an art, not a science. Relationships at your bank or CU are critical also. Have at least one person at each branch that will go to bat for you. Donate to their spouse's charity, take them golfing, happy hour, etc. Personal relationships are still the key to the "edge" in today's digital banking era.
  4. Just thought I would post this in order to save someone else some time. After waiting for about 2-3 months for my trade lines to post to no avail, I decided to make some phone calls to vendors who I thought may report to DNB. Here are my results: Quill - Still reports. Have to make a purchase of at least $50 and wait 19 days to pay it. (I hate this personally) Uline - Still reports. Not sure what their terms are. Grainger - Have not been able to get an account with them because they are saying you must be incorporated for at least 3 months until they approve an account with you. EzPromos - Do not report Amsterdam Printing - Do not report SupplyWorks - Do not report MSC Industrial - Do not report These are based on the individuals I spoke with in each respective business's credit department. If anyone has their purchases reporting with the vendors that I stated do not report, feel free to comment and start a discussion. Also, if anyone know of any other Net30 vendors that reports to DNB, lets start a thread.
  5. https://www.foxnews.com/us/philadelphia-cbp-agents-seize-ship-owned-by-jpmorgan-chase-after-1-3-billion-20-tons-of-cocaine-found-on-board JPMorgan Chase Bank needs to recoup the $1.3 billion lost when their cocaine smuggling operation got busted by Customs & Border Protection and their 20 tons of cocaine got confiscated. Since the cargo vessel, the MSC Gayane, owned by Chase, has been seized by CBP and federal prosecutors plan on keeping it, add an additional approximately $100 million to the tally. Jamie Dimon is sure to ask for a pay raise, too, when the retail value of coke goes up. Adios rewards.
  6. https://www.valuepenguin.com/news/british-airways-credit-card-hack
  7. NASA FCU offers very generous lines of credit on their credit cards, but for the uninitiated, there are tricks and traps they don't disclose to you upfront that you will find out about later. Around three years ago, my husband and I each opened new NASA accounts and were promptly given $30k in credit each. We did balance transfers on the accounts. Last month, we paid off one of them (actually overpaid it, thanks to their obnoxiously awful online banking system that does not always acknowledge account actions like payments). Instead of seeking a refund, I just decided to pull out the NASA credit card and use that to recoup my credit balance. Except the card I had put away in a box three years ago was long expired. There was no replacement card ever issued to either of us. So I wrote them, which is when I learned from representative number one "the account has been closed for inactivity since December 2018." I was invited to re-apply. This despite regular monthly payments being made for all three years, the last of which posted in May. This was news to me. The online dashboard still reflected the $30k credit line and more than $30k in available credit because of the credit balance now on the account. No warning, no message, no nothing. I complained about these things in response and the representative quickly reopened the credit line and issued a new card. For the other account, which still has a balance transfer being paid down, I wrote a separate email about the missing replacement card. I was informedthe account was still open, the credit line was still active, BUT the account's ability to accept new charges was paused due to inactivity and a new card was not scheduled to be automatically issued. NASA FCU requires at least two credit transactions annually, preferably spread out at six-month intervals, to keep a credit line active and available for use. They don't give you warnings. Payments do not count as activity. Only purchases. They are sending a new card to get this account unlocked and open as well. This is literally the only card I have ever had that did not treat payments as legitimate activity. Thank goodness we did not have to re-apply and take a hard pull, and if you complain they are responsive. Reviews about NASA FCU are not good on Yelp. Apparently the credit union's customer service and member responsiveness have taken some serious hits in the last three years. I invite people to explore that on their own. But word to the wise -- buy something small at least twice a year on those NASA cards or risk seeing them closed.
