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Found 13 results

  1. Has anyone yet applied for the BJ's Perks MasterCard from Comenity? You need to be a member of BJ's wholesale club (locations mainly in the Northeast section of USA) I'm curious as to the credit bureau pulled and the credit lines being assigned on the consumer card. Apply online at: https://www.bjs.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CobrandedPerk?storeId=10201
  2. Hello All, After reading (Why Chat), and reading(Psyc Doc), and reading... I am still confused as to HOW to attack recent lates. I am hoping (Please show mercy!) that you all can help point me in the right direction. I have three cards with Comenity. All three went late at the end of last year/ beginning of this year because of unexpected medical expences that could not be avoided... I have made things right by paying down/catching up on payments. I am now current on these accounts, however the lates are glaring on my report. The three cards are listed as below: Victorias Secret: Limit reduced to -0- but pays as agreed. Account is still open but has 0 available credit. I owe 500. One Stop Plus: Limit reduced to -0- Paid in full zero Balance. Account is still open but has 0 available credit. Woman Within: Limit reduced to 100.00 Zero balance. 100.00 Available credit. My question is should I Goodwill these cards first or Dispute them (I believe some of the lates are not accurate)? If I Goodwill them do I send the letters to one address for all three accounts? Many thanks to all of CBers for helping me see light at the end of the tunnel of credit despair....
  3. Hey gang. Any thoughts on this? I opened a new Paypal account and I guess Bill Me Later/Comenity Bank decided to go ahead and open an account in my name without me wanting or requesting an account be opened. I was alerted by my monitoring service about an inquiry this AM. I'm sure they had some checked box in some unconscious place on the page where it shows that I wanted to apply for this service. I can't get back to that part of the sign up page to check because you have to open a new account with credit card info and Im not doing that again. Anyway, after finding the number to call to raise hell, the lady gave me a fax number to request removal of the info from my reports. My question is should I demand payment for a FCRA violation for no PP and should I mention TILA violations for not disclosing that a credit pull was going to be preformed? I'm sure it's buried somewhere, but I do not recall anything on the page where I signed up that I was requesting BML services. I read over these things pretty well before signing up, at least I thought. I will be filing a CFPB and a letter to Lisa Madigan's office no matter what, but I was winding if I should levee it at that or demand payment.
  4. So I was trying out the 'shopping cart trick' to see which ones would offer me a pre-approval at checkout. I have not accepted any yet. On Victoria's Secret, the pre-approval was $500. On OneStopPlus, the pre-approval was $750. I would have thought since all were based on soft-pulls and all are issued by same bank, the limits would be the same? I can understand a higher opening limit if I was looking at Value City Furniture or maybe Sportsmens, as they sell so many large ticket items. I will definitely go for the Victoria's Secret I think, as that would be one I could really use. But I would really like to add another. I do not have any other store cards. What sort of credit limits have people received at the various Comenity stores when pre-approved during the shopping cart? Advice on where I should try? Thanks!
  5. I can't get the shopping cart trick to work under my wife married name while on sportsman guide but it works fine under the maiden name. The other comenity cards will take both married and maiden names for "shopping cart trick" and the pre approvals pop up every time on both names. Is it worth the hard pull to apply under the married name? I tried checking the back door for soft pulls but she's locked out of experian and transunion equifax fico 627 tranunion fico 641 experian fico?
  6. I have looked through a lot of topics, and cannot seem to find out whether Bill Me Later is a soft pull or not. I received an e-mail saying that I have been given a special offer of credit, and has given me a button to apply. I do not want a hard pull, does anyone have experience with this?
  7. I obtained a J.Crew Credit Card Account pre-approval through the shopping cart method on 01/13/14. On 02/14/14 I hit the luv button requesting a CLI. I got the 7-10 day message and later received a decline letter giving me my internal Equifax credit score as of 01/13/14. So I hit the luv button again on 03/23/14 and got the 7-10 day message. Today I received the decline letter and it again gave me my internal Equifax credit score as of 01/13/14. So, on neither of my luv button presses was a new inquiry made to the CRA. They went back and used the same report/score from the original soft pull they made on 01/13/14. There have been several significant changes made to my Equifax report in the past two months, so the fact they do not look at a new report is disappointing. Anyway, I thought I'd pass this data point along to the board.
