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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Credit boards, i have started my credit repair journey a couple months ago because i have a credit score of 489 and have read the psychdoc's document for beginners, numerous boards on here and reddit and have even sent some letters off. However, between reading American advice and trying to apply it to my own situation, i am getting lost in deciding what to do about a few very sore spots on my reports that are holding me back immensly. I was wondering if anyone could help? I have two R9 charged off credit cards on my CR's with EX and TU. They are fairly old and there has only been one TL for each, so that means the OC hasn't sold it, but assigned it correct? Below i will post the information including DOLA because i know that's important. CAPITAL ONE BANK Phone Number: (800)728-3277 High Credit/Credit Limit: $300.00 Account Number: XXX...xxx Payment Amount: Not Available Association to Account: Individual Balance: $1,328.00 Type of Account: Revolving Past Due: Not Available Date Opened: 2008-11 Date of Last Activity: 2009-06 Status: Bad debt, collection account or unable to locate Date Reported: 2014-07 Months Reviewed: Payment History: No payment 30 days late No payment 60 days late No payment 90 days late Prior Paying History: At least 120 days past due ( 2009-11 ) At least 120 days past due ( 2009-10 ) Three or more payments past due ( 2009-09 ) Comments: Written-off Closed by credit grantor ROYAL BANK VISA Phone Number: Not Available High Credit/Credit Limit: $1,000.00 Account Number: XXX...xxx Payment Amount: Not Available Association to Account: Individual Balance: $775.00 Type of Account: Revolving Past Due: $775.00 Date Opened: 2007-01 Date of Last Activity: 2010-09 Status: Bad debt, collection account or unable to locate Date Reported: 2014-07 Months Reviewed: Payment History: No payment 30 days late No payment 60 days late No payment 90 days late Prior Paying History: At least 120 days past due ( 2011-10 ) At least 120 days past due ( 2011-09 ) At least 120 days past due ( 2011-05 ) Comments: Written-off Closed by credit grantor As you can see my older Capital One card will fall off in june 2015, as it is 6 years in Canada correct? I have thought about waiting for it to fall off, but i have also read about requesting early obsolete deletions. My Visa with RBC still has 2 years left. Here are some details about what i have done and what is on my account as far as names and addresses are concerned, because im hoping maybe i can clean these up on a technicality? I have got my address deleted that is associated with my Capital One account. Both Cards were taken out under a first name that i have since changed the spelling of legally, however the CRA, have my alias listed. I can't do anything with that im assuming. I have sent a DV to the CA who currently has my RBC Visa and they responded with a copy of my signature and a few bill statements. I'm not sure my next move. I also had a collection account that i have negotiated a PFD which i have read is harder to do in Canada,and that i probably will not find any success even asking the OC's on my charge off's for this. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME, i'm not sure what my next move should be? All i want is these things removed from my reports.
  2. Hello Everybody, whats the best course of action to remove old CO's from the OC's? I have 2 from GECRB, Brandsmart and Chevron, both are zerod out and sold to collections: Midland, but Midland has removed their CA's, so now is only the OC, scheduled to be removed 09/15 an 05/16, should i send them a DV letter, Goodwill letter or ? and I also have 2 from HSBC and 1 from Credt One, scheduled to remove 01/15, 07/15 and 07/15, i send HSBC a letter but they just keep saying they have no info and contact CA?
  3. I have 2 charge offs listed on my reports. First one is from Macys- no reporting CA, only charge off listed. Date that item is "scheduled" to be removed is listed as November 2014 (per my credit report. Acct went 30 days late 2/2008 (never brought current). The second account is a charge off from Glens Falls National Bank- no CA reporting (I really have no idea what this one is from) and it is "scheduled" to come off April 2014 per my credit report. Acct went 30 days late 6/2007. My first step is to send a letter to CRAs or do I send the DV to each OC first? I was trying to find step by step process- I am reading and re-reading everything that I can to make sure that I am doing it right. Thanks!!