  8. http://www.ibj.com/articles/58982-brown-mackie-to-shutter-indianapolis-campus-in-nationwide-retreat
  9. Within a 30-minute period this afternoon: I tried to make a < $10 purchase on Ebay using my PayPal Extras MasterCard. Declined three times in a row. No apparent reason. Next I tried the PenFed Useless RewardsTM Visa. Declined. Oops, wrong billing address. Tired again. Approved. Then I went to Vons and tried to put $11.xx on my Bank of America Cash Rewards Visa. Declined. Tried the same card again. Approved.
  10. Hello, I have create a situation for my self that my monthly expenses exceed my monthly income so I been missing payments to my credit cards. I was thinking of cashing out one of my mutual funds and pay off two of my cards to reduce my monthly overhead, Best buy has offered me a settlement offer where I would pay them half of my total statement within 90 days and they would charge off the rest, but they would still show on my credit that this was paid but not all of it. And I still have to reach out to chase to see what options I have with them. My question is, is this a good idea right now I am way behind on the payments and killing my credit but not sure what is my best options. Any suggestions or recommendation? Also I own my home so I didn't want to so a bankruptcy.
  11. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2019/03/hospital-bills-medical-debt-bankruptcy/584998/?utm_source=facebook&amp;utm_campaign=the-atlantic-fb-test-852-1-&amp;utm_content=edit-promo&amp;utm_medium=social&amp;fbclid=IwAR0hYNKakm4RaH5ZeISLq_MTSvMjMPnHNkuL7eOY8GcGtkOcMMHW4AiRpOs
  12. I just discovered that my Chex Security Freeze was removed after seeing on my TransUnion report, in the supplemental information section, info about Chexsystems and checking account inquiries. I called them up and they informed me that previously they automatically cancelled your security freeze after 5 years, but their policy has now changed and they are now permanent. I explained removal without my permission sounded like a violation of California state law. I had to call their freeze department at 800-887-7652 and request a new security freeze be added to my credit report again.
  13. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/13/a-gop-proposal-would-snatch-your-student-loan-payment-right-from-your-paycheck.html A Senate proposal would require employers to deduct federal student-loan payments from workers' paychecks. The plan — backed by the Republican head of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee — would require borrowers to choose between having 10% of income taken out of their paychecks or deducted over a decade. People can now choose between 14 repayment plans that don't require such garnishment and that are overseen by loan-administration companies. Consumer advocates say the new plan could force people to divert money from things like food and rent.
  14. Just noticed these charges appearing on all our Synchrony Bank accounts on the statements. 1.6% of the statement balance added each month that a balance posts. Was carrying a $500-ish balance under a 0% promo for CareCredit and $2,500-ish balance for Lowes under a 0% promo and saw the fees. Don't have any recollection of authorizing this service to be added to any of my or DH's accounts with Synchrony. Just looked back through statements and they started appearing (for us) in November, nothing prior. Apparently, it's been billed on all Sync Bank statements that we have. Walmart, Amazon, Lowes, Paypal and Care Credit. Anyone else?
  15. Hi Guys! I need help with a collection account that recently reported to my Experian report on 2/5/19, “Enhanced Recovery” purchased an old Sprint debt from May 2013. In California our SOL is 4 years. What can I possibly to get this account removed from my report ASAP! Account Name ENHANCED RECOVERY CO L,202752XXX Original Creditor SPRINT Open Date Invalid date Balance $1,302 Debt $1,302 Contact Information 8014 BAYBERRY RD,JACKSONVILLE, FL 32256,(800) 496-8941
  16. Doctor of Credit announced today that there exists a rumour that... Amex's Green Charge Card will get bonus categories 4x "gas" 3x "streaming" and... some form of Amazon Prime membership conjoined with some higher annual fee. It seems that Amex continues to play the "rewards game".
