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Found 184 results

  1. I have a TL on my TU and Exp reports (still waiting on Equifax) from Wakefield & Associates. Under "Loan Types" they are listed as "Collection Agency/Attorney. I have went to their website and read each of their "exec team's bios." No where do I see any mention of any of them being an attorney. I have disputed this with TU & Exp in writing, by certified mail and not on-line, which both received on Thursday, 12/06/18, because I honestly do not who the OC is. I guess my question is, when the disputes come back as verified, as I'm guessing they will, what are my options considering all the other info indicates it is still within the SOL. I am assuming I will begin to get letters or phone calls from them. But.... and this is the interesting part What is really interesting is the TL also says "Acct Info Disputed by Consumer; <Placed for Collections> I have not disputed anything on my credit reports since some time in 2014 (?). "Placed for collections: 04/29/18" Date Item to be Removed: 04/2024 (which indicates an original date of sometime in 2017) ????? (Confused? I am) And the balance seems to be increasing over time a few dollars per month. Original Creditor: Medical Any help/advice/opinions will be greatly appreciated (I may not be able to get back here immediately to respond to anyone but will return soon). Thanks in advance. You don't really have to waste your time reading their bios but I am pasting them below anyway. (No law degrees) page address: https://www.wakeassoc.com/management/ Matt Laws Pres & CEO: Mr. Laws has an undergraduate degree in computer science and an MBA from the University of Dallas. COO: Mr. Boettcher is active in the legislative arena locally and nationally with ACA International and Associated Collection Agencies, Inc. Mr. Boettcher also has extensive experience in the acquisition and management of defaulted consumer debt portfolios. CFO: He holds a B.S. Degree in Business from the University of Tennessee and has over 30 years of diversified business experience in both public practice and industry, including 21 years with RRC Wakefield. Chief Relationship Officer: He holds a B.S. Degree in Finance from the University of Tennessee, is a member of the International Fellowship of Certified Collection Executives, Healthcare Financial Management Association, University Sertoma Club, and is a member of ACA’s Future Leaders. Prior to the RRC Wakefield merger, Gregg served in the dual role of President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of RRC. Chief Business Development Officer: Tyler is an acknowledged expert in several areas of medical collections including ambulance, surgical centers, hospitals, and radiology. Mr. Marsh has assumed the responsibility of growing and managing the relationships with our clients, with great success. Chief Compliance Officer: (blah blah blah... Debra holds an MA in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix and a BA in English and Secondary Education from Iowa State University. Debra is also a Professional Collection Specialist(ACA), a Trainer Specialist, and holds ACA’s Scholar and Fellow Degrees in Collection Business Management. In 2009, Debra earned ACA International’s Credit and Collection Compliance Officer Designation. Director of IT: Kevan holds degrees undergraduate degrees in mathematics and history. Again, NO ATTORNEYS!!
  2. Hanshi