  4. so i guess i'm doing my wifes as well. she was actually pretty good until sallie mae hit her in the head. so here is where she is: -0 revolving but she is an au on cap1 plat -3 paid collections -1 60 day late - old auto loan from NC SECU -3 collections (medical) -1 charge off (medical) - GECRB/Care Credit -11 120 day late student loans - it's actually 5, sallie mae picked up the dept of ed automatically, but both are reporting. this is what i have done so far 1. opted out - done 2. triaged cr's 3. removed inaccurate personal info (names, addresses, etc) - TU (done), eq/ex (pending) ToDo's -add her as an au on another cap1 plat and navy fcu visa signature flagship rewards -sign up for open sky secured -sign up for navy fcu secured so i'm pretty clear on how to handle the paid collections, 60 day late and medical stuff. i'm not sure how to handle the student loans. the loans where orginally with dept of ed. she defaulted at one point and they worked something out and the loans went back to good standing. then she got a forbearance and then sallie mae automatically got her loans. per her last conversation with sallie mae, her loans should still be in forbearance. so my question is should this be handled like any other 120 day late tl (FCBA/Nutcase) or should she go ahead and talk to Sallie Mae? i'll post up in the student loan section as well. thanks
  5. Quick question for those with success in this area, if I have charge offs that have been reporting less than a full year, is it too early to try and get them deleted before they are turned over to a collection agency? Need some of you veteran's to help me out with this one? Mostly a few Credit cards. Thanks
  6. I'm just starting to tackle the job of cleaning up my husband's credit. He was out of work for an extended period of time about two years ago which resulted in four credit card accounts falling into ruin. This has left him with four charged-off accounts on his credit reports and three collections related to three of the charge-offs. The balance on the charged-off accounts ranges from $2,000 - $5,000 each before all the collections fees were added. Because the credit card accounts have been sold to collection agencies, we're at the point where we need to deal with the collection agencies directly. I was hoping some of you can offer some advise on how we should proceed from here. I thought we should make a settlement offer to one of the collection agencies so we can take care of these one at a time. I don't know what we should offer, though. Also, I'm not sure if collection agencies are usually willing to do a pay for removal these days. One of the collection agencies filed a case in civil court for a little more than $6,000. My husband filed a general denial in response. We thought we should start with this particular collection agency so we can stop any further legal action. The offer we've been tossing around in our heads is $1,500. Is this in the ballpark of where we should be? I was also hoping someone can provide me with a sample settlement offer letter that included proper wording such as "without prejudice" that would not be an admittance of liability or reset the statute of limitations clock. Thank you for your help.
  7. Hello folks, I have been working over the past 90 days to repair credit. (i'll spare you my #1 Country Music Song sob story). With this board's help, I've managed to do the following: - 90 day late removed with Target, goodwill letter - JJill (CITI) charge off removed with Texas DV letter - Midland Collection removed with Texas DV letter - delinquient authorized user account removed, CITI STILL THERE: - EX, TU, EQ- Chase Charge off, 0 balance, DOFD 4/2010 - EX, TU, EQ- Gap charge off, $120, DOFD, 10/2009 - EX, TU, EQ- Midland collection for Gap charge-off, $420 (previously disputed 6/2012, no response from Midland, was waiting for SOL to pass... it has, now what?) - EX and TU - CITI Charge off- reporting a balance of 2448, limit of 5500, (collection agency assigned Credit Control LLC but not reporting) - EX and TU- Collection account, Sky Recovery Services, 894, for old apartment lease (2010) (previously disputed 6/2012, agency sent me a final bill) POSITIVE TRADE LINES: - Navy Federal Visa, limit 8k, balance 2k (working to reduce this further) - Target Visa, limit 1k, balance $50 - Navy Federal autoloan, pif, august 2011 - Nelnet student loans, never late, $37K So where's the question: I need some advice on how to handle the final 5 baddies. Here's what I am thinking: 1) Although I previously disputed with Midland and Sky, I can redispute using the Texas DV letter and see what happens? This time, following through with 1-2 punch? 2) Now that Gap/Midland is outside of statute of limitations, redispute using the Texas DV letter and see what happens? This time following through with 1-2 punch? 3) What to do with CHASE? It's a zero balance and the collection agency who purchased it, I already had deleted off. 4) What to do with CITI? (this one was my biggest error. I entered into a repayment plan to pay down the balance in 11/2010, which I did by $4000. That reset SOL, so I am well within SOL on this 2448 remaining.) My FICO scores are at 655 Equifax, 630 Transunion, and 562 Experian. I am trying to improve my scores and rebuild strongly. Can someone offer assistance with the game plan from here on out? Repairing the first round was easy, now I need some of the expert's honing skills, advice, and expertise on where to start on these final baddies. Also, best way to rebuild and increase scores? By the way, I live in the great state of Texas and use the TFC to the fullest!

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