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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I am pretty new to CB and am looking to try to rebuild my credit after some mistakes in my younger years. These are the credit cards I currently have- CapitalOne- $1800 CL HSCB/CapitalOne- $400 CL CreditOne- $700 CL Discover IT- $200CL JCrew- $300 CL Victoria's Secret- $600CL Buckle- $250CL Target- $200CL I have a car loan through Nissan for- 23,000 that I am still paying on as well as a student loan -$250.00 left to pay I ran my credit report and my score is currently at 609. As for the "Baddies"- Charge off from 2013 for $14,000- which is still being paid through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy under my boyfriend Missed payments- 3 - one at CapitalOne and two at HSBC before it was CapitalOne Accounts in Collection- 1 (this account was paid in full in 2010) Is it possible to have the lawyer look into removing the charge off from my account since the balance is still being paid throuhg his Chapter 13? I am really hoping to find a way to get my credit score up within the next year or two to about 700. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. I'm almost done my chapter 13 plan and my mortgage guy thinks he will be able to get me approved for conventional financing. My credit has bounced back, I've got a steady job and income as well as a decent down payment. Has anyone here been able to qualify for conventional financing soon after a 13 discharge?
  3. So I deleted all old Addys off EQ and Transunion and obviously didnt fly with Experian... I opted out... and i no longer live at the address I was at when these things were filed.. I sent off my own version of a SAME NAME DISPUTE and disputed all the public records in one swoop... So far with Transunion the judgement is gone (they only recorded one) but both BKs still show But as far as EQUIFAX... THE PUBLIC RECORD SECTION IS CLEAN! Experian dispute as far as I know (i cant get in the backdoor anymore) is still in dispute as of about 2 days ago... BKs were supposed to fall off in October 2014 and 2015 respectively... i filed 13 in two desperate attempts to get an Automatic stay on the property i was trying to save at the time that had a ridiculous ARM on it that i knew no better about. Soooo.... how does it go now with disputing accounts that have the bankruptcy notation on them on the report. Does this make it easier...no difference?.. Any special strategies? Will keep everyone posted on the Transunion and Experian outcomes.. I havent received letters from any of the 3 but signed up for monitoring today to see this progress.
  4. I'm read as many posts as I can about getting 2 chapter 13's deleted from my Equifax file from 2006. At the time I had no idea that it was worse than Chapter 7 or I would have gone that route for sure. I filed two within a couple of months of each other in an attempt to keep my house from being foreclosed. Neither were confirmed and I'm not even sure if I ever paid any money into either. So, I've read about the address removal but I have about three old trade lines before this time from american express, discover and a credit union. All of those were associated with this address. Do they definitely delete all the TL's associated with that address or only the ones you dispute later? I've read about writing the courts and getting a letter stating they don't verify with the CRA's. As you can see the zip code is way off in both. Also, if I go to pacer and put in just the case number in the search, you can't find it because you have to enter some other format with a date involved. I can however find it with a name search. Also, the date format in the first one is a different format than the second listing. It also says date verified N/A. I'm not sure if that's what most of them say or only if you dispute and they verify. THere is also no court name. I do have a different last name now and live at a different address in a different state. So out of all the options, what do you all think would be my best course of action. Any help is much appreciated. Bankruptcy Date Filed: 04/28/2006 Case Number: XXXXXXX Court Number/Name: Court Address: 75 Spring St SW Ste 1340 Atlanta, GA 303033329 Liabilities: Individual/Joint: Individual Individual/Business: Individual Bankruptcy Disposition: K-DISMSD/CLSD CH13 Current Disposition Date: 27/06/2006 Asset Amount: Exempt Amount: Date Verified: N/A Date Reported: 29/06/2006 Prior Disposition: Comments: Wage Earner Plan Date Filed: 02/01/2006 Case Number: XXXXXXX Court Number/Name: Court Address: 75 Spring St SW Ste 1340 Atlanta, GA 303033329 Liabilities: Individual/Joint: Individual Individual/Business: Individual Bankruptcy Disposition: K-DISMSD/CLSD CH13 Current Disposition Date: 05/04/2006 Asset Amount: Exempt Amount: Date Verified: N/A Date Reported: 07/04/2006 Prior Disposition: CH-13 Filed Comments:

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