    Dispute Help Needed

    Hello I have a Collection Account on Transunion from Plaza Services and apparently they only report to TU. I have never recieved a dunning letter from them or any letters. I have lived in the same address 15 years. I sent Plaza Services a letter for proof etc with no word back and disputed with TU. TU came back as verified today with no other explanation etc. I could use help from here as I haven't had this happen before with a dispute. Thanks
  3. Living in Texas and law firm has Texas address. Was contacted by Rausch Sturm law firm who say they are representing portfolio recovery associates. They list the original owner of debt as Barclays credit card so I know it’s real. I want to pay the debt. It isn’t past the 4 year statute in Texas because original debt is from 2016. However, They do not indicate an offer. They just indicate I can contact them via phone or mail to discuss options. Should I wait till they make an offer? Should I call them or write a letter? I’ve seen websites discussing advantages of both calling and mailing so I’m not sure. I can afford to pay as much as 2000 of the listed 10k. Or can I do some kind of hardship payment plan? The law firm haven’t offered either option. Portfolio Recovery did, but I guess these guys have the debt now, so should I make a first offer or wait?
  4. Not a newb to credit scores, but newb to this board, hello all... I'm sure i'm not the only one that has gotten those offers in the mail offering to settle a debt for 1/4 to 1/2 of what is owed. The question comes up of, these offers i've received seem good and all, but they're from 3-4 years ago. I know ~7 years is when stuff starts falling off, so granted I won't need an immediate hike in my score anytime soon, would it make more sense to continue to refuse to pay any of them, and be better off just doing the wait game for them to fall off in a few years? Thoughts?
  5. I have a medical collection on my TU account only from OAC for $537.00. The debt was from a Xray visit in may of 2014. Collection was placed 1-2015 and continues to update. All other bills at that time were paid by American Family who the was apparently reimbursed by the commercial insurance policy of the company whose truck driver hit me from behind. They paid all phys therapy, doctor visits, etc during that time. I do know for absolute certainty that I gave them my AmFam card prior to treatment just as I did for all treatment. What is the best way of dealing with this? Thank you.
  6. Hello all, I am new here and hope I can get help understanding more about credit repair and scores. I am in the process of cleaning up my credit file in order to get a better credit score. I have collections accounts and charge off showing on my reports. I have a total of 5 collections showing on Exp, Tru, and 4 on Eq. I have send a pay for deletion offer and I am waiting for the response. I would like to know how many points I should expect to see increased if and once deleted. Right now i have a 610 Equ, 578 Trans, and 560 Exp. All 5 collections are 1 year or less old. The charged off account show 0 balances on Equ, but still show a balance on Truns, and Exp. Can i get some insight on how I can get my reports cleaned up. Trying to refinance my mortgage Thanks in advance
  7. I have a $126 "Paid" collection dated Nov 2013 on my credit reports. If it is relevant, I'm not sure if I paid directly to the CA ("Med Data Sys") or directly to the hospital. I am wanting to know what steps I can take at this point. I've read through WhyChat's links (geez, what an awesome resource!) but I am still unsure exactly what I need to do. It seems like I could send the wrong letters (or in the wrong order) and screw things up. Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. Last year our baby was moved to NICU the day after born claiming for infections and was advised that baby would need a week of medication and observation. Baby showed significant improvement from third day and all the medical apparatus were removed other than monitors. During the last two nights on baby's hospital stay we were informed that we can spend time with baby in normal room which we agreed to and was handed to us without no medical apparatus including monitors. We were told baby will be taken for medication in the morning and in the evening. Left facility after paying wife's charges. Later received 2 separate bills for the baby one from NICU hospital facility and other from NICU care which they charged for all 7 days at NICU rate without excluding the last 2 days. Also the baby was admitted on first day in the evening and they even charged full day for that. My insurance paid them and left with my portion. I disputed these 2 bills wrote letters and called but all went in vain I requested for health records and the medicine administration sheet doesn't show any medication after 4th day but in a different notes other than medicine administration sheet it was written they will be continuing the medication till day 7. Reached out medical facility and NICU care about the discrepancy and they kept claiming to be billed correctly. I have received a letter from CA about the NICU care charges and mentioned that NICU care has asked to report the charges to CRA. I am willing to dispute with CA and using this letter for dispute to start with --> https://whychat.me/ltrcaval.html Please advise if i am going in right direction.
  9. Hi guys I am newer to this forum and have been reading up on some topics for a while. However there is so much information I am a little lost. I am trying remove some of my collection accounts from my credit score which is currently low 500. I would like to fix up my credit to better myself. I have collections accounts posted with three companies 1) One is with Portfolio for sync bank. I disputed it previously on my report but that didnt work. I set up payment with the company and gave them my information. I have made 2 payments so far but have a year to pay them. It is too late to ask for a delete after payment is finished? Should I continue to pay them. They served me papers so instead of going to court i decided to pay. The account is a little over a year old. 2)The second is a comcast bill sent to colllections. The comcast bill is about 2 years now. I havent contacted them on this one. 3)The third is a sprint bill placed in collections as well. I havent contacted anyone or filed any disputes. 4) I also received a bill florida red light ticket from January 2017. Should I pay it before it shows up on my report? Should I dispute it? I am in Maryland by the way I would really like some advice on what steps to take. I am in a better financial situation now and would really like to improve my score. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Basically, I'm wondering if it's worth it to pay collections if they don't accept my pay for delete offer to pay the entire bill. How will my score be affected if I pay it? Collections said the status would become paid in full. I'm dealing with Frontier communications (isp) and Credit Control Corp. Corp claims they are a 3rd party and that they do not ever sell the debt and that they're not exactly a collections agency. But they're the one's who reported a past due bill on to 2 of my 3 credit beaurues accounts. And everyone I've talked to there claim that their policy is to never ever delete anything. I asked what if someone is innocent, and their response was that it doesn't "ruin" their credit. These are the steps I've taken: Got fresh copy of all 3 credit reports Requested removal from experian (deleted) and equifax (not deleted) Requested proof of debt twice (they claimed they sent it twice, but I looked pretty diligently for it) Talked to 4 different reps and 1 supervisor, left voicemail for 2 other supervisors but never got a call back. Recorded most conversations and stated I was recording. Sent a pay for delete letter stating I'd pay the whole thing in exchange for deletion and that my offer is valid for 15 days.
  11. debud11111