  8. Hi everyone! Many thanks to this board. I have a few of the comenity store cards and recently got the Sportsman Guide Visa (all through soft pulls). I decided to apply for the Ann Taylor Mastercard and got the dreaded 7 to 10 day message. I waited and finally got the letter and it was a denial and I was kind of confused as it said I had a fraud risk score of 796 out of 999. (I don't know what this scoring model means) The reasons listed were just as confusing. Low level of verification (inconsistency of info provided from consumer as to what is found by credit bureau Too many recent credit checks (3) Presence of medium low fraud risk fcra verification indicators Lack of open revolving trades or lack of constant activity on revolving trades I tossed the letter to the side for about a week. There was no phone number to contact them of course. Today I called Experian and could not get anyone on the phone. I have access to my report and knew there was no fraud report and such on there. I did a little research and found a main number for comenity bank and was very lucky to get a really nice customer service rep on the phone. I explained to her the situation and she took my app number and pulled it up and compared. Basically I was turned down because the CRA did not have something as simple as ln ( as in lane) in my street address. So she processed it and approved it for $1000. Not as high as my SG Visa but I was happy it wasn't a wasted HP. And I am so happy I called. I couldn't believe how nice the rep was. It just seems crazy to me that they wouldn't just call me and verify the info before declining. So if anyone else gets denied with any of the Comenity cards - don't give up immediately. Oh and on a side note, they listed Experian in the letter as the CRA but there was absolutely no hard pull on Experian - only a soft. The hard pull was on Equifax. And, for all the cards I've done through the softs, they have all been on Equifax. So if anyone is having trouble with the cart trick, you should definitely check your addresses on EQ and make sure you are entering them exactly as they appear.
  9. So I've been aggressively rebuilding since ch7 discharge back in October 2012. Obtained a Credit One Visa as my first card post ch7 back in November 2012 and it includes the free credit score. Currently about 15k in various credit lines and a 30k auto loan. Anyway, I purchased my actual FICO from Equifax on 12/30/13 which has me at a 650. Today I received an alert from Credit One that my credit score has been updated and I log in and it has me at 643. I know they use Experian for scores but is this a Experian FICO or some other type of internal score? I know the Eq FICO is the one to focus on but I was curious about this one. I'm officially into the garden for 2014, hopefully to get myself into the 700's by the end of 2014 or as close as possible. Side note- I recently went on a Comenity app spree due to the cart trick and obtained HSN for $1500 and Sportsmans Guide Visa for $1500 and Express for $350 all soft pulls. All but the HSN are already reporting.
  10. What should I do next? Progress detail below....... OC has been reporting CO and a remaining balace of $22 every month since 2007. This acct was settled for less than payoff on 2/2009. I called them explaning that this is wrong and that they should not be continuously reporting this every month because this was a settled CO. This acct is so old, they could not find proof of settlement nor do I have a copy either. So, the rep saw where the acct had been sold to a CA and directed me to pay the $22 remaining or call the CA and take it up with them. I politley requested to escalate the call for further help and she did. (Background Info: In Sept 2012, I online disputed both TL's listed for this acct with EQ. OC(as not mine) the CA(as duplicate acct). They were both reporting each month on EQ. Only the OC TL was showing on TU, no disputes filed with them. Resulted in EQ deleting the CA TL only. Comenity (OC) stayed and continued to report.) Back to the present....... Call sent to a supervisor, explained this to her. She said that the CA did not file the Settlement Letter like they were supposed to. She typed one up and email it to me. She said that it would remove all the mthly postings back to 2/2009, and change the DOLA to to 2/2009 as well. The letter does not imply all of this thou...... How should I move forward with this? It is due to fall off 5/2014 according to TU.......
  11. Just received this in an email... Thank you for using PC Mall Preferred Account. We appreciate your business and look forward to an ongoing relationship. This letter is advising you of some changes impacting your PC Mall Preferred Account . There will be no change to your current APR or Fees. Effective August 29, 2013: 1. The Lender will change as follows: As of the Effective Date, Comenity Capital Bank, Salt Lake City, Utah, will become the Lender for the PC Mall Preferred Account . WebBank, Salt Lake City, Utah, will no longer be the Lender. Bill Me Later, Inc. will continue to service your Account. As a result of this change to your PC Mall Preferred Account , there will be a short transitional period (about 60 days) during which you may be presented with PC Mall Preferred Account Terms and Conditions that still identify WebBank as the Lender. If that happens, the changes set forth in this Notice of Change in Terms will be considered part of the Terms and Conditions to which you agree. 2. The Privacy Policy will change. Please visit the following link to view the new Privacy Policy that applies to your PC Mall Preferred Account relationship with Comenity Capital Bank. https://www.securecheckout.billmelater.com/paycapture-content/fetch?hash=AA426TD4&content=/pcmallweb/pcmprivpol.html Please keep this Notice and the Privacy Policy with your other important papers. Thank you for your business. Sincerely, PC Mall Preferred Account Customer Care
  12. Or better yet how long does it usually take them to start reporting? And, what's their time frame for auto cli, if at all? Thanks.
  13. I got my Sportsman's Guide card today in the mail and set-up online access. I see there is a luv button. Does anyone know if the luv button is a hard or soft pull? How often can one go to the well? Do they do auto CLI's? Thanks!

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