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Found 6 results

  1. Two-part blog article from Barclaycard... http://www.barclaycardring.com/t5/Barclaycard-Ring-Public-Blog/A-Case-Study-of-a-Credit-Line-Increase-and-Decrease/ba-p/5742 http://www.barclaycardring.com/t5/Barclaycard-Ring-Public-Blog/A-Case-Study-of-a-Credit-Line-Increase-and-Decrease-Part-II/ba-p/5840
  2. I think I'll be applying for the Barclaycard Arrival MasterCard imminently. Trying to downgrade to the no-fee version or get an annual fee waiver after a year sounds like a good plan... Anyone have any experience, tips, or suggestions? I have not personally dealt with Barclay before... Thank you!
  3. So against my better judgment...and considering I'm going to be gardening for the foreseeable future, I figured I'd burn one more inquiry on TU. Used the prescreened offer I received in the mail for the Travelocity AMEX. Since I already have a Barclay Rewards card, approval wasn't instant...ended up getting the 7-10 message and called into the backdoor right away. The analyst was pretty pleasant...asked about my employment, why I had an unpaid Midland collection on my report (It took me about 5 minutes to explain that doozy.) and why I obtained a few accounts recently. In the end h
  4. Hello I was recently approved for a Barclaycard rewards Mastercard through the pre-screen link last Wednesday. Over this weekend though, I got an even better pre-approved offer in the mail for their Travelocity AMEX...$0 annual fee, 5K bonus points after first use, 0% APR for 12 months, etc. Was wondering if I could pull the trigger and get a second account now with them...or if I should wait until 6 months are up and my new credit probation with them is over...lol. The offer is good until the middle of April so I was thinking of maybe trying then after having the new account open
  5. Hi, guys, TU just deleted the last derog on my credit report – a paid federal tax lien that the IRS withdrew. I now have a clean but thin file with: one car loan just paid off; one new car loan reporting one month (DCU); one DCU visa (reporting one month); one Cap1secured card reporting since November. My oldest credit account is four years old – that’s the car loan I just paid off. I had another positive older car loan that was reporting well but just aged off. With these stats, could I expect to be approved for Barclay’s Arrival World MC? I really like the card because I travel a lot, the r
  6. I'm officially done applying for credit through this year. I love Barnes & Noble and shop there a LOT... so despite their card being run by Barclays - I applied anyhow (not the first time) and got approved this time .. $5000 limit .. 5% discount at B&N. Looks like they pulled TU and my score was 765 at the time. I know I have taken a hit for all of the new credit in the past few months, so I am done.......... gonna cool my jets. At least til next year, possibly for the next 12 months except for asking for CL increases. I know this is not a white whale for most, but it was for me.. i
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