    Collection question

    Hi, New here, hope someone can answer my question. I'll be as brief as possible, if you need more info let me know. This is what has happened. In August 2018 I received a letter from a collection agency for a debt of $126.05 that was not mine. I checked my credit score and it had dropped 30 points. I disputed the debt thru Credit Karma and called the collection agency to verify the debt. Within the next day my score increased 30 points. Sept. 26 2018 I received a letter from the collection agency saying that they were unable to resolve my request because they need additional information. Documentation may include: SS#, Acct.#. Disc. of error, Dollar amount in question. On the same day I received that letter, I received a letter from a different collection agency stating that the account has been placed with their office for collection. My credit score hasn't changed since the 30 down, 30 up. Should I do something or just leave it alone. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  12. Hi, I’m new here and could use some help. Sorry in advance for the extra long post. In 2014 I was in an auto accident and ended up with five herniated discs in my neck. This led to migraines that landed me in the ER six times that year. I had medical insurance with a maximum out of pocket of $500 for the year. All six ER visits were to the same ER facility. Somehow they messed up the billing on three of the visits. I received bills from the hospital for the visits and the amounts not only exceeded my copay, but they exceeded my out of pocket maximum. The hospital was an in-network facility. The EOBs that I received from the insurance company said that the provider had not properly billed for the services performed. I called the hospital’s billing department. I was told that they were refilling the insurance and if there was an issue that I’d receive information in the mail. They sent me nothing. As it turns out, I ended up in collections for all three visits. I had a total of six collection accounts - three for the hospital and three for the doctors association. I was livid when I found out (I was trying to finance a new car and the dealership showed my the collection accounts). So I called the hospital billing department and sternly voiced my displeasure. I even threatened legal action. They said they’d look into it and get it handled. The hospital actually followed through and removed their three collections from all three of my credit reports. Unfortunately, the doctor’s association billing department wasn’t as easy to deal with. They contend that I owe them close to $2000. I explained the limits of my insurance policy and that the EOBs I had received showed that they had not properly billed the insurance. Their response was basically “too bad.” They said that I could pay them the full amount that they claim is due and that they’d report the collection as paid. I told them that this is ridiculous and that I want it removed. Once again, too bad. So I called the collection agency and explained the situation. I was told that it’s between me and the original creditor. A couple months ago the collections were completely removed from my Equifax report. I’m not sure why, but fine by me. But the collections were still listed on TransUnion and Experian. I initiated disputes with those credit bureaus. My disputes were all denied. But for some odd reason one of the collections now shows as closed (still with a balance) on TransUnion. At at this point, even if the doctor’s association were to try and resubmit the claims (which they’ve said they won’t do) they can’t. The insurance company I had in 2014 no longer operates in Florida. There isn’t even a phone number to contact them. I need to apply for auto financing again soon, and I need this cleared up first. I have no other collection accounts and no delinquencies or late payments. The three remaining collection accounts are the only negative information on my credit reports. So, what are my options? How do I get these collections removed/deleted? Thanks in advance, Daniel
  13. Hi Everyone, I recently posted about being sent a 30 day letter in regards to a deficiency balance on a vehicle loan. It was sent from a local attorneys office on behalf of a local credit union. I sent back a DV letter and within a few days I received an envelope full of information such as copies of all documents that were sent. It looks like they are pretty well put together. One thing that I am also worried about is they enclosed some collection documents for a delinquent credit card with the same credit union. My first question is... is a credit card an oral or written contract? In my state the SOL for oral is 4 years and written is 5 years. I looked at credit and the credit card is reporting a last payment date of February 2014 so I am either out of SOL or very close to being out of it. My 2nd question is in regards to the vehicle deficiency. The CU sent me a letter after the auction that is titled "Notice of Deficiency" The numbers do not add up on it though. Here is a quick breakdown. Debt Amount $4,083.86 Less Sales Price: $2,600 Sub-Total $1,483.86 Plus Costs: Repo: $350 Auction Sales Fee: $347.50 Sub-Total of Costs: $996 (This doesn't add up to me?) Total Deficiency: $2,479.86 (This is the amount they are trying to collect from me for plus daily interest) If you use the Subtotal they list, the numbers work out right but the problem is that there are no other fees listed anywhere and the fees to not add up to the Subtotal of closing costs. Will their mistake be something that I can use to get out of this situation? If not then what should my next step be? Thanks in advance for all of the help, I know that it takes a lot of time to respond so I appreciate it.
  14. Genie

