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Found 7 results

  1. I sent my letter to remove my old addresses to all three Credit Bureaus. I got a response from Experian today (Originally sent 12/27/14), and I thought. Great! I can do my disputes now. Not so fast. via letter today: We store information as it sent to us by your credit grantors or from information contained in public records. One or more sources of information reported the address you questioned and it is a part of your credit history. If you believe an address in your credit report is inaccurate, you may want to contact the source of the information directly. Please contact
  2. If I could turn back the Credit-Repair Clock, I would avoid these mistakes: 1. Believing I knew a lot about credit repair, based on prior experiences, and moving forward without a deliberate plan; giving NO consideration to the very real possibility of making huge errors based on my insufficient knowledge. a. I had paid a CRO in the 90s to clean up my reports, which only contained very sophomoric blemishes in my early 20s. Their method seemed to be a cinch, so I believed I was a well-armed consumer; plus… b. I blundered through some DIY stuff in early years after I filed BK7 in 1999, h
  3. So I've been working the whychat repo process and here's whats happening so far. I opted out and deleted old addresses. I sent the initial CRA dispute which came back verified. I sent the whychat repo letter. Santander did not respond at all. After 14 days plus a couple to take into account mail speed I fired off whychat's followup dispute to all 3 CRA's. Eq and TU are investigating. Experian sent me the following letter. "If you question the results of our dispute process, then you may want to contact the furnisher of information directly or review the original informat
  4. Hi All. This forum has been extremely helpful over the last six months and has helped me clean up my credit. I do need some advice on handling my Wells repo.. I have read Why Chat's repo program and I want to make sure that's the route I should take in my situation. I'll try to keep it short. Bought and Repo in Washington State, now live in Illinois Deficiency bal reported on reports: 6700 Original loan around 10500 before junk fees and ext warranty Had it for 16 months before repo, $279 mo/payments Still reporting CO monthly on all 3 reports by Wells Never reported
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm new to Credit Boards, so please be kind. To give you a little background, back in 2007, I was laid of as part of a corporate buyout, which left me without income for 6 months. I eventually found a new position, which required relocating to another state. Thankfully, I've been happily employed with my new company for the past 6 years. However, as a result of my unemployment, I had two auto loans that were reposessed in Sept & Oct, 2007. Loan #1 is reporting a deficiency balance of $11,382. Loan #2 is reporting a deficiency balance of $16,798. Both are reporting a
  6. I am opted out. I have deleted all addresses. I sent dispute letters to each CRA. The accounts were verified and remain on report. However, I’ve yet to hear anything from the collection agency. I sent medical dispute validation letter to collection agency. Then I sent the follow up letter to the CRAs. Waited 30 days…nothing. So I did steps 5 & 6 again. Still nothing…. What do I do now? Other info… There are two accounts at the same collection agency for two different providers. Unsure what one account is…Credit report lists Date of first delinquency as 06/2007. The other on
  7. So, I opted out; deleted as many prior addresses as they would let me. 3 separate accounts came back verified by EX and EQ all from the same CA. Do I send three separate DV's for each verifying CRA or do I lump them all into one letter with all 3 accounts listed for each CRA? Thanks for the assistance.
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