  17. https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/credit-cards/amalgamated-bank-of-chicago-5x-quarterly-bonus-categories/
  18. https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/credit-cards/citi-rewards-plus-credit-card-everyday-purchases/
  19. ****PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES NOW DOES PAYMENT FOR DELETE**** PORTFOLIO RECOVERY HAS RECENTLY CHANGED THEIR GUIDELINES AND WHEN YOU GO TO THEIR SITE THE NEW PAYMENT FOR DELETE ADDITION POPS UP. I was able to do a payment for delete with no problem on 11/28/2018. I have not looked on here to see if there has already been another post. It will come off all 3 credit reporting agencies within 30 DAYS.
  20. Hi everyone, I am hoping to get some advice from the community here. I have an open CFPB complaint against HSBC. To give a gist, I have one of their credit cards with a hefty annual fee. After nearly a year of using the card, I did not enjoy its rewards and continuing with the card does not make any sense. I requested the bank for a product change and downgrade my card, but HSBC told me that this particular card is not eligible for a product change, and that I must close the card itself and simply apply for a new one. Since closing my card would affect my credit history, I requested HSBC to reconsider my request, but the bank still refused to downgrade the card saying that it was part of the TnC. When I disputed that such a condition for no-product-change was never mentioned in the TnC that I signed, the bank refused to entertain me any further. Following the above situation, I filed a complaint to CFPB. Interestingly, the next day I received a mail in my 'Promotions' folder from HSBC stating that an Arbitration clause is being added to my Terms & Conditions. I promptly went ahead and mailed them a rejection notice. Following this, HSBC has now responded to my CFPB complaint saying that, it needs another 60 days to look into my complaint. At this point, it looks to me that HSBC is simply trying to stall me, so that next month, I get charged the annual fee again (that's when the card completes 1 year). This essentially means that they are free to give whatever resolution they want. And if I close the card before that, the whole point of the CFPB complaint is defeated. Is it checkmate for me, or are there still any options left?
  21. Hey guys I'm currently looking to get a mortgage loan. In order to do this, I need to do some tinkering. My Credit Score on FICO 8 is in the 770s - 780s. However, FICO 9 shows at 699 from Experian. The reason is that CitiBank has not yet reported it's new balance to the Bureaus. The utilization on CitiBank shows 110%. It's been at least 60 days, and still nothing (even though I closed the balanced to close to 0% on each statement). They're being quite the inconvenience currently with their delays. Any suggestions? What can I do? This FICO score is really hurting me. I need to expedite this, and make CitiBank report last month's closing balance. As it's holding me back from loans I need.
  22. Hi, I apply for amazon visa on Nov 6, and Nov 10 I receive a letter to call them for verification. I called them, and they ask me some questions and send a code to my phone. But the lady do not tell me if I am approved or not After the call the automated message changes from 7-10 days message to 2 weeks message. Now it's almost 8 days and still in 2 weeks message and no e-mail or amazon visa show up in my account. This is good or bad?
  23. Can you join USAA without serving army or being related to family member who served?
  24. Received a letter today, stating as of 09/24/18, my Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard will be transferred and converted to a Mercury MasterCard, issued by First Bank & Trust, Brookings, SD. All the terms and conditions remain the same. The turd of a rewards program remains the same (essentially 2% for gas, utility, and grocery store purchases and 1% otherwise). This card is in the sock drawer, but I put the electric bill on it every couple months to keep it active. It was a rebuilder card and one of my first cards after my BK7, so hopefully they preserve the account opening date when they make the transfer. It's currently one of my oldest open bankcard tradelines (it's 4.5 years old). I wish Barclays would have allowed me to convert it to a different one of their cards, but they never would. They got pretty stingy with the credit line though. I was initially approved for $2,000, got an increase to $2,250 after 6 months, then an increase to $5,150 in February 2016. They haven't budged the credit limit since that time, being denied them (with hard pulls) for stupid reasons (which of course, is their right so to do). It's funny, the card went from being my highest limit and very first bankcard with a limit over $5,000 (a real milestone for me) to becoming the smallest credit line that I have for a bankcard, currently. Anyway, I've never heard of Mercury or First Bank & Trust before. Wanted to hear anyone's thoughts and experiences with this product.

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