    Deleted Reshow

    Hello, I had a Sears/Citibank account deleted from all 3 credit bureaus. Eventually, it reappeared under a Collectors called Midland Funding yet it's the exact account that the bureaus deleted. I tried sending them a copy of the deletion telling them it's the same account but they didn't remove it. I was wondering if you can guide me on how to solve this... I sent a letter to the collector too but you know how they are. I just don't want to be wasting my money on certified mail and notarizing for nothing. How to make sure that a deleted account doesn't reappear again once it was successfully disputed and removed from all credit reports.
  15. I work with a gentleman that had dealings with First Data (credit card company). He had a balance ($2500 or so) that was eventually sent to collections. Hunter Warfield now has the account and is obviously demanding funds. Ive tried to advice my co worker about options and now he says that Hunter has sent a letter that if he pays in full, that First data will delete. I have been a member of this board for 14 years, though the last 10 have been quiet for myself. I know that pay for delete options are few and far between with CA but I would like to post the letter sent to see if this is something that he should pursue or ignore. *since I cant seem to figure out how to post attachemts, I'll retype the letter* Dear *******, Please allow this letter to serve as formal confirmation that the delinquent tradeline reporting on your credit report from First Data Global Leasing will be deleted upon receipt of the funds in the amount of $2,517.35. Once the funds are received, Hunter Warfield will notify First Data of receipt, and inform them to process the deletion. Sincerely, blah blah blah Thanks to all in advance
  16. Today I received a 30 day letter from a local collection attorney who is handling a deficiency balance from a voluntary surrender auto loan with a local credit union. The balance is a little over 2k. Should I respond to this with a DV letter or would I be better off leaving this alone? A while back the credit union sent me a letter showing the breakdown of what I owed after the auction. I noticed that they must have manually added up the numbers owed. They had a breakdown of all of the fees and they clearly did not add the fees up correctly and were collecting on a larger total than what the numbers showed. I am not sure if that really matters or not? Thanks in advance for the help.
  17. I have been trying to reach United Bank for 2 months now after bogus collection call to my wife. Checked her credit and definitely something fishing going on. First letter send to address on Credit report. Return because bad address. Disputed on her credit so they changed address. Second letter... is Return to Sender again. Waiting for letter still after 30 days with USPS. Second address is confirmed their address via web searches and google maps. Recommendations?
  18. Looking for some clarification regarding the process. I have sent each of the CRAs the initial dispute letter for a single account on my credit report that I am disputing per https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html I have received a response back from all 3 saying they were verified/valid with NO documentation provided or proof it's my account. My next step is (https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html-unpaid) correct me if I'm wrong is to send 3 letters to the Collection Agency. What do I put in the PM# field? Do I put in the PM# of the currents letter I am sending to them or something else? ABC Collections 123 NotOnYourLife Ave Chicago, IL Date: _________ PM#____________ Re: Acct # XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX And do I have to wait 30 days to follow up dispute? Or can I send these once the Collection Agency receives it? https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html#DISPUTE Thanks for the help.
  19. I just rec'd a letter from TU stating my dispute for a collection that is over eight years old came back verified. History: In 2016 I came to terms with the dreaded reality I needed to look at my credit reports. I paid for a TU credit report online and saved it in a PDF file. It showed an open collection with a JDB with an estimated drop off date of 3/2017. There never was any payment history reported; only OPEN DATE of 4/22/2014. It did in fact drop off my credit report. Fast forward to last month it was reinserted on TU with a new JDB with all the same information showing no payment history but the same OPEN DATE. And now TU says it will remain on my credit report until 2021. Here's the problem: the reported account numbers between these JDB's are completely different with xxxx at the end but all the rest of the information is identical. I am positive this is the same collection and it has been re-aged and is way past the 7 year, 180 days CR timeline. Does this make sense that the acct #'s are different? Does this happen where the acct numbers are different? And no I do not have any statements from the OC. Thank you in advance for your time and patience.
  20. creditmaze

    Fandom Collections Reported on TU

    So I rec'd a fico alert today and after logging into MyFico my TU took a 58 pt hit and a collection was reported. It is by Allied Collections on behalf of Western Dental for $348 with collection open date of 4/2016. I had a collection for same amount on TU a long time ago but it aged off my report without any action on my part. I have never rec'd any written correspondence or phone calls about this debt from Allied or anyone. It aged off my TU report in 2017. I called TU today and and disputed this collection for being timed barred and way past the SOL. The TU guy from India kept asking me if I ever owed the orginal creditor and he said they can report for up to 10 years. I told him I have never used Western Dental in over 10 years and the SOL for CA is 7.5 years. Long story short, the dispute is the account is too old to report. I do not have a statement copy showing DOFD. Afterwards, I found in my email for 4/26/2016 a PDF copy of my TU credit report showing this same collection by Aargon Collections and the estimated date it would age off my report was 4/2017 per TU, which it did. My question is can I use this old TU report to give to TU showing their own notation that this collection is too old to report?
  21. Hi ya'll. I've been lurking about for a min reading but I'd like to ask for specific help to make sure I've got it all right. In 2014 my husband bought me a gym membership and paid for some personal training. We were paying $140 a month for the training that I didn't end up using because I just couldn't do it physically. I went in and talked to the manager about it with some Dr.'s notes and was told not to worry about it. A year later 2015 collector's call me ( I think new management happened) and I explained I physically couldn't do anything and had appropriate medical notes. The collector's said ok, as long as you have a Dr's note don't worry about it. My bad because we were in a contract and I thought it was taken care of. Apparently I didn't cancel it the right way. This past May 2018 we try to buy a house in Hawaii. Pulled our credit and it was the only hit on either mine or my husband's. The loan officer said he could have given us a better rate if it wasn't for that. In the end we didn't buy a house but I was shocked to know that was there after all these years and people were telling me not to worry about it. I tried contacting the gym forever but no one would call me back until today. I told Loren I shouldn't be penalized for sessions I never used. A few months ago I was barely walking my back is such a big issue. I'm 70% disabled through the VA working on 100%. He says I owe $800, and that unused sessions were my problem because they give you 18 months to use them. We have no problems paying for our bills, obviously if we tried to buy a house and it's the only ding on both our credit. I just don't feel this is fair and I feel like no one is willing to help me. I deal with chronic back pain and depression stemming from it. CGI called me twice already, both times this week at 6:30 in the morning. I gently asked them to stop calling so early and did get their address to send a letter. Thanks for reading. Mahalo Edited to add. Looking up Max Fitness with the BBB it looks like they have similar issues with other military members and others in general. So sad. https://www.bbb.org/us/ga/columbus/profile/fitness-center/maxfitness-0743-11507/complaints
  22. Hello all. I had a charge off in dec 2016/Jan 17 from TD bank(Nj/ny I forget?) for about 11.5k. I was in bad state financially but has since clawed back to sustainability. It has since gone to collection agency, which I’ve knowingly ignored and I’m not sure if its the same collection agency from the first contact. I received an offer from a collection agency for a 30% off settlement if paid by certain deadline. I’m now in position where I can pay this debt off in full but want/need this charge-off gone from credit. Should I accept this offer and ask credit site for deletion? I’ve read that one way to get rid of it is to contact OC(asking for a manager?) and request for debt to be sent back to settle for deletion in exchange for payment?. Is this the best way? Or is pay for deletion the recommended way on this case? Would love to hear if this applies for my case being it’s been thru several collection agency?
  23. Mof52018

    Interest on writeoff repo

    Hello, I was trying to find out some type of understanding on repossessed vehicles in the state of Virginia. I would like to ask is it legal for a loan company to charge interest on a repossessed auto loan that has been written off as uncollectable? I had a bad health situation last year and we lost our main car. I remember receiving one notice stating that I owed like $5000 but now on my credit it is stating that I owe like $22,000. The vehicle was sold last year in November at a repo auction. It was a new model vehicle in excellent condition and the loan balance at the time of repo was $24000. It doesn’t make since for me to owe $22000 on an auto that was sold for around $15000. Can someone please help me understand this? The loan company was Santander. I live in Virginia and I think they keep pumping up the balance to try and hurt me.
  24. Hello, Ok...ok don't laugh at me too hard. I know it sounds crazy but IF....I could pull this off and of course potential ramifications come into play; so let me have it to keep me focused. Scenario--- I have a Santander account at $1800 that was written off and sold to NCB. Both are not scheduled to fall off my credit reports until mid year 2020. The car, well for all argument sake, will run and has a great deal of sentimental value to me (and my daughter). Yes, I know it is a piece of metal that can be replaced. MarvBear has been helping me over in the Automotive section regarding some of the things I was working on getting beater etc. This is my oldest account (over 12 years), so helping my AAOA(correct???), as all my positive tradelines have been created just this year. So, here is where all the IF's come into play (insert some of the Keven Hart's Ok...OKKKKKay....Okkayyyy's in here now lmao). If, the Florida motor vehicle information confirming the title lien is still in Santanders name(again from other post in Automotive); and I want to get the title thus going through Santander ultimately at some point. If I wait till both Santander and NCB fall off my report, I will still want the title and will have to go through this with Santander at some point, correct to get a title? So, I am thinking "IF" I contact Santander and work this deal out---(yes I know good luck) -We agree to a dollar amount of $900.00 (total amount) -This will get NCB removed (part of the agreement-after my first payment is received) -The even bigger IF...request they re-age it and remove all the negative payments (stop laughing now) -even if they don't remove the negative payments, I will end up paying $900.00 and get the title -understanding if they make this as X-amount of payments that I agree to(thus the re-aging) help to get this as paid in full as I do want to purchase a home in the near future--next 1-2 years. -definitely getting this in writing from them I understand this re-aging will put me on the hook for up to another long 7 years of restarting the clock if I sign an agreement with them. I remember some of the situation, where I thought I owed 1 last payment and then all this interest from "no where" came out along with my decline in body/mind unable to work scenario back then...it was a hot mess. At the end of the day, if they said max amount you owe us is $1800(no further interest will accrue--flat out $1800), we will accept payments on this and update it on your credit report (I would have to have the removal of the baddies), with the REMOVAL OF NCB (after first payment or something) and then I get the title; I would do it. I am looking at, I did owe them something and I want the title. Ultimately trying to turn a re-aging into something positive on my oldest AAOA and get the NCB tradeline removed off my credit report to boot. Trying to turn the lemon to lemonade. Ok....smack me around and keep me focused please.
  25. jayeggs

    Midland Account Lookup

    I have a few accounts with Midland. In looking to gather information I came across the "Look Up Your Account" feature on thier website. It asks for the last name, birth month & year and last 4 of SSN. Once into the system there is a list of accounts they are collecting on including the OC, amount, original account number and thier account number along with payment options. This disturbed me quite a bit. That is very basic information used to see information which I dont think should be this easily accessible. Maybe I'm a bit caught up in my feelings this morning... I just cant understand how this is allowed.

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